COVID-19 sees decline in Colombo city after months
Posted on March 8th, 2021

 by Jamila Husain Courtesy NewsIn.Asia

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Colombo, March 8 (DailyMirror) – Health officials from the Colombo Municipal Council said that the COVID-19 infections in Colombo were on the decline in recent weeks and from an estimated 250 random PCR and antigen tests being conducted, an average one or two people were testing positive in comparison to the average 70 or 80 positives.

Chief Medical Officer of the CMC, Dr. Ruwan Wijemuni told Daily Mirror that random tests were ongoing in targeted public areas, but a lower number were now testing positive. He however urged people to remain cautious and follow all the health protocols stating that the COVID19 virus continued to be a threat , especially in the urbanized areas.

Admitting that the number of random PCR and antigen tests conducted across Colombo city, following the launch of the mass vaccination programme since February, was lesser than what was conducted before the vaccinations started, Dr. Wijemuni however said that testing was ongoing in high risk areas and in populated areas.

He further said all first line contacts continued to be tested immediately after a patient was identified and the second and third contacts were also tested after they were identified.we will continue conducting random tests in public bus stands, markets and other public areas, to detect more patients. (Jamila Husain)

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