Port City governed within country’s laws – State Minister
Posted on April 18th, 2021

Asela KURULUWANSA Courtesy The Daily News

The Colombo Port City has been gazetted as a land belonging to Sri Lanka and all its activities are being carried out in accordance with the laws of the country, State Finance, Capital Markets and Public Enterprise Reforms State Minister Ajith Nivard Cabraal told Chief Incumbents of the Malwathu and Asgiriya Chapters in Kandy yesterday (18).

State Minister Cabraal visited the Asgiriya and Malwatte Maha Viharaya yesterday (18) morning on the instructions of the President and the Prime Minister, and briefed both the Mahanayake Theras on the functions related to the Port City.

State Minister Lohan Ratwatte and MP Wasantha Yapa Bandara accompanied the State Minister.

Cabraal said the project will create 83,000 new jobs and that this was a turning point in the country’s economy. He stated that some people with vested political interests were trying scuttle the project. The State Minister said the present government has always sought the advice and suggestions of the Mahanayake Theras and that is why the Chief Prelates were first made aware of the misconceptions that were developing regarding the Colombo Port City.

The Port City is governed by a Commission, he said. This project, which brings in a huge amount of foreign exchange to the country, is a turning point in the country’s economy and some people are afraid that this project will bring a huge economic boost to the country. He said that the government hopes to inform the Mahanayake Theras whenever there is any problem or question in this regard and that the present government will act in a very transparent manner and will not do anything secretly. The Most Venerable Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera, the Chief Incumbent of Malwatta Chapter said he appreciates the steps taken by the government to inform the Maha Sangha about the Port City. He said people have given a huge mandate in the belief that the present government will not do anything harmful to the country and it is the responsibility of the government to protect that belief.

State Minister Cabraal said that the government will appoint a Committee to study the implementation of the Commission Act pertaining to the Port City. If such a committee is appointed, it should include not only those who are loyal to the government but also educated and moderate people, the Chief Prelate of Malwatte said.

3 Responses to “Port City governed within country’s laws – State Minister”

  1. Priyan Wijeyeratne Says:

    Well done my friend and classmate!!! You are doing very well!! Please Keep going until the goals are achieved.

  2. aloy Says:

    When yahapalana came they wanted to stop this project. In this forum we wanted the thing to go ahead. And they changed certain conditions which was good and went ahead.

    Some thing tells me that the South Indians (who are dictating to their government via RAW as they may have a bigger say there) and Chinese are together. Their ultimate aim is to break up the British India. So, the day the bill is passed as it is they are sure to celebrate as they may have killed two birds with one shot.

    The past actions of these people will give an indication to what is going to happen. This guy was once roaming the world to bring commonwealth games to H’tota. What a waste it would have been. This time he will finish this government also.

    SL is not the preserve of a set of Colombians.

    The drafted bills should be changed to suit our conditions; especially considering our geographical location which is eyed by many powers to acquire it. We cannot afford to give the slightest chance for it to go wrong. To give confidence to investors a reliable team should be put together to be answerable to parliament via the prez. For that the prez should discard his advisors who have been there for donkey years and are responsible for the present predicament he is in. If necessary pay back the money invested by Chinese with interest, if there is any possibility. This is the time to negotiate with China; they are vulnerable at this moment.

  3. Nimal Says:

    AS a tax paying business man I just can’t understand why we need to developed a port when the present ports we have is sufficient for our export/import needs.Also I am concerned why the Mahanayakes allow these politicians seek their advice when a religious prelate not known to advise a government about the complexities of a business venture. Both the foreign connections and our connections are the ultimate benefactors but not us the citizens and especially the taxpayers that will foot the bill for decades. Why can’t we get the countries, like in EU to do a deal,who are transparent in any deal,but I doubt they will take part in any venture that is not needed for this country’s requirements as we already got several ports for our export and import. If we are to repair or renovate our harbours and even airports, then we have our local companies to do that.I am very concerned with these projects that will put the country into debt. By the way no foreign country will be absurd enough to use our ports for their export /import business.

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