Is UN One World Government 2030/Agenda 21 & Corona Pandemic linked?
Posted on July 30th, 2021

Shenali Waduge

The UN was created in 1945 following the end of World War 2 promising to ensure no future world wars, to respect individual state sovereignty and to not interfere in internal affairs of sovereign states. Since 1945, only 10 countries around the world without a conflict and countries facing conflicts are as a result of proxy interventions and incursions. Within the UN itself mass corruptions and biases go ignored and whistleblowers chastised and cornered. It is plain to see that while democracy dictates requirement to elect governments & representatives and invisible and sinister group of people actually rule the world. These notions are purposely tackled by utilizing all forms of communications that these sinister groups control and manipulate to silence people. Thus slogans of ‘conspiracy theories’ divert people’s attention from piecing the puzzle of truth together. It is in this light that we look at the covid global epidemic.

The UN wishes to create a ‘New World Order’ with a ‘One World Government’ by 2030 as part of its Agenda 21 Goals set out in 1992. These were all incremental CHANGE” goals to reach the ultimate One World Government goal. These include One Government, One Cashless Currency, All Schools, Colleges, Universities under One & end to single-family homes. The ultimate goal is for a handful to secure title over the world’s resources & assets. The clue comes in mention of ‘central banking’ in reference to capacity-building in developing countries, but there is no restrictions to privately owned property though nothing is to be ‘mass owned’ – or loosely translated the objective is to ensure nothing is mass owned.  Just go to the UN website, access the relevant documents and find out for yourself.

2030 Agenda was adopted by the UNGA in 2015 – aspiring to end poverty by 2030, achieve food security by 2030, promote sustainable agriculture by 2030, ensure healthy lives by 2030, ensure education by 2030, achieve gender equality by 2030, ensure sustainable water and sanitation by 2030, ensure energy access by 2030, ensure employment for all by 2030, ensure inequality within and among countries, ensure conservation of oceans and marine resources by 2030, protect ecosystems by 2030, promote peaceful societies by 2030. The question is how can the UN which has not achieved anywhere near any of the above in 76years of its existence use the same system to achieve above in 15 years?

The 1992 New World Order listed terms one world”, currency” military” family”, 5G” private transportation” air travel” synthetic drugs” are not mentioned in the 2030 Agenda. What is a relief is that neither Agenda 21 nor 2030 Agenda are legally binding. This is probably why the UN system forces countries to sign to various internal programs that plugs these specific agenda items so taken together countries end up virtually endorsing Agenda 21 & 2030 without their knowledge! How many country advisors are bothered to compare notes and put the puzzle together?

Rule of One by One – is similar to the Rule of the Empire during colonial times where a handful ruled with iron fist and human rights was dictated & determined by them as were the laws & justice that prevailed. In short it was one-sided human rights & justice. Are we returning to that era?

We are in 21stcentury – things are far different from 15thcentury. People are informed & more aware of happenings around the world & more vocal as well. So to bring 7billion population under an Empire rule something major is required. Was Covid that ingredient?

Dr. James Fetzer’s proof that the pandemic was planned & with purpose” is an eye opener. refers to a shocking statement made by 500 medical doctors in Germany. The Corona Panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. Its high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime’. 600 medical doctors from Spain too voiced similar sentiments. Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse”. In the US too a documentary titled PLANDEMIC is supported by over 27,000 medical doctors.

That this article is controversial in nature has had the infamous ‘Fact-checkers’ to give their opinion – all types of jargon is used, there is no clear statement to DENY any of the issues raised in Dr. Fetzer’s article and the references he quotes. 

What about thousands of people dying every day? We know this is happening.

What do these doctors know, that we don’t know?

Dr. Fetzer’s article refers to the 2015 patent Covid-19 by R. Rothschild. In 2017-18 millions of Covid-19 test kits had been sold The product code (HS Code 300215 : Covid-19 Test Kits)

Were test kits exported to US, EU, China & other nations 2years before the outbreak? Doctors should know.

Dr. Fetzer’s article also claims that the World Bank shows Covid-19 to continue until end of March 2025.


Dr. Fetzer’s article also claims that Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), in 2017 guaranteed a pandemic within 2 years. controversial is Dr. Fauci? Why would Dr. Fauci give the Wuhan lab $3.7million in 2015.

Clue 2

Dr. Fetzer’s article refers to Bill & Melinda Gates public announcement in 2018

Bill Gates thinks a coming disease could kill 30 million people within 6 months — and says we should prepare for it as we do for war

Dr. Fetzer’s article refers to Bill & Melinda Gates claiming the world is densely populated. However, 7billion people live in a world in which 70% is covered in water.  Only 10% of Earth is inhabited by humans.

Clue 3

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board released A World at Risk” in September 2019 stressing need for preparedness for a coronavirus outbreak. report) The September 2019 report cover has a picture of the virus and people wearing the masks that we are wearing now!

Now take a look at these lines from the September 2019 report 

Have they been deliberately releasing lethal respiratory pathogens to the world’s populace?

Clue 4

Months prior to the corona virus outbreak in China a coronavirus pandemic exercise’event was organized in New York by the Bill & Melinda Gates in October 2019

Event 201 concludes that all humanity must be vaccinated. Is this what is now being rolled out?

If the virus was prepared” prior to the corona virus outbreak, was the vaccine also prepared”?

More than being bothered about the people planning these outbreaks” we must now wonder what these ‘vaccines’ are actually ‘planned’ to do for the ones who have taken them.

Predicting an epidemic killing thousands, boasting about selling vaccines – what should we deduce?

Bill Gate’s TedTalk in February 2010, where he says If we are doing a real good job, we could reduce world population by 10% to 15%”

Clue 5

The Institute for Disease Modeling (part of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) in 2018 released a video A Simulation for a Global Flu Pandemic” showing a flu virus originating in Wuhan, China & spreading all over the world. Is this a coincidence?

Clue 6

Dr. Francis Boyle, Harvard trained law professor at the University of Illinois & a bioweapon expert.

Dr. Boyle claims the coronavirus is a biological weapon (transform existing virus into a biological weapon) for people control. People can accept or reject his theory. But everyone has a right to expression of thought.

Clue 7

2017-2018 saw a lot of films coming out about humanity, diseases, pandemics etc

Dead Plague shows a global pandemic with hydroxychloroquine given as cure!

The film Contagion made in 2011 shows how long the project has been in progress –

Those that rule the world also rule our communication channels so it is no surprise that they enjoy using films to predict their plans. A worldwide lockdown was predicted in 2008 according to Dr. Fetzers article.

Investigative journalist Harry Vox warns against coming lockdowns & quarantines…in 2014

‘They will stop at nothing to complete their toolkit of control. One of the things that had been missing from their toolkit is quarantines and curfews. The plan is to get hundreds of thousands of people infected with it and create the next phase of control.’ 

Clue 8 

In 2010 the Rockefellar Foundation released a report titled Scenario for the Future of Technology & International Development” – read this report it has predicted exactly what we are currently going through.

In 2010 the report predicts the responses by US & China in 2019 & beyond.  What is also predicted is totalitarian control. This is what we should all worry about.

The 2010 report also predicts that authoritarian control of citizens will include

  • Biometric IDs for all citizens
  • Tighter regulation of key industries vital to national interests

You have to wonder if the present ‘strikes’ across Sri Lanka has a underhand purpose fitting into this planned project?

The objective of the pandemic is two-fold. Cull population as much as possible & control the living wherein they handover their freedom to feel safe & healthy (both of which is unlikely to happen)

There’s more shocks awaiting – according to Dr. Fetzer there is a handbook for global control already prepared by Rockefeller Foundation National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan” on how to control the people.

The Rockefeller Foundation recommended modes to control people

  • Use of digital apps
  • Tracking software for more contact tracking
  • Using Covid-19 as ruse to test people on a weekly basis
  • Digital ID denying access if not vaccinated.
  • Travel allowed only for the vaccinated (Bill Gates holds patent for the digital vaccine IDs)
  • To trace people anywhere in the world
  • Can the Vaccine change our DNA?

Interestingly former US President Bill Clinton and Governor New York Andrew Cuomo held discussions on how to set up a large control system to check their contacts & to have the army control this system.

(We need a tracing army”)

How valid is Dr. Carrie Madej’s claims of a plan to inject humanity with dangerous Covid-19 vaccines to reprogram our DNA creating hybrids easier to control & enabling handlers to control us through artificial intelligence via digital vaccine ID (Dr. Madej incorporates 20 years of study into her theory – anyone challenging her claim must provide substantial evidence against her claim)

Dr. Fetzer’s article takes us back further to a book Committee of 300” by former CIA Dr. John Coleman.

The book showcases how secret societies manipulate governments, health, food, media etc. Listen to what Dr. Coleman says

Peter Koenig in his article Forced Vaccination and the Road to Digital Tyranny”: Agenda ID2020 Revisited” says we will have to suffer much before 2030 Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab. Peter Koenig questions the ‘deaths’ Presidents of Tanzania, Burundi and Haiti as all opted for home remedies instead of jabs!.

According to Peter Koenig, the real danger is the ‘Digital ID”

  • Forced vaccination (under police/military surveillance – those who refuse penalized with fines or jail)
  • What’s in the Vaccine – no one knows
  • Possibility of introducing nano-chip unknown to the persons being vaccinated – chip remotely charged with personal data (bank accounts/digital money) – your money could be blocked or taken away for ‘misbehavior’
  • Peter Koenig claims the constitutional democratic rights of people even in US/EU & other parts of the world are being overtaken by Health Martial Laws” allowing governments to do as they like in the name of health.
  • Peter Koenig cites how the day prior to Bastille Day (14July1789) – on 13 July President Macros announced forced vaccination & other strong measures
  • Notice how Governments are being brought to book until UN Agenda 2030 and Agenda ID2020 materializes.

What is important to note is that the People of the world are all victims, whether they are US citizens, European citizens, Chinese citizens or any other global citizen. Even Governments may be just as clueless, mainstream media heads and the secret societies that run them rule the world. This is nothing that should surprise you as a read through the 2010 Rockefeller report predicting the coronavirus scenario and the solutions to be rolled out virtually place on the table the plan. They cannot be brushed aside as conspiracy theories as these are reports released by them. The various documentaries and interviews are all proof as well. These are no created notions but statements revealed from their own mouths!

There is some hope for example the Swiss via referendum rejected a law proposing electronic IDs mainly because the Swiss government planned to privatize the data & management and the Swiss did not wish to have their personal data open to private parties. The Swiss people have been regularly petitioning against attempts to suppress their rights. The 99.9% of the People of the World need to realize the bigger plan concocted by 0.001% or even less.

No one is against measures taken to curb or eliminate covid – but if this virus has been created to suppress and control the people even attempting to cull them & a handful are forcing governments to adopt tyrannical measures that align with the main obective, the People of the World must wake up & say NO.

Shenali D Waduge

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