Discrepancies in statistics on COVID infections (Video)
Posted on August 11th, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

It has been revealed that there is a discrepancy in the statistics on COVID infections in the Gampaha District and the Eastern Province.

The Gampaha district has the second-highest number of infected persons in the country with 58,943 cases.

Against this backdrop, the Gampaha District COVID Control  Committee met at the Gampaha District Secretariat yesterday to find a solution to the increasing COVID risk in the district.

Observation of the data presented by the Gampaha District Health Director’s Office revealed that there was a discrepancy between the identification and reporting of infected persons in the district.

According to the data released by the COVID Task Force to the daily media, only 3,729 cases have been reported in those 8 days whereas, in the first eight days of August, 12,555 cases have been reported

Accordingly, 8,826 cases have not been reported to the Epidemiology Unit.

In addition to the Gampaha District, there is a discrepancy in the statistics of COVID infections in the Eastern Province as well, according to data presented by the Eastern Provincial Director of Health Services

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