Millions Murdered as Rich Nations Unleash Germ Warfare on the Poor! (Part1)
Posted on August 21st, 2021

by Members of The Sri Lanka Non-Aligned Movement  

The Poor Order their Country Representatives to Cancel Payment on Trillions of Dollars of Sovereign ‘Debt’!

I remember 
What my father said 
When he was waiting 
Inline for bread… 
Poor of the World Unite 
 Let’s take up cudgels and fight the good fight 
Poor of the world 
Unite! unite! 
Let’s regain our dignity and our right to life 

The rich have unleashed germ warfare on the poor, annihilating 4.5 million human lives, as of now. The body count keeps rising terrifyingly by the day, while the rich relentlessly continue blitzing the poor with wave after wave of COVID cluster-germ attacks.   

Already this pogrom is threatening to become the biggest genocide ever, in the history of mankind, and threatens to wipe out a good billion or more of the poor from the face of the Earth.  

The poor, the most vulnerable in this type of biological warfare, are concentrated mainly within the populations of the NAM. 

The attack, using germs developed in the laboratories of the rich, is multifaceted; not only are millions dying from COVID, the economies of the poor are being deliberately garroted, education scuppered and the health sector smothered with the infamous three-S (Stop – Start – Stop) economic strategy adopted by the goons of the rich, saddling the seats of power in some of the poor countries.  

The objective of the rich, in forcing the poor to follow the 3-S strategy, is to moor the poor Nations to the current globalised World Order until the COVID bombardment is over; when the blitz is done, the infrastructure of the poor countries would be in tatters and these countries would have ceased to be the Nation States.   

We, the poor, in the Non-Aligned State of Sri Lanka, cannot be Neutral lookers-on while this crime against humanity, is being perpetrated by the rich. This dastardly attack has to be countered and all culprits brought to book. 

All human lives matter and the primary objective of the counter-attack is to save each and every human life from the cowardly germ-attack.  

This objective cannot be compromised for any reason, whatsoever; it is non-negotiable.  

It is perhaps an oxymoron that we, the collective poor, are strong in the globalised world. Whether we like it or not, we are a cartel and like any cartel, our strength lies in our unity.  

The poor are a cartel of debtors and in a globalised world the poor are a power to reckon with; the total value of the cartel sovereign debt is 15 trillion USD.  

This debt is unsustainable debt.  

It is also an inequitable debt that reflects the inflationary trends in the rich countries, the loaded wage and salary structures in those countries, and the disparity in currency exchange between the rich and the poor nations. 

Furthermore, the debt has not taken into account the reverse flows; reparations due to the poor for the plunder, damages, and deaths caused by the rich from the time of Colonisation to the present days of aggression, invasion, and acts of destabilization.  

We, the poor of the world, declare that we shall not conform to the expectations of the rich; We have unilaterally taken a decision to instruct our representatives to abort the payment of 15 trillion dollars to the rich countries, which they consider is our sovereign debt to them. 

Post WW2, France unilaterally refused repayment of a 2.5-billion-dollar sovereign debt on a loan taken under the Marshal Plan scheme. The Americans ate humble pie 

In the case of the poor, they have insurance. The rich countries are loathed to admit that they are indulging in germ warfare and claim that COVID is an Act of God.  

When there is an Act of God, the law provides, under the doctrine of force majeure, relief to the parties in a contract since unforeseeable circumstances frustrate or prevent the performance of the contract.  

Hence, on that score too, 120 countries shall not pay what is described as a Sovereign debt.  

The Non-Aligned Nations, collectively, is the home for the largest number of the poor in the world. The Non-Aligned Movement, the largest group of Nations, next to the UN, inherits naturally the power of the debtor’s cartel and on the NAM falls the mantle of giving leadership to the poor. 

We request the Non-Aligned Movements in the Non-Aligned World to take up the cause of the poor in their countries; the time is ripe; the time is now; let us fight poverty and our cause together. Together, we shall be victorious. 

The poor of the world, we shall overcome the barrage of germs raining on us. We shall lock down our countries completely from the outside world until we eradicate COVID completely.  

Until then, let us build up a strong economy internally using the 15 trillion Dollars which God, through his Act, has given us. Let us spend our Sovereign debt on ourselves and let us come out of our forced misery and ensure a brighter tomorrow for our children. 

This is the New Normal of the poor. 

All media of the Non-Aligned Nations are requested to publish this article in their National Newspapers, websites, journals, blogs etc because in our unity lies our strength. We shall overcome and we the poor shall be victorious. 

/to be contd 

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