Watch out Sri Lanka: Today It is Afganistan Tomorrow It Could Be You , Unless the Regime Change Conspiracy is exposed and eradicated
Posted on August 28th, 2021

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM

Please find below James Pilger’s,   The great Game of Smashing Nations”. This is how the foundations were laid to todays misery of Afghanistan 

The unprincipled  , selfish, devoid of any moral qualms , designs that US and their western allies had then are now being duplicated  and being implemented in  Sri Lanka,today,  destabilising an administration with overwhelming support from the rank and file of Sri Lanka, backed by 6.9 million votes, like the then Afghan regime. This  is a  carbon copy of their strategy and actions in Afghanistan in 2001 to dislodge Soviet Union from Afghanistan, never mind the consequences on Afganistan . “It is for  the greater good!!.’. Could even lead to the break up of USSR, soothes thought and s it happened.

Their aim then was dislodge Soviet Union From, Afghanistan. Today it is dislodge today’s enemy China from Sri Lanka, ! 

Then they armed the Mujahidine to fight their war, Today they arm the JVP, and the trade unionists headed by no less than Joseph Stalin himself,  to release the Covid Bomb through shrieking demonstrators, using over 1500 demonstrations and thousands of them at a time. These are far more effective than the Cluster Bomb of that time . The aim is to dislodge the stumbling block of the Rajapakse Regime ,  and then installing a puppet regime that will obey their every beck and call and when necessary even  against SL’ s National interest. 

 Remember  how they tried to push through the MCC agreement , without a discussion in Parliament, days before a decisive election and had the audacity suggest we will sign it today, and have a debate after the election!!   .That was RW at its brilliant best , even surpassing Tony Blair.

If Sri Lankans don’t wake up , and stand resolute and steadfast against this conspiracy, without being victim to it, their fate will be even worse than that of Afganistan .

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM

2 Responses to “Watch out Sri Lanka: Today It is Afganistan Tomorrow It Could Be You , Unless the Regime Change Conspiracy is exposed and eradicated”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    USA is a baby still trying to hard to become an adoloscent in world poltics. It has only a history of just ~240 years as an independent nation. This is the reason it is still finding it hard to learn any lessons from its past failures.

    Just today President Biden promised and echoed the very words of the Boy Scout President Bush after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 – that America will never forget nor forgive those responsible for the attack at the Kabul Airport and that they will hunt them down wherever they are.

    The American Tyrannosaurus baby crawls, tries to get up, falls down and repeats the same as if there was no yesterday! The reptilian has no memory of the past. There is no way to add years to this baby trying hard to grow up! Given time it can only grow horns n not brains!

    The world suffers her growing pains!

    Prof Noam Chomsky says it all:

  2. Geeth Says:

    I don’t know the reason why many do not see through the obvious. It is well known that the entire western political, foreign policy and military apparatus has been hijacked by the business elite of the west… in other words, the neoliberal globalist class has taken over everything. In Sri Lanka, they have bought off many agents to carry out their neo Liberal chore. Many of them (these local agents) are current and former Marxists. The capital (or the people like George Soros) has bought off all the Marxists all over the world to lick their boots. As the famous old saying goes …. It was Marx who stood Hegel by his head. But in this 21 century, the era of late capitalism, it has reversed this narrative completely other way around. What we see now is completely a different spectacle.. where we see that “Shylock has stood Marx by his head”
    What we have to understand is that the next century is an Asian century positioning China in the centre. If Sri Lankans want to chase China away at this very historical moment of the shift that taking place in the global arena repositioning the global power equilibrium, I must say that it is a “Sorry” condition. Sri Lanka always had a history of making bad choices. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make another bad choice.

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