Youth population highly reluctant to get jabs in Colombo
Posted on September 17th, 2021

Courtesy NewsIn.Asia

Colombo, Sept 17 (DailyMirror) – People who haven’t received their vaccines as yet, are not only putting themselves in danger but the others as well.

The younger population aged from 20 to 29 years show great reluctance in receiving the COVID jab in the Colombo City, CMC Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Ruwan Wijemuni said.

He said that only 20% of the estimated youth population had so far received the vaccine.

There is a 97,000 youth population in the Colombo City limits eligible to be vaccinated. However, only 20% had got it so far,” the Medical Officer said.

The health authorities earlier said there was a notable hesitancy among the younger generation to get the vaccine in the country owing to myths such as Covid vaccines would cause infertility and sexual dysfunction.

However, they vehemently rejected such claims.

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