Birth of sextuplets reported from Sri Lanka
Posted on October 21st, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

Doctor’s view expressed following the birth of sextuplets

Many people are curious to know more about the birth of the first sextuplets (six babies born of one pregnancy) reported today in Sri Lanka.
Sextuplets which includes three girls and three boys were born to a 31-year-old mother from Angoda and the father is an engineer by profession.

Professor Tiran Dias, an obstetrician and gynecologist, performed the caesarean section with the assistance of a 30-member medical staff.

Speaking at a media briefing on the children, Prof Tiran Dias said that after the mother was detected to be pregnant with six babies, she underwent regular clinical check-ups which assisted in performing the surgery successfully.

Two anesthesiologists assisted in the operation.

Professor Tiran Dias further stated that a team of three was deployed to supervise each child.

The birth of the first sextuplets (six babies born of one pregnancy) in the country was reported today (21) at a private hospital in Colombo.

The babies were delivered by Caesarean sections between 12:16 and 12:18 this morning under the guidance of Professor Tiran Dias.

The happy parents were blessed with three daughters and three sons.

Hospital sources stated that all six babies, born to a 31-year-old, are in good health.

Only the second child born is currently under intensive medical supervision.

The mother and father of the twins are residents of the IDH area in Colombo.

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