Posted on October 24th, 2021


Organic farming is the best method that should apply in agriculture, but immediately changing the current practices may create problems for farmers in Sri Lanka. In history, there were no inorganic fertilisers and agrochemicals. Since the late 1950s, farmers have been used chemical fertiliser and agrochemicals with supports of government advisors and private companies promotion. There were certain positive results from the use of inorganic fertilisers and chemicals. The major results were pest control and an increase in productivity. However, many harmful results could have emerged from the chemicals that did not consider, and later the truth about the use of chemicals was revealed. The harmful results were cancer and kidney problems. The president of Sri Lanka wants to change the situation and go back to organic farming. It is a moral decision, however, the decision implementation was not educating farmers, and the government’s attempts have provoked farmers. It shows some political parties and private companies have joined with the protesters.

The members of parliament and in councils should come forward without political differences and the process of changing the forming should go ahead.

The following points need to consider in the transformation process.

  • What is the difference between inorganic and organic forming should educate the community.
  • The change of farming would have negative results for farmers and compensation should pay farmers.
  • For organic products should pay high prices and organic farmers should be paid an encouraging allowance.
  • Educating farmers should be in small groups at the village level, and the media needs to take part.
  • Implementing the use for organic farming should be on small samples, and politics on this matter should be avoided.   

 The best method that the government to give publicity is conducting a referendum islandwide and getting approval from the public.

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