Litro permitted to unload one of the latest LPG shipments
Posted on December 18th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

Litro Gas Lanka Limited has been given the nod to unload one of the two latest shipments of liquefied petroleum gas.

Earlier this week, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) directed Litro Gas not to unload the latest shipment of LP gas as it does not comply with the SLSI standards. 

Ada Derana had reported yesterday that the latest shipment of liquefied petroleum (LP) gas that had arrived in Colombo Port for Litro Gas, one of the main suppliers of LPG in Sri Lanka, does not comply with the required level of ethyl mercaptan.

Ethanethiol, commonly known as ethyl mercaptan, is added to natural gas as an odorant, usually in mixtures containing methane. It is what makes propane gas smell and is an additive that is combined with LPG to alert users of a leak.

After the ship recently docked at the Colombo Port, relevant authorities had tested the gas samples.

It was reported that the propane-butane ratio of the latest domestic gas shipment is in compliance with the standards.

However, Litro Gas was given the nod on Friday to unload one shipment of LPG.

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