Response to Anura Kunara’s Anti-Sinhala Rhetoric – Part I
Posted on January 8th, 2022


We don’t believe in Sinhala only power – Anura Kumara Dissanayake

Excerpts of an interview given by Tamil servile  Anura Kumara on 5th  January 2022 to Daily Mirror staff Susitha Fernando are given below with appropriate comments.


  • We can appoint a Cabinet with people who are extremely qualified in the respective subject areas.  (A stupid suggestion.  People of this country have even rejected many prominent professionals coming to politics.  For example, the Father of Hydro Power was rejected by the people when he contested elections.  This may be a suggestion to indirectly support the policies of Ranil Wickremasinghe.  It was reported that whenever Ranil comes to power gets many foreigners to serve advisors to him on various fields.  If this stupid suggestion open its gateway Ranil will directly appoint them as Ministers instead of keeping them as advisors)
  • we have seen how these corrupt and disastrous regimes have been toppled by people getting on to the streets (No government has so far been toppled by people going to the streets.  However. in 1953 the successful Hartal launched by the Left parties and Trade Unions forced Dudley Senanayake tp flee and hide in a ship at the Colombo harbour and subsequently call for elections.  The other incident of forcing elections was the backstabbers’ coup in which backstabbers C.P.De Silva/Maha.Nama Samaraweera made 14 MPs to cross over from the government in 1964 that paved for elections in 1965) 
  • During the war we should have thought more seriously about the difficulties faced by the ordinary Tamil civilians. (This braggart has no concern about the atrocities faced by the Sinhalese/Muslim people – Why you ignore, the massacre of unarmed people including women and children in Sinhala villages, massacre of Buddhist Bikkhus st Aranthalawa, Massacre of Muslims at Kattankudi/Polonnaruwa, and massacre of school children by bus bomb killings in Anuradhapura, Mannar , Maradana etc.)
  • As short-term plans we need to focus on investments that could ensure dollar earning(No specifics – only conjectures and hallucinations)
  • I don’t think we should even talk about a common agenda(Yesd, we have had enough sufferings from common agenda of 2015.  On the other hand, I do not think that no party in Sri Lanka will come forward to enter into a common agenda with these bluff masters)
  • With regard to change of government our first option is elections (Why elections.  You can never win elections, so, try for your 3rd rebellion and get lost and wiped out)
  • We are a political orgnisation that understands the sensitivity and movements of the people (Then why you miserably failed twice?)

With the social, political and economic changes in the country over the last two years, specially, since the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic, Jathika Jana Balawegaya or National People’s Power (NPP), the broader alliance of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, has shown impressive progress in its popularity among all section of the society. Having no faith in the two traditional political camps, specially given the repeated allegations of corruptions during both regimes, NPP claims that real progressive change is possible in the country only under its rule. In this backdrop the Daily Mirror interviewed NPP Leader and MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake. 

Excerpts of the interview.   

  At the recently held Representative Summit you said that you are ready to take over the power from the Rajapaksas. But at a time. the country is going through one of its worst social, political and economic downturns do you have a plan to put the country back on track?

This braggart like the fable relating to the jackal going after the lamb expecting its hanging testicles to fall down soon, was day dreaming to assume leadership in this country from the very day he assumed leadership in the JVP.  Thinking that the people of this country are dan imbeciles this braggart now appears in three faces to deceive the people as leader of JVP. JJB and NPP and has the acronym of Moonru Mugam, Muhunu thune pambaya the three faced”)

These two traditional parties have led this country to the most disastrous end. To transform this country there is an urgent need to take over the political power. We are ready to give leadership to this new transformation. And we can appoint a Cabinet with people who are extremely qualified in the respective subject areas and have as its members much more qualified individuals compared to both the previous and the present regimes. We have the resource persons for that. And also instead of a Parliament comprising politicians engaging in illegal liquor business, illegal sand and gem mining and criminal activities we can appoint a team comprising members who would serve the people.

(This matter has been duly responded under Preambles and believe a repetition is not needed)

Making the plan to build the country is not the sole responsibility of the government. The government has to prepare plans for that, give leadership to achieve targets and for that all the sections of the society have to be involved. So, it is not going to be the concept of this person or that person, but a collective endevour is needed and we are in the process of initiating an operation to prepare for this collective effort. 

 (This braggart taking about the future, is st4ill crawling in the pre-2015 two party – unuth ekai, munuth ekai period.  Politics in Sri Lanka has changed vastly since this period and now there are four major political forces in the country – the SLPP, SLFP, UNP and SJB.  He said that they are in the process of initiating a collecting effort on the The response given by the people at 2019 presidential election is suffice for him if he is an honest person)

 Q   Right now the burning issue at hand is the economy. How are you planning to pull the nation out of this debt-trapped economic situation?

A:At the outset we need to inform the people that we have been issuing warnings about this situation several decades ago. This economical journey, which does not tally with realities of the people, happened because loans were taken to create huge concrete jungles and there was waste and corruption that took place with that money. We are in a massive debt trap despite the repeated warnings we gave. To get out of this situation we need a short-term, mid-term and a long-term plan and we also need a vision to solve the issues created by this economic situation. We need a long-term plan to sustain the economic situation.   

(About which administration he is talking about.  Was it about Mahinda Rajapaksa development era or Sirisena/Raniil destructive era in which they played a major-role to protect, safeguard and promote that era.  His reference to building implies construction of Expressways – a new concept introduced to replace pot-hold fishing pooled roads in the country, building new harbours, airports, communication towers and so on, all of which were new income earning avenues for the country,  On the other hand, Ranil/Srisena era was asset selling, luxury vehicles importing, suspension of development project era. If the Sirisena/Ranil era they supported by then had continued for another

Few years with their non-development policies, Sri Lankawould have become the poorest country in the world)

At the short-term level we need to do an extensive audit investigation on the project we have initiated from these loans and must talk with the institutions which lent these loans. We must immediately go for a loan restructuring plan for at least three years. Secondly even today the unit that generates the highest foreign income to the country is Sri Lankan workers abroad. That is about US$ 7.5 billion. But since last June there is a drop of about USD 1.6 billion. That is to say that these leaders have failed even to get the foreign income that could have been generated for this country. So we need to have a plan to maintain the existing foreign income avenues and make new plans to increase that. There are a large number of rich Sri Lankans around the world and we are inviting them to invest in this country and join in the efforts to build this country. I don’t say that overnight we could get out of the present crisis we are in right now. But we could generate income at least to get the essential commodities.

(This braggart seems to be a frog in the well and is oblivious to the pandemic situation that the economies of the whole world with many foreign employees losing their jobs and forced to return to their countries.  This situation resulted in a decline in receiving foreign remittances.  However, the world economy seems to be gradually reviving and accordingly

the Foreign Employment Bureau of our country have formulated plans to extensively increase foreign job opportunities to Sri Lankans.  This cannot be done overnight but have to be done with much patience and persuasions.)

Thirdly if we are going to a third party, which is the most popular answer right now, it has to be done depending on how conducive the conditions that would be imposed by these third parties on the country. As a popular option we are not planning to go to a third party to get out of this crisis.   

(Here, he indirectly parrots the views of Ranil Wickremasinghe and the reactionary cabal. When Ranil Wickremasinghe entered the new parliament, he made a long speech and urged the government to go to IMF and seek IMF help to address Sri Lanka’s economic problems.  They still keep on repeating this demand.

A report published in the Aruna newspaper on 5th January 2022 the Minister of Finance Mr. Basil Rajapaksa has apprised the  Cabinet that as per discussions held with IMF and other global financial institutions if their assistance is to be obtained , Sri Lanka will be forced to float the currency resulting in huge increases of prices of essential items, pruning public sector employments and lift import restrictions.  He has explained that if these measures were implemented, the rupee will have to be devalued by 15%, the price of a kilo of Dhal will shoot up to Rs. 400 against the dollar, diesel prices have to be increased by Rs. 25/-, the present 8% VAT has to be increased, the current electricity charge of Rs. 16/- has to be increased to Rs. 25-/- and the present charge for water will have to be increased by about Rs. 10/- per unit.

As a midterm plan, we need to restructure the investment procedure that took place over the last so many years. If you take, about 35 percent of the recent investments were on development of roads and highways. As short-term plans we need to focus on investments that could ensure dollar earning.

(While the people o the country are very much appreciative about road developments in the country, for instance which has reduced the travel time between Matara and Colombo from 5 hours to 1 ½ hours, this bloke find fault with spending about 35% of investments for road development and he is blind to the massive income being derived from the toll charges of these Expressways)

We still believe that our traditional crops could generate income in the world market. Secondly we have a plan to acquire a part in the world’s software market. We are sure that we could acquire at least USD 15 billion in the market. We need to prepare a long-term economic plan considering geographical setting of our country, her resources including human resources, civilization and world politics. I don’t say that we can do this overnight, but if we can work on a plan at least for five to six years we can save our country from this deepest crisis.

(This imbecile braggart living in a world of hallucinations says we can do this, we can do that but fails to present concrete and credible short term, medium term or long term plans for the development of the country)

 Q   Even though you talk about taking over power it cannot happen democratically given the ground realities. This government has just completed only two years and there are three more years to go. Isn’t it advisable for you to support the existing government which is in a severe financial crisis; at least to see till its term is over?

A:Do you belive that these leaders have a genuine aim to develop this country? Covid-19 was a disaster that brought fear of death to everyone’s doorstep. These leaders even robbed from that pandemic catastrophe. The fertilizer crisis was a direct hit on the farmers. They even robbed off the import of fertilizer. Do you think they want to solve these problems? Today a minister sits on his chair with the plans to earn for himself. He doesn’t have any idea or vision for this country or the future. So, I don’t think we should even talk about a common agenda. When the Covid 19 pandemic was spreading we spoke to the government. It was not a pandemic of the government.

It was a natural disaster and to save the country from that we were ready to give the fullest participation. We proposed a common mechanism. But the rulers didn’t do that because within a common mechanism they would not have been able to rob from the antigen tests, bringing down Sri Lankans from abroad, or even buying necessary medicine and medical equipment. So there is no use in talking about a common mechanism with these leaders. 

(Do you think that these hooligans who twice attempted to form a dictatorship in the country have a genuine desire to develop this country?  They have taken all personal precautions against Covid-19 and staging protests against various issues facing the country.  How strange it is that no one from these hooligans got affected by Covid-19?  Are they super humans when people belonging to all other parties have got affected and some have even died?  They continue to utter blatant lies to the people on one side and stage lunch, drinks, stipend and transport provided demonstrations with the sole intention of creating chaos in the country)

 Q   But aren’t there three more years during which Gotabaya Rajapaksa can lead this country?

A; With regard to change of government our first option is elections. But in the world we have seen how these corrupt and disastrous regimes have been toppled by people getting on to the streets. That is also democracy. Even though that is not our plan we are ready for that. The corrupt and dictatorial regimes have been toppled not only by elections but by people who had come to the streets. There are so many examples in the recent history in the world. So, there is no necessity to go for another three years.   

(You are in a desperate hurry to launch your envisaged revolt as you know if you wait for another three years for the elections there will be no one to vote for your diminishing part, under whatever name you appears, except the LGBTs and same-sex practitioners)

 Q   Do you think that Sri Lankan or Sri Lankans will go to that extent of toppling the government via a street fight?

A:We are a political orgnisation that understands the sensitivity and movements of the people. People are not static like statues. The reality is that speaking against the injustice and queuing up against the inequality. It is a natural phenomenon. If you study the movement of the human nature this is a natural phenomenon. 

(This enemy of the people give a new interpretation that holding demonstrations against an elected government and toppling it as democracy.  In the above referenced response, he clearly indicates that they have a plan to revolt against the government and topple it without waiting for another three years for elections. This is tantamount to treason.  Therefore, the government should take immediate steps to take him and his hooligans into custody and charge them for planning to revolt against the government and against the mandate of the people.  Prior to the elections the Maha Sanga and many intellectuals wanted the President to act as a Hitler and clear this country from all scrums.  The President should not wait for anymore and should initiate immediate action to take this rebellious group into custody)

  Are you ready to give leadership if a situation like that arises?

A:Yes. If there is a danger that the country would become a failed state and if there is a breakdown of social institutions then as a political movement, we have a responsibility to do that.

(In the above response too he confirms their plan to revolt against the government and addfs that it is there responsibility to do so as a political movement.  So, the time is ripe for the President to prevent another rebellion against the country, and act like Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike and R.Premadasa)

 Q   But if you study the history and how different regimes have suppressed a similar rise of people and how it would lead to an extremely dangerous situation, this country could be led on to a worst situation.

A:Those are only legends in the history. Not only the Rajapaksas, but no one else could lead this country to such suppressive rule. We know that military and retired military officers have been used in many areas of administration. There is no room for a military regime in Sri Lanka. At the same time even though there are a few high ranking and privileged section of the military with the government, the majority in the middle and lower ranks are not with this disastrous regime. They do not want to be a part of this ruinous and devastating governance. They also have a burning pain against it. So, I don’t think even though the Rajapaksas have an intention and need to do that, there is no possibility of that. 

(This braggart continues to emphasize the need to topple the government by an anti-democratic uprising and for which the President, the government and the people should rally together before these hooligans once again unleash chaos in the country)

(To be continued……)

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