Be Patriotic Not Hysteric – To Both Politicians and Media in Sri Lanka
Posted on January 11th, 2022

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Wellington NZ

 Dear Editor , Please find below my response on listening to an interview given by the exUNP, now SJB , finance spokesperson on his hysterical advocation of joining the world” seemingly oblivious to all the efforts of the past two years of inviting foreign investment ,with each visiting heads to SL ,and with each interaction with every foreign head by SL’s  head of state & the improvement in conditions for foreign investment  with legislation to make it a “one stop shop” with the Colombo Port City Commissioning bill. 

Has he short term memory loss ( sure sign of early dementia) , that it was he and his band of never achieved anything” colleagues who tried to stall  it asking what is the hurry”. Has he also got amnesia  for how the likes of him raised bogeys like making SL a Chinese Colony” especially with regard to the appointees to CPC’s management commission, which when appointed was devoid of a single Chinese face but headed by a lawyer who defended a prominent accused in the Central Bank Robbery with well known family connections to the UNP. So much for some of his earlier cautions.

It is also testimony to the quality of SL media that, these questions were never raised with those expressing these concerns  even more than eight months after they were raised , leaving it to me from thousands of miles away to do so. It would appear to me that the SL media sees it as it’s obligation to question every action or word of the govt but not those of the opposition leaving it to them to exploit the media to vent all their baseless allegations and insinuations to thwart SL’s recovery

Now my response to the interview in question , possibly 9th or 10th Jan ‘22

I Just don’t understand this man . Is he honest or deliberately misleading.

This govt has made foreign investment a one stop shop for Colombo  port city and Hambantota manufacturing zone and has been encouraging foreign investment with every overseas visit and and overseas visitor encouraging successfully & developing neglected local industry and new industry, Tyre, motor car, Yatch building ( all the yatchs visible in the CPC Marina r locally made) ship building etc. ref Ada Derana Big Focus 9/1/21

This man was in power for four and a half years and did not do even a smidgen of what he is advocating now . Instead all they did was run the economy to ground, robbed  the centra bank not once but twice and turned a blind eye on the looming Easter Sunday disaster. In the mean while these paragons of virtue looked on helplessly  while their two leaders fought with each other like the double heads of a dragon .!

The govt is trying to correct the consequences of these crimes compounded by those of COvid with a monumentally successful COvid vaccination drive when COvid is consuming the rest of the world . They are  just getting on top of things and trying to build up SL peoples self belief, confidence and resolve and this guy & those like him r only trying to break the resolve of the people to join in the journey. Instead they seek to drive them into despondency ably assisted by sections of rating driven and well oiled media.

Don’t do that .it is traitorous! R u DB ( deaf and blind ) not to see what is happening around U

Can’t u see that the govt is attempting to restructure loans and obtain buffers of Forex till remittances and tourism improves as is happening now  and that too without being hostage to IMF conditions as you advocated . This would have led the govt to be even more unpopular, no doubt much to your delight.

I acknowledged that you can take credit for the only positive smidgen of that disastrous AYAHAPALANA regime , viz the national ambulance service.

Don’t wreck that record by playing to the gallery and to sections of rating driven & well oiled by anti national forces media, that r even worse than the gallery , trying to wreck SL’s ‘fledgling recovery..

Instead contribute to it by using your interviews to encourage potential international investors of the potential for investing in SL , a few nautical miles off the busiest sea lane in the world so using the easiest access to the East and West and the one stop shop” ease of investing in SL now. Then the world would be the Oyster in their hands  for their manufacturings .

Then you will have a stake in SL’s recovery which will ease things for you too if you iinherit it some day.

Be Patriotic not Hysteric

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Wellington NZ

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