A slice of Sri Lankan paradise for £114k? These soon-to-be built flats overlooking the Indian Ocean might make the perfect holiday home..
Posted on April 12th, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

Weligama Sri Lanka: New flats start from £114k

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Weligama Sri Lanka: New flats start from £114k Myra Butterworth Southbeach Weligama is a new development of 106 flats in Sri Lanka, with prices ranging from £114k for a one-bed…

When I saw this Advertorial, I could not believe if this is true!

Soon after Covid-19, followed by Ukrainian Russian conflict balancing towards a Nuclear conflict, with Sri Lanka in political upheaval,  riots in the news, and Holiday Homes investment at a mouth-watering price.

Anyone who could afford close to a million dollars has many other choices.

Just two years ago, Sri Lanka suffered a bloody Easter massacre killing many in Catholic Churches and luxury hotels.  How safe can a private holiday home be away from security?

Mind boggles!

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