Letter to editor
Posted on May 9th, 2022

Diannah Paramour Australia

Dear Sri Lankan’s

You have been suffering for 1,000’s of years and managed to triumph all alone, with only your passion for the Motherland coupled with your bravery, resilience and loyalty to ensure that Serendib survives.

Yes I do believe in the right to protest but if your prize is the resignation of Mahinda Rajapaksa, then the crowds can cheer as he falls upon his sword…..however tread carefully.

As President he raised his loving arms into the air, reaching to the universe with these empathic and genuine words:



How dare you place blame for global inadequacy and your terrible suffering at his feet.

Who better to save you now than the brothers of destiny who saved you all, at the end of this Earths longest and bloodiest terrorist war, with Tamils now free to rejoin the island as slaves viscously held as prisoners by the LTTE.

Can the rainbow of that tremendous efforts  shine above you forever?

Of course not because we are struggling to force the entire worlds people to end global inequality.


Nor should ‘any’ citizen go without food and other basics that are their right to share in the islands finances.

Sadly, the protesters, however totally valid their concerns have a minor victory that now ensures that they bring shame upon themselves and their family’s name.

Instead of lighting fires and removing your underwear, why not be mature and stop this silly behaviour and instead, request mediation sessions to help your government instead of what is beIng seen by the International Community as ‘Citizen Terrorism’

Please don’t allow that to happen.

Let’s not climb back into the trees of evolution, let’s not give those evil colonists the little chuckle over their evening Port and cigars as they perceive the sight as a funny affair that reflects that it is actually their victory that you are unable to behave without their brutality and control.

Today I know that your Prime Minister cries tears of blood, not for himself, but for you….

His children of North South East West..That his family has incontrovertibly served you for years.

So be ashamed of your miserable schoolyard behaviour, that will now cause an instability that will see you all drown in a far greater misery.

My heart breaks for you all, as I watch from afar as the lemmings leap to their own demise.

It’s not too late protesters, ‘ LEMMINGS GO HOME’

Signed with love and hope

Diannah Paramour


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