Posted on May 10th, 2022

By Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, Patriotic Citizen, May 9th., 2022.

People like Chathura Seneratne, the president/secretary and the former president/secretary of the IUSF and JVP Lal Kantha should be arrested immediately. 

What the opponents of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s political victory since 2005 and followed by Gotabaya Rajapaksa in 2015 could not achieve with all their conspiracies initiated by the Western powers and the connivance of the JVP with the involvement of the “Yahapalana gang” has now (nearly) been achieved under the disguise of a “peoples protest”. What the JVP did in these protests and riots have been well planned over a period of at least one year, it can be assumed. 

The 1987–89 JVP insurrection (also known as the 1989 Revolt) was the second unsuccessful armed revolt conducted by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna against the Government of Sri Lanka under President J. R. Jayewardene then. Unlike the first unsuccessful JVP insurrection of 1971, the second insurrection was not an open revolt, but appeared to be a low intensity conflict that lasted from 1987 to 1989 with the JVP resorting to subversion, assassinations, raids and attacks on military and civilian targets.

The R2P promoters of the West have pulled there strings against the Rajapaksa regime and the Gota Presidency quite smartly now. The so-called “democratized” JVP and he SJB is working very closely with the “powers that would be” who are interested in Regime Change in Sri Lanka since 2005. The JVP, Inter University Students Federation (IUSF), Frontline Socialist Party and the Catholic Church have shown their real faces in this “political game” that is being played in Sri Lanka at the cost of the suffering people and innocent student population. 

The recent interview by Chamuditha with JVP Lal Kantha broadcasted over national TV channels/YouTube has revealed the “TRUTH” about the JVP’s involvements in the violence that is taking place all over the country. 

Lal Kantha says clearly that he phoned all his senior cadres in every important city and asked them to launch protest in their localities after the action taken by the government to clear the protesters camped outside Temple Trees and then the SLPP supports clashing with the “Gota Gama” protester at Galle Face green and in front to the President’s Secretariat, destroying them and burning the protesters tents and temporary shelters and driving all of them away.

Was that call from JVP Lal Kantha the call to burn the residences of Former President and PM Mahinda Rajapaksa and other SLPP politicians whom the JVP decided to be revenged for the destroying and burning of their “make shift” tents and shelters/enclosures near Temple Trees and at Galle Face green and in front of the Presidents Secretariat by some SLPP supporters.

The government should be very “FIRM” in their resolve in bringing these protests and riots under control. They should take into custody all the so-called leaders who are involved in these violent actions of “arson and damage to private and public property” with a strong “arm”. People like Chathura Seneratne, the present president/sectary and the former president/secretary of the IUSF and JVP Lal Kantha should be arrested immediately. TV news reporting should be used to identify the “JVP, SJB, Frontline Socialist Party, UNP drug addicts and the JVP goons who had been away in foreign countries and the Middle East who flew to Sri Lanka to carry out the special missions of the so-called “peoples protest” and create anarchy these days as we have witnessed in our beloved “MAATHRUBOOMIYA”. Where were these goons when Prabaharan and the LTTE went on an “on slaughter” both militarily and otherwise in Sri Lanka and abroad through their front lobbies in Canada, Europe and North America? 

Have you SINHALESE PEOPLE FORGOTTEN THE DISASTER THEY CREATED TO YOUR NATION AND HOW THE TRI FORCES DEFENDED OUR “MAATHRUBOOMIYA” UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SLFP/SLPP GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIPS. Was it not Mahinda and Gota along with Sarath Fonseka save the “SINHALA NATION” without being divided like what happened in making Aceh an independent Nation in 2005 by the US and Western conspirators, just after the Tsunami.

Like what the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau did to the Truckers Protest which happened a few months ago in Ottawa and then in other cities in Canada, all their bank accounts should be probed immediately and frozen and details of those who funded them must be made public. Using the “EMERGENCY” they should be brought before the “Rule-of-Law”. 

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