Elitist ‘Colombians’ Hogging the Maharaja-Circus at Galle Face and Parroting CIA-Scripted Slogans Stifle the Voices of Seven Million Voters Betrayed by Nandasena
Posted on May 11th, 2022

By ‘The Socialist Vanguard Party for the Restoration of a Sovereign Unitary State of Sri Lanka’

It was indeed pathetic to see broadcaster Watawala attempting to incite carousing revellers at the Maharaja-Circus on Galle Face Green to take the law into their hands, incapacitate the Legislature and make the ‘Green’, the Country’s Parliament while establishing on the esplanade an anarchical zone where State authority would not apply.

Shades of Sierra Leone where scores of ‘Galle-Face -Greens’ have been established and ‘dime-a-dozen’ warlords, with bigoted notions of governance, rule their respective parochial patches, the hallmark of a failed State.

At the ‘Maha-Killi Gama’ at the Galle-Face circus, Warlords Maharaja and K Gunaratnam reign supreme. A curious place where, anti-Sri Lankan NGOs abound, rejected Elitist ‘Colombians’ (parroting CIA scripted slogans and harbouring notions of crawling back to power through the rear door) patronise, dead Tamil terrorists (including terrorist Issipriya posthumously described as a journalist) are feted and the National Anthem is sung in Tamil. No, not ‘God Save the Queen’ or ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, but ‘Sri Lanka Matha’

The atmosphere at Maha-Killi Gama is surreal; when the need of the hour is to preserve and re-build on what little is left of the three structures of State, it is an act of hara-kiri when the warlords of the ‘Green’, willfully attempt to raze the wobbling structures of the Sri Lankan State to the ground.

When the three structures of State collapse what remains is a failed state where anarchy reigns.

To create a failed state is the ultimate goal of a foreign Enemy with designs on the country; a failed State facilitates the easy capture of the country.

Staging protests, the people must; but they must be mindful, all the while, to work within the framework of the law. These are trying times; people must resist falling prey to contracted rabble rousers. 

It is also tragic because the inflammatory exhortation tends to suggests that the warlords of the ‘Green’ are attempting to highjack the protest movement and route it in a direction that suits their agenda.

What is the Maharaja – Gunaratnam agenda? Are they working the blind-side of the American MCC plan? Is Maharaja staking claims for a monopoly of the Island’s water resources, via the ‘Gammeda’ project, when the country disintegrates, and the projected MCC Land grab takes place?

In 2019, seven million people delegated to Nandasena, their sovereign Executive power, after he pledged that no more would there be: secret deals with foreign governments; transfer of State Land and Assets to foreign entities; signing of MCC -type documents; privatising of State Land; massive corruption and mismanagement at the levels rampant during the ‘Wickramasinghe-Sirisena-Premadasa’ regime.

Nandasena further pledged to strictly adhere to Sri Lanka’s foreign policy of  Non-Alignment’ and vowed that he would re-negotiate with the relevant foreign governments to ‘re-possess’ all lands and assets bartered away by the Yahapalanaya regime.  

Nandasena, a greenhorn in politics and a below-average officer who had virtually deserted the Army in her hour of need, had the advantage of Mahinda underwriting his political campaign.

Charisma is nature’s gift to each generation, parsimoniously dispensed amongst a few; in Sri Lanka’s present political firmament Mahinda is indeed a recipient of this gift; he used his innate talent to unite the country and with his able General, Sarath Fonseka, to decimate the US mercenaries terrorising Sri Lanka for over thirty years. 

To this day, Mahinda is loved by the simple folk of this country and remains a formidable foe to any external aggressor who may entertain ideas of Colonising the Country. To the external aggressor, the Mahinda factor has to be taken care of, if they wish to succeed.  

In contrast, Nandasena’s life has been one of disloyalty, desertion and betrayal.

It is a fact of history that yankee-Nande, having absolutely and entirely renounced any iota of loyalty to Sri Lanka and even pledged his life to the cause of achieving American objectives, had in 2007 treacherously, secretly and without authority signed the ACSA Agreement, the mother of all US military agreements.

In 2019, Nandasena did another flip-flop; he claimed that he had deserted the American cause to contest the Sri Lankan Presidential election.

Curiously though, Nandasena’s family chose to remain disloyal to Sri Lanka and bow in reverence to the American flag; they file their tax returns, as is required of them, with the American Government.

Nandasena, as the faithful spouse of a committed American citizen, makes tax declarations to the American Government.

Within days of assuming Presidential office, Nandasena brazenly shed his political masquerade, not caring a whit about betraying seven million people to whom he owes his Executive power.

With the baton of Executive power firmly in his hand, Nandasena did a volta face and traversed the same treacherous American-path the Sirisena -Wickramasinghe-Premadasa gang had trod.

Nandasena, surrounded himself with American advisors and their think-tanks, secretly bartered away Sri Lanka’s Land and Assets to America and India, implemented some of the pre-conditions America insisted on prior to signing the MCC Agreement, privatised State Land, turned a blind eye to the corrupt activities of his spaniels, made a monumental mess of the Foreign Service -stacking it with his cronies and charlatans -that resulted in the Tim Sebastian fiasco.

Within two and a half years of his Presidency, Nandasena succeeded in bankrupting the economy, destroying the agricultural backbone of the country, and driving the people onto the streets.

A major factor that contributed to this debacle was the ill-advised tax bonanza granted to the super rich that helped Nandasena’s cronies; personal and corporate income taxes were abolished in some sectors while in some other sectors taxes were slashed from 28% to 18%.

The rich were jubilant; the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce chirped, We Welcome the tax relief for investment”.

The Treasury lamented; Sri Lanka lost 1 trillion (One Thousand billion) Rupees of revenue by this ill-conceived move to help cronies.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Nandasena, overnight, banned the use of chemical fertiliser for agriculture, without making available the organic alternatives and studying beforehand the problems associated with this change.

This decision not only broke the agricultural backbone of this country, it pauperised the farmers and pushed the teetering economy over the edge; the yields of the money-spinning cash crops, without fertiliser, suffered and the country’s kitty shrank drastically. 

The question on the lips of many is, Was this the work of a brainless man or was this destruction planned and deliberately executed at the behest of a Foreign Nation”?

The answer to the above question, lies in the answer to Why did Nandasena, give the American Government think-tank, ‘Pathfinder Foundation’, to direct, control and manage Sri Lanka’s economy?”

/to be contd.

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