Posted on June 7th, 2022


 June 6th 2022

The wise seers whose wisdom always prevails comprising mostly of past leaders political analysts of repute and intellectuals are of one mind that things go from bad to worse in Sri Lanka today on an almost continuous basis and perhaps it is, with all due respect to the true media ( not fly by night journalism which seems to be the order of the

day) that there is a conundrum of  presented news which is often confusing, at times garbled and partially worthless towards reality that emerges as a portal of obstruction towards the  desperately needed progress at a time of crisis that Sri Lanka is in presently.

 Sadly the diverse and  at times contradictory news reports from various sources that never attest to uniformity always confounds and confuses the reader to the point of exasperation where only the well being of the Nation is sought but the end result is utter despair projecting the Nation as a failed state which may have a  very temporary leaning towards reality but to persist in its continued broadcasting should be a no no! to  those who propagate it as Broadcast News, where in the name of sanity  the preservation  and rehabilitation of Sri Lanka is of paramount importance and needs  to be veritably toned down towards  the progress it invariably needs.

 The horror stories some of these depict are totally detrimental to Sri  Lanka’s recovery from the near disastrous situation she was faced with  where the truth is often lacking and the presentation of a news item  often takes priority  albeit often cooked up towards credibility and needs to  stop post haste. It even agitates further a turbulent and angered population and constitutes fanning fires that in reality need to be quelled towards posterity and the normal order of things.

 Whether it be the speculated impending famine, the breakdown of the  banking system, the non availability of consumer goods, failed agro-  and hydro projects et al are all contributory towards the detriment  and exasperation of the people when there is so much good news for the  future that needs to be propagated at the dawn of a new era for the  beleaguered Nation that deserves better.

 The evils of past administrations have to be buried in the  expectations towards a new beginning where faith has to be placed in  great intensity with the present administration and its leader with a degree of  optimism of course as nothing can be taken for granted where the  optimism must prevail towards what lies ahead.

 Sri Lanka now has to be confident from every perspective towards the  future in those who make new decisions and the morale of the Nation  has to be lifted to a super high which can only be done through the  presentation of good news based on fact rather than fiction and  speculative innuendo which will surely appease the population of Sri  Lanka and all her well wishers Globally.

 Surely” This is  Our Land, Our Own Native Land” which we need to  preserve to the very core of our existences with positive thoughts and  actions and most importantly good and viable news reporting which encourages progress !!

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