Former Maldivian President refutes Harsha’s remarks
Posted on June 14th, 2022

Courtesy Adaderana

Former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed has dismissed the remarks made by Sri Lankan Opposition MP Harsha de Silva as inaccurate”.

Issuing a clarification on the matter, Mr. Nasheed said, I believe a number of countries are willing to help Sri Lanka and the assistance will come through.”

MP Harsha de Silva, addressing an event yesterday, stated that the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud has rejected a request made by the former Maldives President to provide assistance to Sri Lanka.

The parliamentarian said he met with Mr. Nasheed, who told him that the Sri Lankan government has requested him to approach foreign leaders to help find US dollars for the island nation to ride out the economic crisis.

As per the request, the former Maldives President had approached the Saudi Arabian crown prince who told him that Sri Lanka does not have a proper plan in place, MP Harsha de Silva had said further.

He also stated that M. Nasheed had approached the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, who asked for a list of properties that Sri Lanka is prepared to sell.

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