Patrick Brown and Tamil Diaspora politics
Posted on June 25th, 2022

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .K1J 6G1 Canada

25 June 2022

Mr.Patrick Brown
Mayor of Brampton,Ontario/
Candidate for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Office of the Mayor
City of Brampton
2 Wellington Street West.
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 4R2

Dear Mayor Patrick Brown:

I just received an email about YOU which said, Patrick Brown and the Brampton City council passed the  controversial Tamil Genocide Memorial on Brampton Public property with blatant disregard to the peace loving Canadians.  Brampton Parks and recreational facilities are for the benefit of all residents regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin……”

Hey! Patrick, this is one more incident to prove positive that my proclaiming that Patrick Brown is a Clown in Conservative politics.”  Are you Nuts or What?

Attached to that email was an image on a Facebook poster of You pretending that you were a Cardboard -Sandow emulating the German Bodybuilder Eugen Sandow of the 1880s, in a singlet vest showing pumped up pectorals, trapezoids, deltoids, biceps and serratus muscles.,

And here is what it said – an image of a film camera projecting the words –TAMILS FOR PATRICK PRESENTS PATRICK BROWN in & as. MR, BROWN  – Barrie to Brampton”.

You know what Patrick Brown, that tough image of you does not impress me nor phase me out.  My challenge to you for a public debate on your Godfather love in”: with the Tamil community still stands.  You tell me where and I will be there with bells and whistles.

My three incentives to get you to debate me still stand.

  1.  I will pay You a debating fee of $500 from my pocket,  If your debating fee is a $1000 I am prepared to send a hat around during the debate and you can have every penny and dollar notes that have been dropped into the hat;
  •  I will let you have the former rooky Tamil MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan, your sidekick when you bicycled with her showing the film  Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, to parliamentarians, and  former MP Paul Calandra, your friend in Tamil Love-ins, to sandwich you as prompters during the debate, and
  •  I will let you have 10 of your Brampton City Councillors stand 25 feet away  from me after the debate and pelt me with rotten eggs and tomatoes  for the next 30 seconds.  This is on one condition, that I am allowed to wear a helmet.

The challenge is on Patrick Brown, will you accept it? Prove to me that you are no tough cardboard Sandow, and that you are a real Sandow ready to demolish your critics on your “Tamil Love-ins”, like me?

There was another attachment with the original email.  There was a photo of you  wearing some kind of a halloween costume to depict that you have now been baptized to be the Godfather of the  Brampton’s Tamil Snow-Tiger community.

Your face still looked white, and the garb was white with a shawl, with a yellow band running down

the middle.

Patrick that image was hilarious and I couldn’t help but laugh at you.  There were words beside your photo which said, B2B -MR . BROWN: From Barrie to Brampton – (and some tamil letters after). Hmmm,,,  Did B2B” mean Bullshxxxer2Bullshxxxer” Hmmm..a strange way to introduce You, I thought.

The text beside your photograph said – Patrick Brown – A name well known in the Canadian Tamil Community. He is one of the noteworthy young political leaders who do not hesitate to associate himself with the Tamil community in Canada….”

Hey! Patrick, if it was a classic Tamil man that you wanted to be portrayed as when you were Christened as a true Tamil and given you the name Sivapatrik Brownlingam, then the ethno- cultural make-up artists failed you badly and miserably..

Here’s what should have been done – stripped you completely and painted your face and body  with one of the 50-shades of a Tamil-brown with a diluted Kiwi brown shoe polish.

Your upper torso should have been bare, and your lower body should have been covered with a pure white rectangular  piece of cotton cloth.  It should have been wrapped around the waste  and  brought  between your thighs and up again covering Your crotch,

There should have been a white consecrated thread  (Janeau) tied across

your body dropping down from one shoulder which suggests the development of a male from a  boy to a young man.

There should have been three horizontal lines of ash across your brown Kiwi shoe polished face

and a large red moon dot (bindu) between the eyebrows, which depicts your ‘Third eye”.

The three horizontal lines of ash on a Hindu Tamil represents Lord Siva’s

three fold power of Will (iccha shakti), knowledge (Jnanasakti) and action (kriyashakti).

Hey Patrick, if you want to be adopted as a Tamil Godfather, don’t be a  God damn joker,  Do it properly.

And I hope your Tamil constituents won’t let you down, when you finally establish the first Canadian-Tamil Kingdom of Brumpton-Eelam-Makkum’s  First Viceroy.  Good luck Patrick!

Now that you and your stupid Brampton Councillors passed the controversial Tamil Genocide Memorial on Brampton’s  public property, when it had been established even in the UN that there was no Tamil

Genocide, so be warned, with a copy of this letter to the Chiefs of the First Nation peoples of Canada,

I will request them to ask You and your Councillores that you establish a Memorial in the City of Brampton for the Genocide victims of the First Nation Residential School kids. This happened at our own door steps and not 14,012 kilometers away as you and your foolish Councillors said did happen in Sri Lanka.  Well…you all opened a can of worms, and I hope you all are ready for the fall-out.

          Mayor Patrick Brown when are we going to have a public debate on your

          ‘Love-ins; with the Canadian Snow-Tigers.  Don’t be a cardboard 

          Sandow Patrick. Show us you debating strength and skills.  I am no politician,  I am

           just a Geologist-Palaeontologist-Museologist and an Award winning 

          Published  Canadian poet still romancing with my Motherland, Sri Lanka,

          And no one is going to hurt her unfairly, and that includes YOU, Patrick Brown,

          I want to meet you across the debating table.  Will you gift me with that


Asoka Weerasinghe (a Canadian-Sinhalese-Buddhist)

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