A note to the President
Posted on June 29th, 2022


The president Gotabaya should pick up his phone and call President Putin and request urgently the long term assistance  from Russia to stabilize the fuel and gas supply. Sending of junior minister will not achieve the desired results as the  dealing with a super power should follow the accepted method of diplomacy  through the state to the state. The President. Gotabaya  is well aware of the fact that Russia stood by Sri Lanka when he was the Secretary of Defense in protecting Sri Lanka at
UN and for UNHCR  from the devious agenda of some of the Western countries who were attempting to corner Sri Lanka,

The President should request Russia to consider approval  for a long term fuel and gas supply and also refurbishing the Sapugaskanda  oil refinery, the maintenance of which has become problematic, In fact, there was a Russian proposal which was overlooked  by past governments. If the refinery is upgraded Sri Lanka will have a good supply of oil and also  fertilizer.

If there is an issue with the West and the IMF regarding our decision to seek help from Russia, the Prime Minister and  the Governor should be requested to explain the plight of the nation due to constant- weekly- shortages of oil and gas rendering the economy- agriculture. industries educational and health services and transposition-to crumble.  The mass scale social unrest has resulted in the breach of peace,

If the President, is reluctant to make a positive move,  Sri Lankan people should emulate the goodwill message sent  to Australia in cricket through exhibiting of posters and placards at street corners and every petrol and gas station saying  ” The President. call Mr Putin NOW for oil and gas “


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