PM should resign as finance minister – Dhammika Perera
Posted on July 9th, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

PM Ranil Wickremesinghe is an experienced political survivor, “Jumping Jack Flash” or a Nidikumba (නිදිකුම්බා), Mimosa Pudica, Sleeping Grass Sensitive Plant or Touch-me-not Shame Plant.

Sri Lanka needed someone to “Carry-the-Can” which nobody wanted. Ranil, who refused to leave Temple Trees at one point, took the job to re-enter the historic mansion.

He has declared that Sri Lanka is bankrupt. The whole world knows that!

As the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, has Ranil got any solutions that he should express, to bring some degree of credibility?

If the answer is a NO to one or both, he should tender his resignation to one or both Ministries.

In my experience, Military background does not offer leadership or creativity in civil or business culture.  This is aptly demonstrated by the current President of Sri Lanka.

Yes. Indeed President Gothabhaya Rajapaksa deserves full credit for bringing the LTTE Tamil Terrorism to an end. However, Sri Lanka needed totally different expertise & experience to drive the economy during COVID-19 and the current fuel crisis.

Sri Lanka today requires a level-headed economist, and a creative brain surgeon, who can increase revenue earning export, not just export the traditional items, but creating new product concepts, with the help of farmers.

Furthermore, the education apparatus should create Real Salesmen & Marketing Talent, not just University graduates, who cannot sell ice cream to a kid!

Export Salesmen should be knowledgable of the Market & Cultures, including the Etiquette.  This must be included in the curriculum!

I have a gut feeling that Dhammika Perera is a good choice!

Sri Lanka’s current problem cannot be solved by one man, however successful he is, in his own field. 

This effort needs a Team!

80& of the Problem is in Sri Lanka, whilst 20% lies outside the Isles!

Right now Sri Lanka needs Skilled Professional Negotiators, who can sit in front of the decisions makers, who can communicate (not just speak) in the EU, UK, USA, Russia, Middle East, AusNz, India, China, and Japan.

The most important qualification of these representatives is that they are Honest, or Open Heart Surgery in Harley Street London, or not seeking a free lunch or ballet dancing shoes for their kids.  

(I am speaking from the personal experience of some Sri Lankan government delegates, requesting “bucksheesh” from me)

Sri Lanka is a Pearl or a Diamond, and no one has realized how to take the asset out of the shell!

With No Leadership, the current Team runs around like headless chicken!

The question now is: Has Sri Lanka got Real Leadership to turn the economy around?

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