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Posted on July 11th, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

The President of the Republic & the Prime Minister was summarily kicked out. Dismissed.  Well done!

The Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka shall run through the Democratic Process of electing the next leaders!

Let us get back to business!

Sri Lanka needs Credibility & International Support.

To get the economy back on its feet, Sri Lanka desperately needs foreign currency, which is generated by Tourism & Exports. But do not forget Human Resource values!

Foreign tourists have many options in the East, & West to enjoy the Sun, Sea & Fun.  Sri Lanka must get the beautiful “smile” back to attract tourists with peace on land.

The primary exports such as Tea & Spices require the basic work at source as well as funding for marketing & sales.

This is an educational matter.

Another export is the unemployed human resource.

European Union needs over 150,000 Qualified Healthcare workers such as Nurses, Eldercare, and Childcare, today.

The average BSc or Diploma nurse the starting wage is around USD 2500-3500 per month.

Basic minimum wage of an Eldercare/Daycare is around USD 2000 per month.

It is Pure Simple Mathematics, how much revenue a 100,000 unemployed Sri Lankans will contribute to the national economy?

There is an insatiable demand for IT Graduates in UK & EU.

The salaries may reach USD 5000-12,000/month +++.

India rakes in millions in this market.

No EU or UK or the USA wants any employees who come from a background of terror & commotion.

Regarding Exports & Export Marketing, 

I may write my “two cents” worth of thoughts in another prose.

Lets get back to Peace, Law & Order,  First!

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