US fingerprints found behind Sri Lanka unrest
Posted on July 19th, 2022

Senaka Weeraratna

This particular discussion was commenced by objecting to the use of inappropriate and humiliating language ‘ Buddhist Terrorism’.

It was in that context that Kalinga Seneviratne’s article becomes relevant

 ‘ Why are Christians not called Terrorists by the International Media while all others belonging to non – Christian religions are called Terrorists?’ 

Cherry-picking targets for demonizing and group defamation carries potential criminal liability.

Kalinga’s question has still not been answered.

No country has 100% of its population belonging to one religion.

Look at Malaysia. It has more or less 50:50 

Yet, Malaysia has no hesitation in calling itself a Muslim country.

According to the Malaysian Constitution non – Muslims are free to practice their religion provided 

that is done in harmony with Islam.

It is worth considering inserting a similar provision into the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Buddhist Civilizational Values deserve pre-eminence in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

If Sri Lanka is to be defined as a country of nations according to religion, then 

Sinhala Buddhists have a claim to be defined as the First Nation of Sri Lanka.

All other religious communities came into the picture long after the Sinhalese had created the unique Buddhist civilization

at Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambadeniya, etc. 

All western european countries are multi-ethnic and multi-religious. But they have no hesitation in calling themselves, Christian.

All European Constitutions have a Christian flavour. 

Secularism in the West came into being with a view to separating the State from the Church.

No Western country recognizes non – Christian religions as equal to Christianity in their Constitutions.

Sri Lanka gives public holidays to all four religions.

Name one European country that has declared a public holiday for non – Christian festivals.


This is what is called western hypocrisy and double standards.

Any country that has more than 50% of its people belonging to a particular religion

has the right going by current practice to describe that country as either a Christian, Hindu, Muslim 

or Buddhist Country.

More than 50% of Sri Lanka’s population are Sinhala Buddhists.

If you use religion to define a country, Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country.


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