Cash-strapped Sri Lanka & Seven-pronged Strategy by Dhammika Perera!  Good Thinking!
Posted on July 24th, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

Cash-strapped Sri Lanka is a Fact, and that goes to show Military men are not Administrators with Practical Vision, Innovation & Creativity.

The Rajapaksa family-run Sri Lanka was sitting on Yesterday’s Glory, letting the Island rot under mismanagement & corruption.

The Seven-pronged strategy on paper looks great but will take 3-5 years to bear fruit.  But there are other ideas which may return foreign revenue during 1-2 years!

Desperate diseases require desperate remedies!

Sri Lanka is in desperate need of a remedy!

Borrowing funds as a Stop-Gap from China to pay back the China loan is the only Stop-Gap short-term interim Sticking Plaster on a gaping wound!

*For the last 73 years, the country has not had a plan to earn foreign currency.” – Dhammika Perera.

LankaWeb – BUSINESSDhammika’s seven-pronged strategy to overcome SL’s foreign exchange crisis

LankaWeb – BUSINESSDhammika’s seven-pronged strategy to overcome SL’s fo…

1: University Town is a Great 5-year Idea.

2: Budget Airlines is a good 3-year maturity.

3: ICT courses are Brilliant – 3 years. Must be in English.

4: Develop the coconut industry – Natural concept 5-10 years.

5: Construct hospitals – Requires Credibility. Top Medical specialists – 5 years.

6: Fisheries Industry – 1-2 years. Practical. Requires development of commercial Ice production.

7: Business Sri Lanka – First Peace – No Credibility till Corruption is stamped-out. 

These are good seven (7) points that neither Rajapaksa nor Wickremasinghe gave any thought to during the past 25 years!!!

Point 8: During these 1-10 years Sri Lankans need to eat.  

However, there are over 100,000++ young men & women who could be trained with English skills to learn Human Care, Child Care, and Elder Care in the UK, USA, and Canada.  

Vacancies over 300,000++ in 2022.

The care workers earn starting USDollars  1,500 – 2,000/month.  Minimum Revenue US Dollars 1,5 billion/year.   No mouths to feed in Sri Lanka.

Point 9: Qualified Registered Nurses with English may earn immediately US Dollars 3000-;/ month.

Immediate vacancies – 25,000 in EU & the UK.

The families of the workers may receive Full Social Assistance + FREE Education for children in some EU countries & the UK.

Point 10: LTTE: – Whilst all these positive & negative solutions are being ‘thought’  the hungry Foxy LTTE is planning the next adventure. Whilst Gotabaya is gone, and Fonseka is sunbathing with his Arrack, there are other young Military hopefuls waiting in the wings.

Sri Lanka may not be influenced by LTTE operative politicians in the UK-Canada-Norway-USA.

There is NO ROOM for TERRORISM.  Zero Tolerance! 

As said, Wickremesinghe, who collided with the Tamil-LTTE, cannot and must not be trusted. Period!

I see Dhammika as a successful businessman, with No Need to Scrounge the State Assets, a Ray of Hope, Light at the end of the Tunnel!

Hopefully, Dhammika may give his support to quick start his thoughts to include Points 8,9,10.

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