Is Ranil Wickramasinghe the Right Leader at the Wrong Time?
Posted on July 27th, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

During the Collapse of the Circus, the Clown or the Joker becomes the King!  

BUT – Sri Lanka Has Talent! —-  Read Below!

President Wickremesinghe in a light tone asked some of the diplomats if protestors could illegally occupy the President’s Office in their respective countries”

This is proof that Ranil Wickremasinghe is No Leader!  

As the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, appointed by ex-President Gotabaya Rajapakse, when no other Law Maker wanted to take the offer of PM, Ranil Wickremasinghe, a PM with experience, accepted and did let the protestors run riot, looting & setting fire to Government property.  He did not even try!

Now Wickremasinghe asks a Diplomat his/her opinion of the protestors or rioters taking over the official buildings. 

This demonstrated that Ranil Wickremasinghe is No Leader!

Now that the “Horse has fled the Stable”, Sri Lanka needs a young dynamic Leader with Honesty, Innovation, who is able to create a Team to Resuscitate the Sri Lanka economy.

Whilst China & India are willing and able to offer Emergency Aid to stop the bleeding, Make the Next Move!

The President should harness the intelligence of the Top Business community, as published below.

Many of the above have developed their successful acumen through hard work, intelligence, innovation, and connections, which should be harnessed to move the country forward.

Here are 10 Sri Lankans domiciled abroad, who may offer advice and support to the ailing government. 

Get the Sri Lankan Diplomats abroad to earn their keep!

Currently, there are No Sri Lankan politicians, who are Able to Lead the Island out of the conundrum due to their past reputation of Dishonesty, Lethargy, Professional Capability, and Lack of Credibility.

Sri Lanka now should turn the table and bring in New Young Sri Lankan Blood!Express Your Opinion – Read What Others Say!
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