Posted on July 29th, 2022

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando – USA

This is a historical time which Sri Lanka needs patriots and all others to be united and bring the country back on its feet. The country is undergoing an unprecedented economical and political crisis at the moment. The unity among people is vital to overcome this calamity so that the country leaders can steer it out for stability.

In a vital time like this, yesterday MP Sarath Fonseka in his debate speech of Extending the Emergency Law in the parliament urged masses to gather and rally once again in Colombo on August ninth to chase away the country leaders. He says the ‘Aragalaya’ or the ‘Protest’ should be continued to see the end by removing the leaders. In the meantime, he requests the police and the forces from refraining from showing control the masses when they come to Colombo.

What a traitor Sarath Fonseka is!

He must be put in jail for promoting terrorism in the country. It is true that he spearheaded the SL Army as the commander during the last war with the LTTE with marvelous military strategies but he should remain as a patriot of Sri Lanka all the time. He is a man without proper principles and policies and remains as an opportunist. In 2009 he ran against then president Mahinda Rajapaksa who elated him to the commander of the army when he had got arranged all his baggage to move to Oklahoma USA upon his retirement. Gotabaya Rajapaksa then secretary of defense made the request to his brother president Mahinda and extended Sarath Fonseka’s service period and appointed him as the commander. Then Sarath turned against the duo showing his un-greatness.

Recently during the chaos in Sri Lanka he mentioned his ambition to become the president of the country once again. Then he tried to become the PM. All his dreams were shattered and now he wants to topple the government by hook or crook. He wants to make Sri Lanka another Libya.

All patriotic and peace loving Sri Lankans should reject this dangerous man Sarath Fonseka vehemently.

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