Sri Lanka must raise our voice for Reparations at UNHRC
Posted on September 19th, 2022

Senaka Weeraratna

Sri Lanka has a strong case for demanding and obtaining reparations from all three Western colonial powers i.e., the Portuguese, Dutch, and the British. We were victims under Colonial Rule. This is indisputable. This is the Message that the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission must convey to the World instead of appearing shamelessly to join hands, as was done under the Yahapalanaya Govt. (2015 – 2019), with Western countries at UNHRC and in turn co – drafting Resolutions against our own Soldiers who sacrificed their precious lives to free this country from Terrorism. We have peace today in Sri Lanka because of our Ranviru and no one else can take credit for their unique victory over Terrorism. 

Let it not be said by posterity that Sri Lanka failed to obtain Reparations not because we lacked a convincing case but because we were unable to produce leaders who were devoid of moral cowardice.

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