Posted on September 29th, 2022

Sasanka De Silva Pannipitiya

Every time a serious crime is reported in the country, the subsequent revelation that there is a politician or someone close to him or her is involved is a common thing to hear these days.

Interestingly, it is only one political party that participates in such incidents, which is worth noting.

One incident was a group of robbers trying to snatch a hefty sum of money being brought to be deposited in a bank by a businessman, and the other was a group of hooligans savagely beating some students attending a tuition class.

In both cases, the direct involvement of the politician and/or one of his/her close relatives is evident.

If the public feels that the law and the apparatus there to enforce it are either inactive or not taking an impartial stand, taking the law into their own hands will be inevitable soon.

History is littered with atrocities committed by lynch mobs in other parts of the world, but luckily, nothing of that nature has ever been reported in Sri Lanka.

The formation of lynch mobs will be more dangerous than having a lawless society.

Therefore, forcing good governance is a better option than allowing the country to descend into a lynch mob culture society.

Sasanka De Silva


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