Please UNITE and save the nation leaving petty differences aside!
Posted on October 1st, 2022

Dr Priyanka Bandara

Dear patriots,

I have been trying to warn Sri Lankans for the last 2.5 years that there is a secret evil agenda of the world’s elite to destroy sovereign nations and establish a One World Government. This agenda is called the New World Order which has been operating through the World Economic Forum (WEF), WB, IMF and all UN agencies (including the WHO!) and many Western governments where they have planted their puppets for full compliance.

The engineered SL financial crisis, the induced Aragalaya of the people and the resultant regime change are all part of this agenda.  Now they have got their top puppet to control the country. The MCC etc are many facets of the Western neocolonialism – for the NWO agenda. The nation is in a perilous state.

These Western agendists seeking full control of the world, set up and fund terrorist organisations to keep countries in turmoil. There is no doubt about Western support for the Eelamists being part of this agenda. It is all about Divide & Rule. I could see how the plan put forward in the 2010 May Philadelphia meeting of the LTTE progressed meticulously through the Yahapalana govt and recent events. How do these separatists advance so well? It is because they are backed by the powerful West and power bases such as the Vatican. You can hear about this evil agenda from the former General Secretary of the Vatican and the former US National Security Advisor here (both Archbishop Carlo Mario Vigano and Gen Michael Flynn are modern heroes of human society that we must be collaborating with- they are good Westerners who are trying to save people from the NWO agenda) :

Using fraudulent International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the top guys such as George Soros of who spearhead the NWO agenda, came up with the Pandora Papers to convince Sri Lankans that the Rajapaksas robbed the country’s money to the extent of not being able to buy fuel. Did anyone actually look at the analysis of the Pandora claims that I shared before that proved that ICIJ claims were false ? Instead, people were quick to jump to the conclusion that I must be a Rajapaksa supporter (I have never met them, talked to them or had any dealings with them but I appreciate the fact that they gave a nationalist leadership to protect the country from the LTTE terrorists). The West identifies SL as a very important place for several reasons and they had to crush the nationalist government of the R brothers that challenged them. The West. led by the US mission in SL completely manipulated the regime change.  GR was not strong enough to resist the threat from the West when most of the influential people (professionals like the Bar Association) fell for the stealth agenda.

What happened in 2022 is a repeat of our history – the end of the Sinhale kingdom in 1815 was carefully crafted by the British in the same way.

Why do we keep repeating the same mistake of falling for Western claims?

Why don’t our people analyse claims by various parties objectively?

It is never too late to regroup and strengthen the nation. If we don’t, the consequences are dire.

The same elites engineered the Covid pandemic too – and our medical system fully fell for it by believing everything the WHO and Western agencies said. Now they are trying to use the pandemic to give powers to the WHO to operate above the laws of sovereign countries. Putin is actually fighting the NWO- hope he can defeat that evil agenda. The key operators of the NWO including Hilary Clinton, Obama, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, King Charles the III and most Western power players are working with the the top manipulators – Rothschild family and a small group of wealthiest people.

Everything is now happening under the control of Western puppets for the NWO agenda. They wanted to destroy the government service (the State) and convinced people that private entities would lead the country to economic prosperity. This is a serious threat.

Organisations like Tax Payer’s Assn appear to be the products of such manipulations – please don’t fall for these new groups looking very appealing with new proposals, buzz words (globalisation, international collaboration, sustainable development etc).

Please, please UNITE and save the nation leaving petty differences aside!


P.S. If you didn’t see this:

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