Posted on October 5th, 2022

Sasanka De Silva Pannipitiya

o       Digitalization of all possible activities,

o        Create a unique number at birth for all citizens, and it should be their

o   National Identity Card,

o   Tax Reporting &

o   Social security numbers,

o        Embrace the Open Market economy,

o       Set up a Task Force to educate the masses about the benefits of the market economy on an urgent basis,

o       The government should only take care of a few things.

o   The national security,

o   Monetary,

o   Health,

o   Education and

o   Formulation of national standards & policies,

·         Setting up a big and independent income Tax office.

o   Independent tax office with sweeping powers,

o   Mandatory for everyone eligible to vote to submit their income tax return yearly.

o, Recruit capable investigators with analytical skills. 

o   All banks and other financial institutions, land and motor vehicle registries, stock exchanges, and other such entities where ill-gotten wealth can be easily hidden should be linked to the income tax authority.

o   Work out a system where the big tax office can have access to all the entities above and troll their databases for any unusual but not reported financial activities, but without being a hindrance to their activities and or being overly intrusive.

·         Adopt the best available procurement methodology for all future dealings. 

·         Do away with the current import/export licenses and restrictions. 

o   Anyone who can fulfil the national standards and requirements should be able to import and/or export without any hindrance. 

·         Make it illegal to seek, share and or give any information unless only on digital  request,

·         Setting up an independent Currency Board with a unique possibility of lender of last resort provision.

Sasanka De Silva


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