Posted on October 15th, 2022


University ragging was treated as a way of socialization and was limited to the beginning two weeks after commencing university education. Later the aspect of ragging expanded to more than socialization and ragging expanded to amatory crimes when it was expanded to not only the university premises but also adjoining areas and boarding places and the university administration was reluctant to stop these criminals. University administration knew these amatory crimes inside a university as well as outside the university. The administrators of the university ignored the criminal activity, and on many occasions,  they prevented complaining to the law enforcement authority.

Ragging in universities became a  political strategy to gain the power of students to Marxist political parties in universities. When I was in the university a student wanted to complain to the police about the amatory crimes done to him, but the university administration prevented it because it would be a problem for them.

Certain rag leaders were appointed as administrators of universities and disrespecting the value of the education system. A famous ragging leader was appointed as the commissioner of Examination without checking the records and these dirty ragging students restricted me engaged in studies. The behaviour of the raging students lost my opportunities to gain a first-class honours degree Many university administrators such as deans of faculties and heads of departments were noted as rag leaders and with these types of appointments, amatory crimes could be continued in universities of Sri Lanka and I observed amatory crimes were legally valid activity in the high education institution in Sri Lanka. 

The nature of criminal law is it applies wherever a person committed a crime Wijerama junction and the surrounding area had been a crime zone, but the university administrators worked like docile who did not know anything about this situation.  

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