Thilini Priyamali Saga – A story of cheat, sex & greed; probe continues
Posted on October 19th, 2022

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

*The case under investigation has so far seen a scam of Rs.3Bn being unravelled

*So far 11 complaints had been received against Thilini

*Investigators are also probing if there were Parliamentarians on her list

Colombo has seen many controversies. Especially among the rich and elite who at times enjoy their evening’s dining and enjoying their luxurious lives, and discussions of who is new in their social circles and who threw the most lavish parties. The higher the circle, the grander the parties and the bigger the discussions on money.

One such story which has taken the country by storm is the Thilini Priyamali saga. Her alleged story of cheat, sex and greed and how she allegedly accumulated mass wealth by promising wonders in return – wonders under the pretext of higher returns if you invest in her ‘lavish’ business. The Thilini Priyamali case which is now under investigation by the CID has so far seen a scam of Rs.3 billion being unravelled, making it one of the highest financial frauds committed by an individual in the country.

Investigators told Daily Mirror that so far 11 complaints had been received against Thilini, who is the owner of Thico Group Pvt. Limited and more victims may be expected to come forward in the coming days. Among those who have lost massive sums are even MPs, politicians, and artistes who all wanted a share of her business of receiving higher returns. A Colombo 7 businessman who lodged a complaint last week alleged that he lost Rs.750 million, while former Colombo Mayor Azath Sally said Thilini had defrauded him of Rs.80.5 million.

So how did Thilini allegedly carry out her plan? Investigations so far have revealed that Thilini had made high contacts within the elite circle and had become quite popular for throwing lavish parties. She was seen moving with high-profile political figures whom she befriended by promising to provide money in charity or seeking their consent to start new projects. Political figures and artistes were frequent guests at her events, and it was at these events that she often spoke of her business.

Investigators said that it had come to light that some of the businessmen who invested with her business, received higher returns within weeks as promised in the form of a cheque. However, as she went deeper into the business, her cheques started bouncing back, sending a signal among her investors that all was not right.

Investigators are probing to see if a former MP and a yesteryear actor and his wife, a prominent actress, a model and a doctor are among those who invested in Thilini’s business and if proven, how much monies had been given and whether it was these monies that had been rolled over.

Investigators are also probing to see if there were Parliamentarians also on her list and if so, how much had been invested by them for higher returns.

On Tuesday, the CID arrested Isuru Bandara – another business partner of Thilini Priyamali in connection with alleged financial fraud. It was reported that the suspect maintained close relations with Thilini and the suspect was reported to have worked as a secretary to a minister earlier.

Investigators are also probing alleged complaints on whether some of the businessmen were blackmailed by the suspect in return for money over sexual conversations they had, had by people set up by Thilini. An investigating officer said that they were probing to see if audio calls were made to some of the businessmen by people set up by the suspect, where talks had revolved around sex. It is alleged that these conversations may have been recorded and later used to blackmail the businessmen. But investigations over these allegations are still ongoing.

More arrests are expected to be made in the coming days and weeks over this high-profile case, and investigators are also probing to see if there was any involvement of religious leaders following some evidence that has come to light but could not be divulged due to ongoing investigations. (JAMILA HUSAIN)

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