Chairs, staff of dissolved PCs get slashed allowance
Posted on October 23rd, 2022

Dr Sudath Gunasekara  Mahanuwara

I draw the attention of all patriotic citizens to the following excellent news reported in Ceylon Today as instructions issued by the Presidential Secretariate.

The whole nation welcomes this patriotic decision, if it is true, as a timely action taken by the President at a time like this.  In my opinion he should have taken this decision immediately after he was elected as the President. Nevertheless, although it is too late, as the common say goes, late is better than never. I am sure the whole nation will congratulate the President for taking this timely decision.

 As person who has been continuously agitating and writing against the Provincial Councils right from 1987 as a useless political appendage that was created and imposed on this country by India to firstly, completely destroy the district administration, the economy and the entire political stability by dividing this small Island in to nine independent political divisions called provinces eternally fighting with each other for land, water and other resources and supremacy over the neighboring provinces and finally disintegrate this Island nation in to apolitical scrambled egg knowing very well that if they don’t do that now  not only India but no country in the world ca beat this Island nation emerging as regional economic power , blessed by its bountiful natural resources both on land and in the vast expanses of the Indian ocean spreading for 7 from Bay of Bengal to South pole (N-S) t0 5 ((W-E)thousands of miles from Africa in the west to Australia in the East  with its geopolitically and strategic location right at the Indian Ocean   as a globally important strategic and economic pivot  to Indo-Pacific  political and economic hub of the 21st century.

First, I invite all my readers to read the following press release from the Presidential Secretariate and the ask the list of questions given below the press release

Ceylon Today –

October 1, 2022 2:06am

The Government has decided to immediately reduce the allowances and facilities of chairpersons and their personal staff members, of dissolved Provincial Councils (PCs), Ceylon Today reliably learns. Accordingly, Saman Ekanayake, Secretary to the President has issued a special circular No. PS/CSA/11-18(1) on 27 September, with regard to this issue. The President’s Secretary issued this circular based on the decision of the Cabinet chaired by President Ranil Wickremesinghe on 22 September.

The circular titled ‘Management of Government Expenditure – Provincial Councils’ was sent to all Governors, Chief Secretaries and the Secretaries to the Governors.

According to this new circular, the circular issued by former Secretary to President Udaya R. Senaviratna on 12.10.2018 has been cancelled.

Also, one vehicle and 150 litres of fuel have been given to a chairman of a dissolved Provincial Council. Earlier they were getting three vehicles and 1,500 litres of fuel earlier.

Similarly, various allowances, including monthly salary, vehicle facilities and fuel allowance, which have been given to chairpersons and their personal staffs for many years, have been reduced, the President’s Secretariat sources said.

Over Rs 250 million was paid by the Government to the chairmen of inactive PCs provincial and their special officers over the last several years.

Ceylon Today exposed this issue on 17 April using the Right to Information Act, under the title ‘Dissolved PCs drain millions from public coffers.’

The RTI request revealed that about six million rupees of public funds is continuously being spent in relation to Chairpersons of inactive PCs who do not discharge any official duties after dissolution.

At the same time, a staggering Rs 200 million is paid in total after the dissolution of PCs as salaries for Chairpersons and their personal staff for many years by the State, the RTI request revealed.

While welcoming this directive from the Presidential Office,I pause the following questions to the  President for his immediate attention

1Why don’t you take this decision to be effective from the date of dissolution of these Councils

2 Why dint they close down these offices immediately after their dissolution

3 why did the then governments continued to paya salaries and provide these benefits to chairmen and staff who had ceased to function as Chairmen from the dates of dissolution of the respective Councils.

4 why don’t you stake immediate action at least now stop these payments and also take immediate action to recover the amounts paid to them from the respective dates of dissolution of the respective Councils with interest.

5 Why don’t you call for explanation from the Chairmen for appropriating public funds and enjoying the privileges of office like salaries, fuel allowances and the use of official vehicles etc in respect of non- existent posts as the Councils were closed. And also frame criminal charges against them for misappropriation of public funds.

6 Also take disciplinary action against public officers who have failed to take action to stop these payments and also failed to close down these non- functional offices as soon as the Provincial Councils were dissolved.

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