Eric Solstheim appointed as the President’s advisor on climate,(News item)
Posted on October 29th, 2022

Sudath Gunasekara Mahanuwara

Eric Solstheim is a Norwegian politician cum diplomat well connected to all top politicians ranging from Presidents, Prime Ministers and many others all over the world with a tremendous influence swaying over the western world and international institutions, like the IMF.WB and the UNHR that are not well disposed towards Sri Lanka. Eric Solstheim cannot be regarded as a true friend of Sri Lanka and the Sinhala people by going through his records on Sri Lankan matters. He is also well known in Sri Lanka for his close connections with the LTTE and his pro-Tamil stance in this country is well known.  Please remember this appointment is said to be made by the President himself. This reminds me the famous Sinhala adage ‘sarpayek allaaaena redda assse daagaththaa wage’.

To me this appears to remind me of what happened to Rajasingha the 1st the King of Kotte by appointing Aritta Kiivendu a South Indian Hindu invader as his Purohita, after he promised to absolved King Rajasingha of his sin of killing his own father as the legend says. When Buddhist monks at that time has told the King that in can never be absolved as it falls in to the category of the five Great Sin called Panchaanancharya papa Karma. We all know what happened to the Sinhale Kingdom, the Buddhist temples and monks and the sasana after this sworn South Indian invader was admitted to the Kings Court as his Purohitha (Chief Advisor). Although, it is all past history now, it is advisable for the President not to fall in to a deep pit during the day time where one has fallen only in the night. He should remember that history has a tendency to repeat.

As for me I strongly see this appointment as a revisit of the same old event and to quote another modern example that is well known to everybody in this country and even the whole world, the appointment of Arjun Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank, not once but twice, in 1915  and 1916.Erick Solheim will get back to Norway when his mission on behalf of the colonial West and the Tamil Diaspora is over, in the same way the Singaporean citizen Arjuna went back to Singapore with impunity and will live happily thereafter like the proverbial tiger that was smiling at the foolish fox  breathing its last breath dangling from the rope that was tied to the waist of the tiger on the tree while the other end was tightly tied to the foxes neck. In this context Solstheim the tiger and Sri Lanka the dying fox.

As such it is high time for the President at least now to re-think about this appointment, firstly in the interest of the country to avoid a major national calamity  and secondly, in his own interest.

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