Nedumaran-Dwaraka Conspiracy
Posted on February 18th, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

The recent bluff by the old snake gourd/bitter gourd Nedumaran is keeping the media on their toes busy. Every media unheard of is trying to depict everything about LTTE and Prabakaran which cannot be true in the sense of rightness and honesty. However, one or two reasons may be true in the correct sense. (A) China’s influence on Sri Lanka could be one reason to intimidate SL by (i) India (ii) USA and (iii) Other European nations by creating a story that Prabakaran is alive. Also, by bringing Dwaraka into the picture. (B) To engage in a terrorist war on SL, by resurrecting the LTTE via Nedumaran and to placate the people in sympathy for donations from both in SL and overseas. This option (B) is not possible in SL at this stage. Another version by another media is that an investigation has been initiated by the Indian intelligence in the name of Dwaraka”. This is absolute foolishness. The intelligence always allocates different unknown code words for investigations. Will not bring Dwaraka’s name. These are simple mistakes that can upset the entire investigation. The other story is that an organisation is to be formed with Dwaraka as a leader, like TGTE or TGTE to fight for Thamil Eelam (TE) politically and or with armed guerrilla warfare.

The uprising by the Buddhist clergy on the 13th amendment may have upset the regional power. Could this and other elements of assumptions led to initiating a cold war between SL and the regional powers?  The Tamils and the Sinhalese patriotic people in SL must realise that the guerrilla war started in 1970 with Kuttimani attacking and robbing rural banks. Subsequently, the LTTE was responsible and destroyed multi-million dollars’ worth of assets on the island. The cement factory ceased to function in 1991. Production loss is estimated at approximately 275,000 tons of cement per year. Readers can work out the loss in money each year. Several 132kV electricity towers were destroyed. Central Bank building was bombed. Several assets were bombed /destroyed. Thousands of Tamils and Sinhalese were killed. If another cold war or guerrilla war starts people should value, the destruction and their future. Just to satisfy the cold war initiating owners, Sri Lankans should not sacrifice their lives and comforts. Already people are suffering because of the bribery and corruption by the Rajapaksa/Sirisena regime. It is up to the Tamils and Sinhalese people to think and act carefully. The Buddhist clergy should not interfere in politics. They should address the goods of Buddhism and propagate it.

Addressing the TGTE with Dwaraka, is this another form of scooping money and wealth for the organisers? This is never ever possible, and another form of ethnic annihilation will upsurge again. The enmity between the Sinhalese and Tamils will escalate and widen with atrocities committed against Tamils as the Sinhalese are the majority. Tamils are already suffering with Tamils taking boats.

If India wants to help the Tamils, then they should decide to take over the North & East and make it another state (Tamil Eelam State) of India leaving the rest to the Sinhalese. India’s cunning mode acts may cause several obliterations as India is trying to throw stones from a glass house. Sinhalese also must think and act like humans. Buddhist clergy should have nothing to do with politics or racism. That’s not what Buddha preached. Why is it that some Sinhalas from Tangalle, Kurunagala, Kegalle etc are xenophobic against Tamils?

As far as the writer is concerned Prabakaran died in Nandikkadal in 2009, and Dwaraka and Mathivathani are not fit to lead politics or another guerrilla war. TGTE will disband very soon. The world may turn against the Tamils very soon if not careful. Canada will initiate the kick-off of Tamils followed by other European countries.

Sri Lankans should be careful in their acts and finances. Their attitude since 1948 brought the country down to a level of bankruptcy.

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