Warning Signs For Sri Lanka Cricket
Posted on March 31st, 2023

Top Spin By Sunny

Yes the signs are quite visible that Sri Lanka may not make it to the next Cricket World Cup  which some  analyst and more perceptive observers see possible after the  latest loss against what could be termed a second string New Zealand team where the big names of Angelo Mathews, Kusal Mendis and Dhananjaya de Silva performed apathetically to add insult to injury after the Test Series loss.Very sad indeed!

 So, are the Selectors and the Cricket Administration fiddling ( not necessarily the funds) while the team gradually burns and sinks into the mire of uncertainty and the onlookers gasp in anguish at the pitiful lot the Lankans appear to have turned out to be.This after so much past glory and the glitter of winning  World Cups in two formats, an Asia Cup and brilliant performances at all levels of the game which was ongoing and a force to be reckoned with !!

It is not conjecture to believe there are players in the squad who could have made a difference and matched the Kiwis in skills and attitude but where were they when needed most or were the selectors on an ego trip with their somewhat lopsided choices that made the Lankans look like a bunch of novices out at sea in a rudderless boat going nowhere but to the bottom which figuratively at least seems to be the case as there are only  a few lesser known teams in the rankings below Sri Lanka in the standings which is indeed a serious situation for  the bigwigs to ponder upon which pondering alone will definitely not solve and has now become an alarming cause for concern if not set right post haste.

The Selectors and the entire Administrative Set up appears to be in need of a concerted flushing down the toilet – bookies, cronies, jingos and speculative gamblers where all bar a few faithful righteous who know their cricket, value the term integrity, national pride and what it takes to crank up the players to a higher performance level and are not really interested in the financial gains they may stand to incur while being part of the setup and this beyond a shadow of doubt is what is needed to set right the flailing ship or else it could be curtains for Sri Lanka Cricket as we know it.

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