Cultural and Hygienic Shortfalls of Tamils Relative to Sinhala Community.
Posted on July 21st, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical EngineersLeading Engineer of the World 2006, UK Authority Award

  1. General

This article is written not to scorn Tamils, but to think and educate themselves about their shortfall and correct themselves rather than insulting others. Tamils shall not think that Hinduism is the greatest religion in the world because Hindus celebrate the murders of opponents by their gods. Hindus have a mindset of imaginary thinking of events, actions, and programs. E.g., Deepavali. Most Tamils lack in mannerisms, and courtesy, have a very rude behavioural pattern and have a megalomaniac attitude.  While talking to others Tamils always try to take a short path with lies to hurt their opponents, in general, Tamils always tell lies. I am a Tamil born in the North; however, I grew up in the South and worked in various countries. Me being growing up in the South gave me a clear picture and knowledge of the behavioural pattern of Sinhalese and Tamils. In India and the North, milk is used to wash the deity/statue and the waste runs down the drain. While there are people with kids who need milk and in India people and children die starving for milk. In general, the Sinhalese citizens in Sri Lanka are kind, polite and friendly compared to the Tamils and are judged better than the Tamils.

2    General Religious Culture of Tamils

Tamils are more concerned about the caste of their people, and they restricted low-caste people to enter temples because of the cleanliness of the low-caste people. It was not the practice of the low-caste people to walk around with unclean bodies. The elites made sure with the power held by them that the low-caste people were not paid adequately, and the poverty made the people slightly unclean. They made sure that the products were sold at low prices as they decided the prices. Fish in the UK is sold at a very high price, however in Jaffna they were sold at a very low price making sure that the fisherman does not become rich.

When the elite goons go to temples, they wear/apply sandalwood paste to their body. Why is that? Because their body is full of filth and smell and to prevent their dirty smell, they apply the sandalwood paste to hide the dirty smell. However, they spread that sandalwood is god’s creation and must wear in temples. Even the granite stone god’s body they bathe with milk and apply sandalwood paste. The poor cannot buy sandalwood paste. Hence the difference.

The elites do not sensibly ask the question as to why they have several gods and why they have weapons in their hands. Gods can get weapons immediately when they want. The purpose is to KILL the opponent.  Therefore Hinduism is Killing profess.

BUUDHHISM advocates, practices, worships, peace and professes intelligence and magnanimity.

It is a challenge that any Tamil can come to a platform and enter into a debate.

In Australia and other countries Tamils immediately build temples and a medical doctor is elected President of the temple.  Does this mean that the medical doctor is incompetent to practice as a medical doctor? Tamils have a weak mentality that only doctors can be presidents and advocates can be elected to parliament. Finally, bribery and corruption infiltrate the organisation. This indicates Tamil’s mental inability to understand human effectiveness and efficiency.

I have in an earlier article stated how the Hindu temples conduct poojas. It is like a war zone. However, you walk into a Buddhist shrine, the shrine is peaceful. This is what a Buddhist priest taught King ASOKA of Kalinga.

Tamil worshippers even in a Hindu temple fight, argue and attempt murder in Jaffna. However, never in a Buddhist Shrine room. Tamils should think, understand, and learn how to live from the Sinhala Buddhists. Buddhism is practised by over several billion people in the world.

In India, Hindus fight over caste, gods, and wealth. And competition over whose temple tower is the highest. History states Raja Rajan Cholan built the Thanjavur temple tower to a height of 216 feet. Do people realise how many human lives would have been sacrificed during the tower job?

  • Cleanliness of Tamils and Sinhalese in Eating Houses
  • Eating Houses/Places

Take for example an eating hotel in Colombo: 1960: Luxmi Villas and Pillaiyar Villas in front of Pettah Railway Station.

I am relating this to the 60s. The serving waiter/bearer in a Tamil eating place, in general, does not wear any shirt, except wears a shorts or sarong. Bear body and use hands to serve. They have banana leaves to serve food. Serve with unclean hands. The way the customers wash their hands and mouths is abysmal.

If we walk into a Sinhalese hotel; food is served in a tray full of dishes and a plate to eat. Finally, to wash they serve a bowl full of water. The hotel and service are quite clean.  The servers wear the uniform given by the hotel/eating house. The cost is a little higher than the so-called Dosai Kades”.

The author preferred to eat in Sinhala eating houses always in Colombo and other towns.

The current trend in 2020/2023 in Jaffna eating houses is that food has worms, cockroaches, and other flying insects. What could be the reason for this? During the power cuts period and power cost, Tamils may not use lights but lanterns, which may not give proper lux. Insects flying may drop into the pots and the cooks may not worry about the migration.

Tamils are worried about caste; however, these comedians must concentrate to educate their people with appropriate good hygienic culture. The Jaffna Municipal Council Health Inspectors must visit and arrest people who do not obey the law.  That’s what the MCs are for. Not to advocate for Tamil Eelam and Power sharing

What happened to me: In Australia, two of the Tamil spice shops had Soya meat. When I looked at the expiry date, the packets had expired the year before. When I told the shopkeeper, his answer was: We cooked the same soya meat this weak end and it was good and tasty”. What could I say to this fool? I just walked out, and I never visited the shop ever again. In the third shop, when I pointed out an expired product, they changed it. It runs in the blood of Tamils to cheat others. Today Tamil organisations are swindling millions of dollars from poor workers. Tamils do not believe in Expiry dates.

I stayed at the Hartley Hostel in 1960. The hostel was poorly managed and run. Water had to be fetched from the well for washing, toilet etc. The food was cooked by Theevu Pandarams. Very poor quality. They used American white flour for pittus and string hoppers. When this is made into a ball, it can hurt people. The dirtiest hostel in SL. Hundreds of students are bulked onto the two floors. It has been the worst hostel I have lived in anywhere in SL or elsewhere. There was only one bucket toilet at the college where over 500 students studied.

I lived in a hostel in Colombo run by the Sinhala people. I would rank the hostel as excellent.

Tamils could not even run the Northern Provincial Council. My view is that Tamils can never manage their affairs but need a walking stick. The worst dirtiest race in the world.

Whatever, Tamils should learn from the Sinhalese people about culture, living, hygiene, motivation, creativity, etc.

The following politicians should leave politics for the betterment of Sri Lanka.

Sambanthar, Mavai, Adaikkalanathan, GG Ponnambalam, Siththathar, Sritharan, selva rajah Gajendran, MA Sumanthiran, Sivajilingham, CV Wigneswaran, the Rajapaksas, Premadasa, and possibly the entire TNA clowns. They should pave the way for the young University crowd to enter politics. Young politicians like Douglas Devananda, Angajan, and Manivannan should lead politics.

The old fools have led the country to bankruptcy.

Tamils should eliminate the dowry system because the dowry system and caste differences make them corrupt and lazy. If the country needs to be technologically advanced, then all people must be equal, and people shall respect the technology and the person’s technical/professional capability.

Recently a clown Ramaraj Veerahia from TGTE attempted to talk to the President Hon MR. RW in broken English. What type of guts has this fool got to rub shoulders with the President of a Republic about Genocide”? How long are they going to bark on Genocide”? This is typical Tamil mentality. What is the highest level of education of this fool who lives in London? What was his objective for this meeting? These are the type of Fools who mess up the Sri Lankan culture and peace.

For any person who starts to work in an organisation, the first thing people want to know is about his caste. The worst culture within the Tamil race.

Today Tamils are all over the planet. All that they want is to hurt and destroy Sri Lanka.

Hon Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe shall be elected as the president again with good young politicians in parliament if people want Sri Lanka to prosper and grow economically and technologically. Dr Nandalal Weerasinghe shall continue as the governor of the CB as he is doing a great job to save Sri Lanka. Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara should be elected again and given a portfolio to contribute to SL’s growth.

The Rear Admiral shall promote innovation, creativity, motivation, and flexibility to the industrial workers within his ministry. The Rear Admiral has lots of energy and wisdom to manage an important portfolio.

Tamils shall forget about PCs and Tamil Eelam, but join hands with the Sinhalese to be allocated portfolios to build SL. There shall be only one race in SL and that is Sinhalese Buddhist. This is good for Sri Lankan citizens and Tamils all over the world.

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