Incompetent Politicians from 2015 and their Assumed Putative Democracy -Ranil and his Fictional Constitution of SriLanka
Posted on December 9th, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan

As soon as the election was over, Ranil from a minority party was appointed as Prime Minister. There is no need to define or highlight what Democracy is to these political kids. The neurotransmitters in the network of the UNP politicians went blank, as they thought they are in power and they can do anything. E.g. Kidds parliament. The only mindset in their brain was how to blame MR & GR to which imbecilic Tamils gave assistance. E.g. Sambanthar and ITAK planned a strategy of accelerating the admonishing / reprimanding act for GOSL.

The political strategy, of who knows i.e. UN, USA and some mushroom supporters of USA and Ranil and Sambanthar planned to appoint TNA as the opposition party of which Sambanthar was appointed the Opposition Leader. Ref:

The only excuse GOSL can give is that Sambanthar’s appointment is a cunning act to destroy SriLankan political credential. Who are the FOOLS here? MR and Co made a severe mistake of agreeing to make Sambanthar as the LOP. Sambanthar was Prabakaran’s (LTTE) clerk. Why did MR and Co refuse or ignore this acceptance?

We all know that Sambanthar and MAS were driven by LTTE.

Status Quo of the party composition:

United National Party                                     =106—Governing party

United People’s Freedom Alliance                  =95

Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi                           =16—- Leader of Opposition

People’s Liberation Front                               =06

Eelam People’s Democratic Party                  =01

SriLanka Muslim Congress                            =01

This is the most ludicrous and farcical parliament that any country can have. Sambanthar from Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi, undercover TNA, was appointed as the LOP. That is the most hypothetical and imaginary enforced DEMOCRACY in a third world country, i.e. SRILANKA. Since then the governing and the opposition party were operating hand in hand to destroy the Republican state and make the sovereignty disappear for a major force to take over the broken states. One way was the sale of Treasury Bonds to make the republic indebted to external forces and sale of development bonds to accumulate wealth for the individuals and party. Who is the joint force in the Republic: Ranil/Ravi/Sambanthar/Tamil Diaspora/Superpowers. The Chief Adviser for this rebellion, take-over, coup d’état is MA Sumanthiran, a traitor to his motherland.

As a non-partisan writer, with no love for any political party, the writer puts the blame on the leader of UPFA at the time.

What was Sambanthar’s political objective? His vision was to pave the way for Tamil Elam to which Ranil and MA Sumanthiran gave the pathway.

The writer’s articles from 2015 on the incompetent governance are given below:

The parliamentarians do not know the three arms of governance. A Bottleneck situation the case is taken to the country’s high court which has happened now. Do we know the integrity of the Judiciary in SL? Let us wait and hope for the best solution that the Court can deliver.

The fundamental mistake the president made did not give an order to arrest Ranil initially for the attempt of murder of the President. Rather removing the PM, the President could have given an order for the arrest.

Today the entire SriLankan population has become a laughing stock to the world.

Just an advice to MA Sumanthiran: Please do not degrade Monash University. I was an old student of this Prestigious University.

Just an advice to Ranil: Please go back to a better university in the UK and do a Law degree.

SriLanka is a Sovereign state. Please do not give in to Sambanthar + MA Sumanthiran and split the Republican state.

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