Posted on December 14th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

When I was walking in Galle Face Green today ,  I saw officers of the Presidents’ Security Divisions ( PSD) playing balls ( cricket ) in Galle face. About 100 security lower- rankers were undergoing physical  training in the vicinity.

I have seen Green Berets guards Guarding American president undergoing training with officers, and noted  that they never dreamt of playing  base ball” during training sessions .

I was standing just 20 meter away when President Premadasa was blown into pieces near Galwala .I observed that untrained Mohideen in military fatigue shadowing him with no of the other Green Berets watching people nearing the President.

When there is a threat to the president as confessed by one Rohan Kumara and connivance of a DIG can we afford to have PSD playing balls” ?

President has been  out more than three times in the play of politics after playing  No Balls  by the opposition.

President should also try not to play no balls” and advise his protectors to stop playing in public and be ready to protect him with their lives .


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