Posted on December 15th, 2018

Geethanjana Kudaligamage

The drama is over! At the end, the protagonist, Ms. Democracy is left in the middle of the stage stark naked. Now, the wolves who striped her, celebrate her ugly nudity in rejoice chanting a different variant of ‘MANGALA’ SUTHRA,’ the cunning sutra that is used to destroy the autonomy of the people of Sri Lanka. Hello! welcome to the ‘strip club’ at the Temple Trees!

All three branches of our democracy have failed to standby the sovereignty of the people of Sri Lanka. All three branches, the knights who supposed to safeguard the autonomous-will of the people, have defeated them in cohort. Who is standing victorious now? MONEY!!!! Who has the power to throws such vast quantities of money lavishly to mess with third world sovereignty? External powers! Westminster style Parliamentary Democracy had gone to dogs not just yesterday, but at the very inception of the very idea of it.

It has been proved time and time again that in this era of trans national corporations’ global capitalism, democracy anywhere in the world has become a farce, it has become a mockery. Especially in the third world, there is nothing called sovereignty in the political vocabulary anymore. The only sovereignty that is left in this late stage of globalist capitalism is the sovereignty of Trans National Corporations’ money power; the sovereignty of destroying nation states in the world through it. In fact, if there is even a recidue of a ‘thing’ called sovereignty is existing in the third-world, then global capitalism cannot function freely. So, we must understand that the archenemy of globalist capitalism is sovereignty of the nation state in the third-world. It was hidden until now. But now it has been open to everyone to see that Westminster style Parliamentary system is vulnerable for the manipulation of global capitalism. It is vulnerable to money power. Money power is the time-tested tool of global capitalism. It is not the sovereignty of the people’s will.

It is the sovereignty of ‘BRIBERY’ stupid!!!!”

Lessens we learned from current crisis is astonishing. We learned that Executive presidency is the only way to safeguard the sovereignty of the third world nation state. Westminster style parliamentary democracy is too weak to resist the assaults and ambush of internal and external threats and manipulations. We definitely need a strong executive presidency is the greatest lesson we have learned today.

The old fox JRJ did not intend to create an executive presidency to form a steady government to resist the instability that comes from external powers like today. Because in his time, Trans National Corporations’ Globalization’ as a concept was not fully functioning in global arena with all its global institutions like today. His intention was to create a government, and an executive branch with a steady function with all available tools of resistance to the threat coming from the parliamentary system itself in the Westminster model. (Now we understand the reason why he kept the authority to appoint CJ in his hand.) At that time, he thought the culprit that was threatening the system was the traditional left in the parliament and outside it. But today there is no so-called ‘traditional left,’ left in the parliament or in the political arena that is functioning outside effectively. The only group that pretend to be left is the JVP, but they also have become specific variety of villains playing for the tune of above said Trans National Corporations’ agenda of destroying the nation state of Sri Lanka. Today time has changed. Instead of the traditional left, it is the Trans National Corporations money power and the western manipulations that threaten the autonomy of the people of Sri Lanka. They have stolen our sovereign right to determine our fate from the backdoor even without our notice

The way Anura Kumara Disanayaka speaks regarding current crisis today in public  is sickening and an utter disgrace to this party that had some reputation for safe guarding the national interests in the past. Now the JVP has lost its head. Today it is running around like a headless donkey leaving feces continually discharging from its bowels allover, after sensing that they have lost the confidence of the people.

Mark these words folks! It is written on the wall! If the things continue in the same way, in ten or twenty years of time, people of Sri Lanka will mourn on streets like Palestinians for losing their country. By then, it will be too late; and there won’t be anyone to accept the blame for all the stupid betrayals they have committed today for selfish reasons to create such situation tomorrow. I wonder if Ranil or Anura Kumara will accept the responsibility for it at that point of history.

Oh’ Sri Lanka!…O’ Sri Lanka!!


  1. Cerberus Says:

    Geethanjana I agree with you. We always had some degree of bribery. The last three years saw a massive increase in bribing as the UNP used the funds from the bond scam to buy votes for their bills such as the 19A. The Multiparty Democracy imposed on us by the West is a total failure. Today, in some of the Middle East countries there are governments with a King like in the olden times or benevolent dictators. So long as these countries toe the Power Bloc lines, they are allowed to govern. If they move away from them, then suddenly they will become the “bad people” and will be eliminated. Sri Lanka fought the terror war and managed to do all the development work with help from mainly the Chinese Govt who give help with no strings attached. Yet while some in the West do not like Sri Lanka moving too closely with the East they do not and cannot give us much help at all. As they say in Sinhala “බල්ලා පිදුරු කන්නෙත් නැ කන ගොනාට කන්න දෙන්නෙත් නැ”.
    Instead of Western-style democracy which does not seem to work well even in the USA or the UK, we might, with some alterations, adopt the Chinese model which appears to work well. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_of_China

    Instead of one King, we could have a Governing body made up of at least 10 senior, educated, well known patriotic leaders, with experience and good character and ethics. We can have elections similar to the local government or the provincial elections and then choose a group of such 10 people who are mature, educated and with good character and morality and form a Council to govern the country along with a Cabinet of Ministers. The Governing Council formed by the UNP was a body with the most unsuitable people who have no loyalty to the country and have bad character. Unlike the current multi-party system where all the energy is wasted in hot air blasting each other in the Parliament, the group of 10 could work together to solve the problems of the country. We can see how fast China has come up while most of the Western democracies are floundering. India adopted the multi-party system and today they are also floundering. When the colonized countries freed them colonizers left behind a Trojan horse for each country to experiment which was the multi-party democratic system. You can see the net result. Even the Legal bodies appear to have the Western mindset and cannot think in the local context. Sri Lanka MUST try to work out a system of Government suited to our Culture and situation being surrounded by enemies from all sides. We have the enemies within like the TNA whose allegiance is to Tamil Nadu and the Muslims whose allegiance is to the Middle East and other Muslim countries. They only want to convert all the Kafirs to worship Allah and they will do it by any means. We also have the Christian groups who get funding from West to convert the Heathens. If the Sinhala Buddhists who are threatened try to protect themselves by asking for a rightful place for Buddhism then the West will brand us as not allowing Religious Freedom.

    There is another major danger to Sri Lanka from Climate Change. UN has said that in 10-12 years the effects of Climate Change can accelerate and become irreversible. Sri Lanka is one of the countries which is likely to be most affected when it happens. We can see how the USA is being affected by fires on the West coast and very cold weather on the East coast along with strong hurricanes and tornados. Europe is also being affected in a similar way. Instead of fighting with each other we need to get ready for these dangers that are coming.

    Ranil is an agent of the Multinational Corporations along with his guard dog Anura Kumara. Ranil’s policy is Neoliberalism which means to sell the whole country to Corporations who will then Glyphosate and rape the country to make a profit while our people starve as they did in India during the 1770s under the British. The way Anura Kumara speaks is sickening now as it was in January 2015 when he told blatant lies to our gullible people to bring down MR. He would widen his eyes and with a straight face tell how MR has golden horses and a fleet of Lamborghini’s. So who suffered as a result? Not Anura Kumara and his JVP friends. When the JVP were being slaughtered by the UNP it was MR who went to the UN to plead on behalf of the innocent village youths who were being rounded up and killed by the likes of Ranil and the miserable UNP gang. Yet today the JVP has forgotten the past. They had 3 1/2 years to check on MR and what did they find? Namal had a Ford Mustang one of cheapest in the USA and no golden horses. The police had taken that one car and kept it rotting for two years and finally gave it back to Namal recently. Did Anura Kumara apologize for all his lies? NO. As you say the JVP is running around like a Donkey with the head cut off and feces pouring out. This is mainly due to the likes of Anura Kumara. The way Ranil destroyed the UNP he has destroyed the JVP and two have destroyed the country. Like you I too weep for Sri Lanka.

    See also the following Youtube videos by Dr. Richard Wolff who talks about Democracy in the workplace as an answer to problems of Capitalism and also Marxism.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynbgMKclWWc&t=3s – Richard Wolff: “Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism” | Talks at Google
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPPQ5R80SlI&t=8s – Richard Wolff | Masterfully Explains France’s Yellow Vest Movement

  2. ranjit Says:

    True worrior and a patriot that’s how I describe Rear Admiral Weerasekera as he was the only hero who voted against the wretched, treacherous, dangerous 19A. A fine article by Geethanjana. This simple language will open the eyes of the traitors if by any chance they read it. If those who loves this country genuinely and sincerely stands united we can save it if not we have to mourn on streets same like Palastinians for losing our blessed mother land. Today we are in a very dangerous and fearful situation than in war times because what these traitors and terrorists couldn’t achieve during the war times were trying to achieve through other means with the help of our enemies within and outside specially UNP TNA JVP western and Indian hypocrites. We should fight with all our force to stop those enemies to our nation. Time to forget all our differences and get united and face all odds against our country. The current political rattlesnakes do not love their country or it’s people nor their wives or children, only thing they love is MONEY and POWER. Now we think Ranjan Ramanayaka is correct on his statements regarding judiciary and the political mobs. Stand up to save Motherlanka.

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