GOTA PHOBIA – Part VI C(Invitation to build a Nation of Prosperity)
Posted on October 28th, 2019


Sri Lanka is a Unitary State.  We will not at any time allow anyone to segregate this country.  This is a sovereign nation and we will not permit any foreign power to interfere in the affairs of this country.

  • This motherland of ours will be protected and safeguarded against terrorism, extortion, drug menace, all sort of crimes and  foreign threats;
  • Will protect and safeguarded the War Heroes of the tri forces, Police personnel, and the Civil protection forces;
  • An urgent people’s concession package to reduce the cost of living and the day to day expenses;
  • Courses of the nursing schools will be extended for a 4 year period and thereby they will be provided a Degree which is acceptable for foreign employment;
  • Courses of the Teachers’ Colleges will be raised to degree-awarding levels;
  • Outdated rules and regulations which hinders business activities will be updated;
  • Economic services tax and retention tax will be abrogated;
  • The VAT will be reduced to 8% ;
  • Taxes levied on religious places will be abolished;
  • A simple form of tax structure will be introduced in place of various forms of taxes being on motor vehicles;
  • The PAYE tax applicable to Government and Public sector employees will be abolished;
  • Steps will be taken to create 1 million employment opportunities within the next five years;
  • No agricultural product will be exported without value addition;
  • Fertilizer subsidy will be given free of charge; 
  • Use of carbonic fertilizer will be encouraged;
  • Fertilizer required for the country will be locally produced and within a few years all fertilizer requirement will be covered by carbonic fertilizer;
  • Re-export of agricultural products will be totally banned;
  • All agriculture loams will be canceled;
  • All irrigation networks and small and large tanks will be renovated expeditiously;
  • Estate employees will be given a wage of Rs.1,000 per day,
  • Development of [A1] [A2] [A3] [A4] the fisheries sector by regulating it using modern technology;
  • Provide modern technology to the fisher folks, farmers and milk farmers to become entrepreneurs in their respective sectors;
  • Encourage maximum use of renewable energy in the power and transport sectors;
  • Employ scientific methods  for garbage management;
  • Women with small children will be allowed to engage in their duties for a certain period while staying in their residences;
  • Steps will be taken to eliminate the drug menace within a short period;
  • A mechanism will be introduced to curb corruption and expeditiously prosecute the corrupt people.
  • No room will be provided for corruption.

The people of the country anticipate having a righteous rule. They look forward to having a rule that is a haven for all religions and for all nationalities. Its foundation will be the faith propagated by the Lord Buddha.  I hail from a Buddhist family in the South and received my education from the well known Buddhist school, the Ananda College. Therefore, Buddhist philosophy has always mixed with my wishes and aspirations and in my behavior.

I would like to tell you in the outset that special attention was given to religious concepts in the preparation of our policy framework Vision of Prosperity” which has been entrusted to the people. The Vision of Prosperity policy framework is an ‘agenda of people’s policies’ prepared by the people for the people. It is a programme of work that would safeguard the sovereignty of our nation, would give priority to nationalism, dedicate for the welfare of all the citizens and repose trust in the youth. It consists of basic concepts required to rise up as a proud sovereign nation deriving maximum benefits from global developments, and possessing a strong economy.

 Sri Lanka is a sovereign unitary nation.  We will never allow to segregate and divide it. Also, we would not allow any foreign power to interfere in the affairs of this sovereign nation.

We consider national security as a prime and foremost responsibility of the government. We will once again build strongly the government mechanism required to protect and safeguard our motherland from terrorism, activities of underground operations, threats of robberies, extortions, the drug menace, torture as well as from foreign threats.

Accumulated in courts for long periods, to increase the number of judges, and restructure the institutions that assist in the implementation of Law and order to increase their efficiency.  This manifesto will be valid for the total period of our rule.

It is our objective to provide economic stability to everyone in this Country through measures outlined in our people-centered economic system. We will put an end to taking political advantage on the poverty status of the innocent poor people and take steps to completely eradicate poverty in the country.  What we want is to make our future generation to live as plenteous citizens not depending on others to meet their needs.  

The 21st century is considered a knowledge-centered century.  The global economic trend turning towards Asia is very important for us to make our future plans We must create a young future generation who could get the maximum benefit from the new developments in the global economy. The education becomes very vital to produce prosperous citizens performing productive employment or becoming successful entrepreneurs.

We plan to introduce reforms to our Education system enabling or younger generations to obtain employments that have the highest demand in the global employment market. Within the first year itself of our rule, we will make necessary investments to the educational infrastructure to curtail our younger generation becoming neglected within the educational structure and enable all students to pursue up to a university degree.  We will all three-year diploma courses up to 4 years and to provide the relevant students a Degree acceptable for overseas employments.

Similarly, all teacher training colleges will be upgraded enabling that institution to award degree certificates.  It is essential to develop aptitudes of our children in line with the development of inventiveness, and the development of the knowledge of the English language and Maths.

It is the local industrialists who have to perform a major task in uplifting our economy which has been collapsed.  We will create a conducive atmosphere for these business people to conduct their business activities with pleasure.  We will upgrade the outdated business rules and regulations which hinder their activities.  These outdated rules and regulations deter the productivity of the businessmen as well as the people.  Our people are sternly affected by tax burdens.  Therefore we will revise the present Inland Revenue Act which is unsuitable for our country and reduce the tax burden on the people.  Tax levied on manufacturing industries will be reduced.

Economic Services charges and retention taxes will be abrogated.  The VAT will be reduced to 8%.  Taxes applicable to religious places of worship will be abolished. Various taxes applicable to motor vehicles will be simplified with one tax system instead. In addition to this, the ‘PAYE’ levied on the salaries of government and private sector employees will be abolished. Along with this, we intend to regulate revenue collections in the Inland Revenue Department, Customs and the Excise department and minimize the tax anomalies.  We anticipate a significant development in the service economy through our future development plans.

We have drawn up a plan by which we can earn an income of U.S.Dollars 10 Billion per year from the tourist industry. Similarly, there is a surfeit of industries that we can develop to international standards.  They include many sectors such as transport services, warehousing services, and port and airport services which could provide convincing revenue to our country due to our geographical location. 

We also anticipate creating more than one million employment opportunities during the next 5 years through the development of our tourism industry, and other industries such as information technology, transport, health services, education, rubber, sports, and other industries. We thereby expect to become the business hub in South Asia.

In the industrial sector, our full attention will be focussed on producing value-added products. No resources of Sri Lanka should be exported without value addition. Similarly, our industrialists will be encouraged to introduce our value products to the international markets. At the same time, we expect to encourage our farmers to use carbonic fertilizer and maximize within a few years the use of carbonic fertilizer by our farmers.   Our aim is to become pioneers in the world of turning out Agri products exclusively produced with carbonic fertilizer.

We would totally ban the re-export of Agri products which have become a major burden for our farmers. Then only we can get a greater demand and a higher value for our Agri products. As a concession to farmers affected by disasters in the dry zone, we envisage waiving their cultivation loans.  Lack of irrigation and drinking water is a major problem faced by the dry zone farmers.  We have drawn up plans to address these problems by expeditiously renovating all sable irrigation canals, as well as large and small scale tanks.

We also will introduce a national and modern technical programme to use water economically, to get the maximum use of the available lands, and to reap a maximum high-quality harvest.  We have already agreed to provide Rs, 1,000 daily wages for plantation workers who render a valuable service to our economy.

Similarly. We envisage obtaining maximum benefit from the maritime resources of our country which is surrounded by the sea. Steps will be taken to improve the fishing industry with the introduction of modern technological methods. Similar to farmers, and milk farmers we also want to provide modern technology and training to the fisher folks and make them entrepreneurs in their field.

It is a major responsibility of ours to provide the environment on behalf of future generations.  Therefore, we will encourage the use of renewable energy in the transport and power sectors. Our priorities will include the maximum use of carbonic fertilizer and scientific management of garbage disposal.

Not only within the employment market, but the contribution of our ladies as private entrepreneurs is very important for our economic development. We would encourage both the public and private sectors to increase the opportunity of ladies with small children to carry out their duties from their residences. Under our government increased attention will be focused to provide loan facilities, training and raw materials required by women entrepreneurs. 

We will take increased and major steps to curb and alleviate the narcotic menace which has become a major problem today.   We will take steps to eradicate the drug menace which has become a major national disaster. We envisage removing the era of your persisting fears from your hearts that your children may become victims of this drug menace.

We envisage to introduce and implement a powerful mechanism to prevent political and institutional corruption.  We would strengthen the mechanism for preventing corruption as well as mete out expeditious punishments to those involved and those who aid and abet for corruption.  I strongly emphasize that within a government under my leadership I will never leave room for corruption.  I also state with responsibility that none of the ideas outlined in the Vision of Prosperity” are blank political promises.

I always performed all responsibilities entrusted to me without lapse.   Similarly, I will perform this responsibility as well to the best of my ability. I anticipate the cooperation and assistance of all of you to implement this responsibility of rebuilding our nation. It is not vital and immaterial as to which party, which ethnicity or which religion you belong to. The only condition is that you should be a citizen who really loves the country. If all of us determinedly perform our duties and responsibilities it will be possible for us to transform Sri Lanka as a country with a powerful economy and that can command the respect in the world instead of the present status of being backward and weak nation.  Let us build a prosperous nation to which return admiringly instead of being a nation from which people continue to leave.  Let us all get together on 16th November and make the first step towards building a prosperous nation.

Meanwhile. addressing a public meeting held in the Meegahakiwula area on Saturday, 26th October, the conquering candidate Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that the incumbent government will never be able to ensure the security of the country.

He pointed out that this is because the current government has a Cabinet of ministers who subjugated to influences of foreign nations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are against the freedom struggle and war heroes and only an SLPP/SLFP government can ensure the security of the country.  He promised that their government will definitely take measures to protect the tea industry and those who are involved in the industry.

At a meeting held with members of the Ceylon Workers Congress at the Bandarawela Hindu Cultural Centre, Mr. Rajapaksa said that it is not conducive to look only at the day to day economy at all times. He said that the plantation workers have always been demanding a wage increase Rs. 50 or. Rs. 75 and the avaricious politicians have kept the plantation tied to estates without offering them a bright future.  He said that he was told by some plantation youth that they go to Colombo and work in Wine Stores, restaurants, groceries and as drivers for better salaries.  Mr. Rajapaksa emphasized that the plantation youth too should be provided with better educational opportunities for them to enter Universities and acquire competency in modern technology.

Speaking further Mr. Rajapaksa said that a Tamil medium University will be established in the upcountry and in addition to that a Technical College will also established to produce masons, carpenters, plumbers and those required for the tourist industry.  He pointed out that personnel in these trade could earn handsome wages. He said that the tea industry is a good industry but they should look for employment diversification opportunities and said that they can also get involved in the cultivation of vegetables that can provide them additional income and alleviate their economic burdens.  Similarly, he said that his government will take steps to address their housing and schooling problems as well, while the daily wage will be increased to Rs. 1,000.  He said that the plantation community put an end to getting misled by greedy politicians.

Addressing the Mahara/Kadawata meeting on 13th October Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that his main objective is to dorm a secure and disciplinary country,  He said that we should be exemplary, and the contemporary political culture should be changed and reformed.  He stated that they cannot do things emotionally, in a myopic way, or to get personal objectives achieved.  Mr. Rajapaksa emphasized that he will not permit behaving rudely or indecently in response to our opponents ‘conspiracies or misbehavior. 

Speaking further, Mr. Rajapaksa said that all parties in their alliance have joined them on the strength of their clear cut non-ambiguous policies.

 He said that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party joining with them is a massive boost for them, and it would help increase their power from 60% to 72%, and the SLPP cordially welcome them.Mr. Rajapaksa said that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is the party formed by Mr. S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike and his father Mr. D.A.Rajapaksa and it was the party that successfully launched the people’s revolution in 1956.   He stated that the people-friendly policies being enjoyed by them are policies that were introduced by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and it was the party that twice made Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the President of this country. 

Mr. Rajapaksa emphatically assured that foremost priority will be given to national security and the security mechanism that has been collapsed will be revived and strengthened, and thereby this country will be a country in which everyone could live without any form of fear and suspicion devoid of party, ethnicity and religious differences. He said that members of the intelligence services will be given adequate power and legal protection. 

Referring to the present government Mr. Rajapaksa said that a government swelled with neo-liberals, servile to foreign dictates, and depending on foreign sustained NGOs, and who do not respect national thinking can never ensure national security.

The winning candidate said that the21st century is a knowledge-based century and his economic policies are totally knowledge-based and they always trust the capabilities of human resources.  It is on account of this that he said, his economic policies have been formulated based on information technology and computer technology.  He said that through these policies the country will be able to create several million employment opportunities for our young generations. Mr. Rajapaksa said that his government will create infrastructure facilities and government patronage for these activities. Also, he said that it is a government responsibility to provide vocational training for this purpose by introducing modifications to our education system.

During his first year of presidency, Mr. Gotabhaya said that he will make a huge investment in education. Today or youth have got stranded due to the fault of the existing education system. Every year although around 200,000 students pass the A/L examination only about 35,000 become eligible to enter Universities. He said that under his government steps will be taken to admit all students to Universities. Steps will also be taken through Technical Colleges to qualify the students for good employments, for employments suitable for our economy and for them to get very attractive salaries.  We will not allow the youth to get stranded. There is every possibility to take the country forward through technology. The companies dealing in computer technology brings about one billion US. Dollars.  This can be increased to about 3 billion. But the lack of competent personnel has hindered this opportunity. We will interfere in this matter and will provide the necessary competency for our youth.

Also, the tourist industry has collapsed due to lack of security. We will eradicate this situation and make the country a safe haven for tourists.

This government has forgotten about the agricultural industry. Our history and culture indicate that we had a commendable irrigation network.  These have been destroyed today.  There is a necessity to provide good living conditions to our farmers.   We are prepared to make the country and provide good living conditions for the farmers. Still, we have poor people in our country.  The development of a country does not mean a section of people in the country becoming rich. We much create a pro-people economic system to alleviate poverty throughout the country.

I am dedicated to fulfilling all your needs.

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