Government action in stopping protest by Frontline Socialist Party
Posted on June 10th, 2020

Aloysius Hettiarachchi

The world is in the midst of a serious pandemic in which several hundreds of thousands of people have already died. Fortunately for us in this country, we have not been affected badly up to now, but that does not mean that another wave cannot come with a new and dangerous mutation of the virus. Therefore we cannot allow a large number of people to gather at this moment where the country is heading for an important and decisive election is to take place in less than two month’s time. Also fortunately for us, there is a law promulgated by the British in the 1880s as a result of some other pandemics that may have prevailed at that time. I think that law is the one that saved Sri Lanka from the influx of millions of Tamils from Tamil Nadu. According to an article that I read recently, they had been coming into the country freely without any restriction through Colombo port. However, when Cholera broke out in India they had to stop them coming here probably to save the lives of Brits serving in Colombo. They were allowed to come via Manar and taken directly to plantations.

Frontline Socialist party has somehow taken control of university students, and we all know who its leader Kumar Gunaratnam is The guy was engaged in disruptive activities and when the government was going to arrest him during the time when present Prez was the defence secretary he slipped out to Australia and got citizenship there. And it was Ranil Wickeramasinghe who brought him back and gave the dual citizenship, perhaps to use him in a future date. That date has now arrived. No other people would venture out to stage protests like this. A small group comprising many Tamils took part in these protests. That was evident as they were mainly speaking in Tamil when they were being pushed to the police vans. It was these people who created havoc during the Yahapalana days every other day blocking Colombo roads. RW did not mind it because he wanted to disrupt everything and make the maximum inconvenience to Sri Lankans as they did not put him to power. And now the stage is set for all those good for nothing trade unions also to get together and create chaos saying they are sympathizing these people. Now the look at the people who are coming for their support- Samanali Fonseka, Dr. Nimal Ranjit Devasiri etc etc. All NGO kakkos who have no love for this country at all. In addition, there comes a tweet from the Jewish woman Teplitz, the American ambassador. She says she is with the minorities who are protesting for their rights. This has double meaning: it can be a way of supporting the campaign the blacks have mounted against the whites for the inhuman way George Floyd killing. He may have had criminal records. But looking at the picture ( those who are surrounding him) of that famous speech by Martin Luther King Jr, one can now understand what he actually was trying to do. Therefore there is a lot more than that meets the eye in that killing. Looking at what the ambassador said there is the possibility that this whole thing can even be financed by the US embassy. Considering the fact that US-funded the creation of the disaster management facilities funded by the US in sensitive areas like the East of our country, her activities should be closely guarded. They can even bring Covid-19 sufferers and give another gift to us qui4etly.

Now back to FSP and JVP and see who are these fellows: starting from the mid-60s these are the people who destroyed our university education system.  Our usual enemies may have funded some academics like Doric De Souza who secretly conducted classes in Peradeniya in their houses to unleash an armed struggle against the democratically elected government of the country. My roommate was insisting that I also join him on those classes. He was once beaten by the police and hospitalized when he took part in one of those protests. People like Bahu who got scholarships did nothing to the country in return after coming back. Kumar David is another one. Until today he will write about politics and not anything about his subject- electrical engineering. When his contemporaries in the US universities were engaged in the initial stage of the computer development and some were even becoming billionaires these guys were thinking about how to create disorder in the system. If it is the Tamil Nadu (or the Indians) that is involved, they have been largely successful. Their boy is the head of google while our fellows are thinking of starting on digitalization. Theirs graduated after passing out almost immediately get places in high tech companies like intel while our guys have to do the menial software development job. I know this personally as they are of higher quality.

I am sure when those universities open again the same situation will prevail: the students will be granted the Mahapola funds just to while away the time on our streets demanding silly things. When they come out it is the same GOSL that will have to find employment for them.

We as a nation cannot identify our real enemies and friends; we just act with our hearts without using the heads. Trade unionists are the worst offenders. They just sleep while racketeers siphon off EPF money which is their member’s pension fund. Perhaps they even benefit from a portion of the loot, as was explained by the SLVlog site in the case of Central Bank bond scam.

During the Yahapala days, those FSP fellows built Attala (raised platform) at the very place where their leader was arrested yesterday. I used to walk past that place a few times every week and I saw middle-aged fellows reading Sinhala novels while seated on the Attala.  There must be a funding mechanism for them to waste time. Or are they still Mahapola fund receivers?.

May we request the US ambassador to give visas to some of these fellows to migrate to US and help those underprivileged minorities in the same way the Australian government gave citizenship to KG.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    One hundred per cent with you. Bravo!

  2. aloy Says:

    Sorry or the mistakes in the hastily written article

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