Survey predicts win for Mahinda while Colombians are for Sirisena
Posted on January 2nd, 2015

P.Ariysasinghe, Melbourne

According to a survey conducted among Colombians by the Colombo University Sirisena is ahead in the poll. This is no surprise, as in Colombo nearly 60 per cent are non Sinhalese. Even among the Sinhalese only about half are Buddhists. And everyone knows that most people who live in Colombo have a ‘Kultur’ life.  It is also no secret that the Catholics are for the UNP. The Church was against Free Education. The Church fought tooth and nail against the schools take over with the  support of the UNP. During the Presidential elections in 2010, Colombo University conducted a similar survey among the Colombians and made  a   prediction that Sarath Fonseka was ahead in the polls !
A survey conducted by the Kelaniya University covered a wider area and was not confined to Colombo. Their prediction was that President Rajapakse  was ahead of Sirisena. According to this survey 53 per cent were for President Rajapakse while 44 per cent were for Sirisena. So the usual UNP had stood by Sirisena. Colombians had always voted for the UNP while the rural Buddhists whose children fought the war stood by the President.  

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Ariyasinghe those survey’s not matter to anyone. This time is Mahinda’s turn as usual, He will Govern the country as long as people like him for what he is doing. You know how the country was from 2005-2009 it was in a total mess.People were dying in every corner of the country. When the President put a full stop to the blood bath in 2009 up to now 2014 we were living in freedom happily ever after. Were there any bomb blasts? Were there any riots? Were there any terrorist related incident? Not at all, only we saw was progress in the country. New roads ,new Schools,New Hospitals,Airports,Harbors,new offices etc. were coming up all over the country overnight. RAILWAY lines to Kankasanturai,to Kataragama,new Railway stations etc. New face to Colombo city with new Market places,Hotels,Houses etc. So what we need more? Everything people need was given by this Govt and they promised to make a better living for tomorrow. So why we give to a Traitor who was put up by Foreign enemies of our land the power instead of our great leader Mahinda?

    I hope our citizens will open their eyes and decide on 8th wisely. TNA and Muslim Congress will never join this puppet if nothing is there for them. They are enemies of our country.They fight for separate lands inside the country backed by our enemies. LTTE Diaspora openly support this Maru Sira and they are waiting in open arms to come back to haunt us again and take out our great Hero to the noose. As long as we Sinhalese live that won’t happen. Those enemies of ours will learn a lesson on 8th for sure. Long live Sri Lanka.

  2. Christie Says:

    Tamils in the country most of them be north, east or the up country will vote for the Indian puppet. The some Muslim leaders have joined the puppet but most of the Muslim vote will go for Mahinda. They have not forgotten the atrocities committed by the Indian terrorist arm. They are also aware of what Modi’s RSS is doing to Muslims of India.

  3. Nimal Says:

    Living in Melbourne knows little about the Colombians and I am a Colombian paying heavy taxes and I dispute your claims and hope that MR will be there as the Prez on the 9th….

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