Posted on January 2nd, 2015

Janaki Chandraratna – Perth, Western Australia

 After several clandestine meetings in Singapore and Vienna and strong denials of the existence of Ranil/Maithipala, Maithipala /TNA, and Ranil/TNA Agreements, the cat is out of the bag with TNA agreeing to support Maithipala in the forthcoming Presidential election.  TNA has made it clear that they are not interested in handouts from Maithipala Government but a clear implementation of TNA demands in return for the Tamil vote. At this stage R Sambandan has not publicized any TNA demands as such. It is however very clear to the discerning observers that these demands include the withdrawal of the army from the North, Land Rights, Police Powers, unrestricted international trade/negotiations for the Northern Provincial Council and present Rajapaksas for the war crime tribunals.

It is not surprising that the Diaspora has gone viral on TNA announcement to advertise/display photos, posters and mugs with combined pictures of Prabhakaran and Maithipala in far off places such as Toronto and London, within a brief span of 24 hours of TNA announcement.

 Maithipala who had stated that his defection was for the sake of the family can be excused for being in disbelief how quickly his campaign appears to have gained momentum with the TNA announcement. It is not surprising if Maithipala is yet to comprehend the impact on the country in case of a win with TNA support. Also, Maithipala appears to lack the capacity to understand the behind the scene activities of the CIA and some foreign embassies for the quick turn around of events. It may take some time for him to realize that he is already a puppet on a string manipulated by unseeing hands.

It is difficult to assess the predicament of JHU supporters who crossed over to Maithripala as they were absolutely anti TNA and Muslim demands. Yet they have continued to focus on corruption without any substantiated evidence, which appears to be on a mission to cut the nose to spite the face!

 On the other hand there are the winners of the event who rub their hands with glee with the hope of achieving their goals, which required careful long term planning and scheming. In this category the foremost winner is the Diaspora, which aspires to the LTTE dream of having a separate ELAM State in Sri Lanka. Apart from the Diaspora there is the US regime that believes peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka can only be achieved with the resolution of Diaspora demands. A TNA supported puppet regime can, not only vindicate the lackadaisical UN/US approach to the end of war survival appeals from the LTTE but also assist in restraining Chinese expansion in South Asia.

UNHRC will be pleased to offload the much-concocted war crimes investigation to the War Tribunal without investing too much effort to prove the fictitious charges.  

There are many winners in the local front as well.  The foremost winner is Ranil, who has successfully avoided the Presidential contest and drafted Maithipala to the campaign with the help of the Western conspirators. Ranil is happy with his secured position of Executive Prime Minister, which he would not have ever achieved through an election.  He has managed to keep this plan close to his heart and pull the necessary strings as and when required.  Ranil, who has not expressed an iota of patriotism to the country, can be best described as a WOG (Western Oriented Gentleman) in not so complementary Australian jargon. He has no qualms of selling the country to the West or to the Diaspora provided he is in seat of President or Prime Minister. Ranil, has very capably executed CIA sponsored strategy for ‘Regime Change’ by marketing the slogans of Nepotism and Corruption, as is the case in other countries such as Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Burma and Ukraine. Whilst conniving with the Diaspora and the West, Ranil was able to delude the unsuspecting Sinhala people with unsubstantiated allegations of corruption and nepotism. He has forgotten the fact he along with CBK and much respected, Dudley Senanayaka were products of homegrown nepotism.

 Corruption is not new to Sri Lanka.  Ranil through his agents, and all other supporters of Maithipala campaign had been beneficiaries of the State ventures. Maithripala is not exactly, ‘Mr. Squeaky Clean’, as purported by Ranil. Maithipala and his family had helped themselves for a fair share of Govt. wealth to the point that his son, son’s fiancé and the intended ‘Father- in –Law’, had to abscond the authorities to evade fraud charges.

 Despite Maithipala’s unsavory background, it is amazing that Ranil has been able to uphold Maithipala’s image as ‘Mr. Clean’, and delude the unsuspecting Sinhala People for a regime change.

The sins and carnage of the opposition regimes in the recent past, such as the Batalanda episode and the preventable killing of hundreds and thousands of service men during CBK regime appear to have been forgotten and swept under the carpet in the current Presidential campaign

 Not withstanding the above, the country is once again at a critical intersection. The losers are many from a possible win to Maithipala.  Whatever turn Maithipala takes with TNA would lead to chaos and unrest in the country.  If TNA demands are to be adopted there would be repercussions from the majority and if they are to be ignored there would be the strong arm of the West directing and manipulating the outcome in TNA’s favor. Whichever way Maithipala turns, the TNA/ Maithipala unholy alliance is in for a bumpy ride plunging the country into a severe storm of doom and gloom in the process. This predicament is perhaps the reason for Maithipala’s silence on the 13th Amendment and an undivided country in his election Manifesto.

 It should be noted that unlike in the past there are very many avenues available to the Diaspora from Western support. There is scope for an overt supply of arms for a pretend civilian based defense” which was adopted by CIA at the behest of Gene Sharp, in places like Libya and Egypt. There is the opportunity for R2P for a created scenario of unrest and conflict in Tamil regions or for that matter violence instigated against Tamils, in particular, by unscrupulous political parties.  In these circumstances it will be the sons and daughters of the poor and not those of Maithipala, Chandrika or Ranil that will have to bear the brunt of the onslaught and unlike in the past, our resources may not be sufficient to contain such an attack.  

On the eve of the election I can only hope and pray commonsense will prevail and Sri Lanka will be saved from the anarchy promised by the opposition.  


  1. Christie Says:

    These people living in the so called Western countries must be living in Indian ghettos and cannot see what India is up to and has been up to. They talk about CIA but do not see the Third Eye the Indian intelligence service the most ruthless and secretive intelligence survive in the world. Who is going to benefit from a separate state of Tamils in the island. It is India with unhindered access to Trincomalee Harbour. In fact India started its terrorist arm to get hold of Trincomalee to station nuclear submarines it was going to receive from the USSR.
    Those living in Australia should read Faifax media and watch, listen or read ABC. Both are under the influence of Third Eye.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    During the alugosu JR, alugosu Premadasa, Ranil/CBK eras obviously zero corruption in the country.
    So what happened to the money they saved from that ZERO CORRUPTION?

    Built motorways, railways,
    city centres, airports, harbours? NOT AT ALL.
    So all the money went into their and their henchmen’s pockets!

    They were scared to fight the terrorists. But no fear, no hesitation to kill the Sinhalese youth.
    Where were all these do gooders living those days? Different planet?

    MR got rid of the invincible terrorist outfit, developed the country, gave people a better living standard.
    He has done so much good than bad in a short time. Now he must have realised people are not happy about
    the corruption and take steps to eradicate it. If he can get rid of the terroist outfit, corruption busing
    must be a piece of cake for a man of that calibre. FOR SRI LANKA’S SAKE GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE.
    BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Samanthi Says:

    The Cat is out of the bag: Today’s ‘Divaina’ editorial reveals!


    “කුඹුක්‌ ගැටේ අමුතු ගැටේ” 2
    (ගරු රඟපෑම්)

    ජනපතිවරණයේ ප්‍රධාන අපේක්‍ෂකයන් දෙදෙනා වෙනුවෙන් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ කලා ලෝකය දෙකඩ වී කඩේ යති. ඔය අතරේ ‘අලුත් පරපුර’ නමින් පිහිටුවාගත් කලා සංගමයක්‌ ද කඩේ යන්නට පටන්ගත්තේය. ඔවුන් කඩේ ගියේ පොළටය. කුරුණෑගල කුඹුක්‌ගැටේ පොළටය. එතැනදී කලාකරුවන්ට ප්‍රහාරයක්‌ එල්ල වේ. මේ සිද්ධිය සහ එයට පසු සිදුවීම් ගැන ඊයේ ‘දිවයින’ කතුවැකියේ සඳහන් වුණි.

    කලාකරුවා යනු කලහ කරුවෙක්‌ ලෙසින් දකින්නට රසිකයා කැමති නැත (අද කලාකරුවන් අතර කප්පරක්‌ කලහ ඇති බව වෙනම කථාවකි) ඔහු හෝ ඇය රසිකයාගේ මනස වශී කළ සුන්දර චරිතයකි. මේ අයගේ රඟපෑම කොතෙක්‌ සාර්ථක ද කියනවා නම් පබා ඡන්දය ඉල්ලද්දී ගම්පහ දිස්‌ත්‍රික්‌කයේ පළමු තැනට පත්වන්නේය. ඒ කියන්නේ තිරය මත අහිංසකාවියට, දේශයක්‌ පාලනය කරන හෙවත් දේශපාලන බලය දීමට තරම් රසිකයා තුළ අනුකම්පාව උපදින්නේය. තවත් විදිහකින් කිවහොත් තම රසිකයාව, රඟපෑම සහ යථා ස්‌වභාවය වෙන වෙනම තේරුම් ගැනීමට නොහැකි ඔලමොට්‌ටලයන් බවට පත්කිරීමට තරම් මේ අහිංසකාවියන්ගේ රඟපෑම ප්‍රබලය.

    ඒකාධිපති වියරුවකට දෙන්නම් බැටේ කියා කුඹුක්‌ගැටේට පැමිණි කලා ගැටව් සහ ගැටිස්‌සියන් අතරේ සිටි සමනලී ෙµdන්සේකා ද අපූරුවට රඟපෑමට හැකි රසික හදවත් ‘හොල්මන් ‘ කළ හැකි රංගනාවියකි. දෙන්නම් බැටේ කියා කුඹුක්‌ගැටේට පැමිණි සමනලීලාට අන්තිමේදී සිදුවුණේ ‘කෑවා බැටේ’ කියන්නය. සමනලීගේ පපුවට ද ගලක්‌ වැදුනේලු.

    ඉන් අනතුරුව ජනතාව දකින්නේ ට්‍රොලියක්‌ මතින් රැගෙන එන සමනලී රෝහල්ගත කරන අයුරුය. ඇය ගිලන් ඇඳ මත වැතිර සිටින අයුරුය. සමනලියක්‌ බඳු සමනලීගේ පපුවට ගලක්‌ ගසන්නට තරම් දරුණු වූයේ මොකාද? මේ දසුන් දකින ප්‍රිය රසිකයෝ උතුරා යන ද්වේෂයෙන් යුතු සිතින් ප්‍රහාරකයාගේa කැවුතු සොයති.

    මේ ද්වේෂයේ ඡන්ද ගණනාවක්‌ රැඳී ඇති බව පබාගේ පරපුරෙන් පැවත එන සමනලී දනී.

    ඒ බව මනාව පෙනෙනුයේ ඊයේ වන විට මාධ්‍ය හරහා විකාශය වූ රූප රාමු පෙළකිනි.

    රූපවාහිනී මාධ්‍යකරුවන් සිය කැමරාවල දර්ශන පටිගත කිරීම හමාර වූ සැනින් ‘කට්‌’ කියා තම හිතෙන් තමන්ටම කියාගන්නා සමනලී ‘ඇක්‌ෂන් ‘ එක අහවර කරයි.

    ඉනික්‌බිති මේ සමනලිය සුරතල් වදනින් අසන්නේ මාධ්‍ය කරුවාගේ කැමරාවේ තත්ත්වය ගැනය. රෑ 10 ප්‍රවෘත්තියේ තමන්ගේ රූපය වැටෙයිද කියාය. පහර කා ට්‍රොලියෙන් රෝහල් ඇඳ අසලට එන ඇය එහෙ මෙහේ ඇවිදිමින් දුරකථනයක්‌ හරහා තවත් පිරිස්‌ මාධ්‍යවේදියාට සම්බන්ධ කර දෙන්නේ රෑ 10 ප්‍රවෘත්තියට අඩුම කුඩුම සපයාදීමට විය යුතුය.

    සමනලීගේ කුමක්‌ හෝ අහේතුවකට රඟපෑම් අහවර වුණාට කුමක්‌දෝ කැමරාවක්‌ ‘ඔන්’ එකේම තිබුණේය. එය රටටම පෙනෙන්නට කරුණු යෙදුණේය.

    ‘රෙකෝඩ් ‘ වූ සහ ‘ඕµa ද රෙකෝඩ්’ දර්ශන අනුව නැවත වරක්‌ පෙනෙනුයේ ඇය ඉතාම දක්‍ෂ නිළියක බවය. මේ දවස්‌වල නිළියන් පමණක්‌ නොව චිත්‍රපට කැමරාව ඉදිරියේදී චණ්‌ඩි වන නළුවන් පවා රූපවාහිනී මාධ්‍ය කැමරා ඉදිරියේ හොටු පෙරමින් හඬන්නේය.

    මේවා දකින ඔලමොට්‌ටල රසිකයන් සමහරෙක්‌ට මේ නළුවන් යෑයි නොහිතෙන්නේය. නිකමට හෝ මෙය රඟපෑමක්‌ විය නොහැකිදැයි සිතන්නට තරම් මොළයක්‌ එහෙව් රසිකයන්ට ඇත්තේම නැත. අවසානයේ මේ අහිංසකයන් සිය කතිරය තීරණය කරනුයේ සැබෑව මත නොව රඟපෑමක්‌ මත පිහිටාය.

    රංගන ශිල්පියාට දේශපාලන මතයක්‌ දැරීමේ අයිතිය ඇත. නමුත් සිය රඟපෑමෙන් ඡන්දදායකයා රැවැට්‌ටීම නම් නොහොබී. එවැනි රැවටිලිකාර නළු නිළියන්ට, කඳුළු හැලෙන, පපු කකියන නාටක පිටපත් හදාදෙමින් ඔවුන් මැද්දට පනින ප්‍රතිපක්‍ෂයේ අංගොන්නුන්ගේ ක්‍රියා කලාපය එයටද වඩා නොහොබී.

  4. Christie Says:

    “It is not surprising that the Diaspora has gone viral on TNA announcement to advertise/display photos, posters and mugs with combined pictures of Prabhakaran and Maithipala in far off places such as Toronto and London, within a brief span of 24 hours of TNA announcement.” Tamil terrorists, India, vermin and all that are part of this game and they were waiting for the election and were prepared. They new of the announcement and had prepared themselves with the trinkets like cups, banners with the tow puppets of India one the violent Parab
    akaran and Sirisena the non violent puppet.

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