Endorsing What’s Best For Sri Lanka On Jan.8th.
Posted on January 4th, 2015

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

Jan.6th 2015

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has done a great service to all the people of Sri Lanka.  Irrespective of ethnicity,  all the communities within this country as well as many other sources particularly in the field of investment, tourism and those who believe in the freedoms that need to be enjoyed by all with no compromise to aspirants of secession and supporters of degenrate terrorism have greatly benefited by the President’s leadership.

A hallmark surely of  a democratic country where people have the freedom to express their views and thoughts although no provisions for nation destructive rhetoric and  incitive language published by certain news media and so called elite journalists and some legislators who have had to be dealt with punitively for their excessive conduct and overstepping their metes and bounds regardless of negqative interpretations by the West where  at times their actions and words could have endangered the Nation’s security and tarnished credibility towards the Rule of Law.

It is now plainly visible that A few extremist elements led by  common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena conjoined by the likes of disgruntled past leaders such as Ranil Wickremasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga and opportunist deserters like Rauff Hakeem, Rajitha Senaratna, some deadbeats who are dregs of their own parties vis a vis the JVP, JHU, and the two faced TNA led by Sambandan as well as a host of various srossover artistes whose transparencies simply point to their lust for power regardless of what impact it could have on the country adversely.A country which by far has been set on the right track towards progress by the President but are trying to create division in the country, although to all intents and purposes, none of them will succeed in their devious endeavours.

It needs to be emphasized that the Tamil  Diaspora movement is still hell bent on acheiving Eelam in Sri lanka within their lifetime with the TNA obviously as their tool towards getting there where the language, rhetoric as well as their very transparent manifestos points alarmingly towards this . Something which the common Opposition candidate who once was a prominent and trusted individual in favour with the President, who has shamefully betrayed his trust seems either oblivious to, blinkered or simply apathetic about as he has joined hands with a dangerous brigade of Nation betrayers whose objectives could plunge the Nation into another era of uncertainty that could take years to recover from as though enough has not been done already in this area which was rescued and repaired by the President now intimidated by all the ungainly sources that have banded together against him.

Case in point relative to this comes from a media  report that has surfaced currently which suggests that “a Tamil movie which has been recently released in Malaysia with the intention of insulting President Mahinda Rajapaksa ends with the lines that the time has come to teach a bitter lesson to Mahinda Rajapaksa.” And why is this the right time they are talking about ? one might ask somewhat quizzically although the answer seems fairly obvious?

“The TNA has pledged its support for Sirisena to fulfill its dreams. The TNA’s support of the common candidate does not mean that the whole Tamil population supports Sirisena. The TNA is only a political party working under the dictates of inimical foreign elements,” it has concluded.

Given the situation in the country, one of great promise and progress and the worldwide respect he has garnered  through his actions  can there be a better leader for the country ? is a question that begs answering. This is a patriotic President who has tried to the best of his capacity to deliver many pledges made during his candidacy previous to election and given time he will bring the Nation to a level of recognition that could by far surpass nations like Singapore if not done already as the strains of “Miracle of Asia” is already beginning to impact the world.

The following excerpt from an address to the President by the Artistes Association of Sri lanka points to a salient reality where ~”The Jathika Hela Urumaya which talks big about what a prosperous country Sri Lanka  is today are with the individuals who support the TNA. The JHU left the government and the President who brought freedom to the country and are now coming forward to support the LTTE, He raised a question as to why Champika Ranawaka is so silent when Chandrika Kumarathunga openly addressed the former LTTE terrorist leader as ‘Mr Prabhakaran’ And these are the very people who talk about good governance.” about which only the  following conclusions can be drawn  ~ apathetic, disgusting and lacking self respect!

Needless to say,  today all Sri Lankans irrespective of race and religion, caste, creed culture or ethnicity enjoy the fruits of peace after the eradication of terrorism from the country, while being granted many other benefits. We should work together irrespective of our religions to retain what we have gained. The country is making steady progress and that brings many opportunities for the younger generation which is the sure sign of  promise towards posterity.

All Sri Lankans need to throw in their lot to protect the country by defeating any separatist ideology that might try to raise its ugly head.THE SINGLEMOST ISSUE THAT SHOULD GOVERN THE VOTER ON JAN. 8TH FOR CERTAIN!!

While there are many issues that people need to think about when selecting the suitable leader, the supporters of Sirisena, Chandrika Kumaratunga and Ranil Wickremesinghe which will aso be an inadvertent support for the TNA and its unacceptable progam towards a resurging of the secession concept.
It also needs to be emphasized here to the voters that some of them appear to be bullish in their strugggle for power  where the dangers to the Nation that could be projected through giving them  an opportunity towards mal -administering the Nation as opposed to administering it properly could be immense!

The Artistes Association  address has also stated quite appropriately and perhaps auspiciously with the times that “we should protect the hard won peace that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has earned for us.The President clearly stated that he will not betray the country to gain votes. But, so-called common candidate Sirisena has signed agreements with the TNA and SLMC,
“Artistes and media personalities face the same problems where the opposition has  once again created the separatist ideology in order to divide the people. To reiterate~A very dangerous one for the Nation of Sri Lanka !
“We should not fight or have contradictions with each other. Because our weaknesses will help them thrive. This is the right time to choose the right leader. We should work together to protect the country” is an echoing of the strains of what’s best for Sri Lanka on Jan.8th surely and unconditionally towards National Unity.
A Bright, Prosperous and Happy New Year 2015 To all readers!

8 Responses to “Endorsing What’s Best For Sri Lanka On Jan.8th.”

  1. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Vote MY3 toCHANGE for the WORSE
    Vote MY3 for to make Ranil Prime Minister of the South & Sampanthan Prime Minister of North within 100 days!!!
    Vote MY3 for CHAOS !!!

  2. ranjit Says:

    Nallliah I salute you for understanding “Change for the worse” The change they were talking about is already here in our land. What kind of change we need with a bunch of guys who are mentally sick for power? They themselves is asking ” Am I a mentally sick person to utter words like that” after uttering lies and lies on the political stage. They suddenly forget what they uttered few minutes back so how can such people lead the country?

    All Sri Lankans must think the difference between 2009 -14 and before 2005. Think without any party politics how we lived for thirty long years.How we did our day to day choruses during that time? How many lives were lost? How many of our leaders were murdered in cold blood? How much infrastructure were destroyed in the whole island during that time? Who was the true patriot who brought us FREEDOM? Who was the true patriot who stood tall in front of the western evil bunch? Do you remember what Chandrika and Ranil did to our country and how many of our heroes died during their time in office? Do you remember how these two traitors dine and dance with the most ruthless murderer of all time Prabakaran during their time. Did you know how they helped those terrorists to move around the country freely and allowed those butchers to butcher our war heroes? Can they deny all this? How can they come back to haunt us same like Prabakaran again? A woman who said that she is ashamed to call a Sri Lankan and a woman who addressed the LTTE murderer as Mr. Prabakaran has come back to ask our vote without any shame. Whisky Madam is only after the power and to take revenge from the man who saved us nothing else. So think,think,think for the sake of your future and chose the right person on 8th. We love our homeland.

  3. Christie Says:

    India and Indian used SWRD to divide the Sinhalese when India could not do it with the Tamils lead Socialists. India is doing the same thing today this time with daughters help as India won in 2005 with Mahinda but Mahinda did not become a puppet of India.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    I SAID IT BEFORE and I’LL SAY IT AGAIN: 62.5% or better LANDSLIDE VICTORY for President MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA, the BEST LAID PLANS of foreign Regime Change artistes and their PAID Sri Lankan PUPPETS notwithstanding!

    Colombians WILL NOT PREVAIL!

    RISE UP in your MILLIONS, O Patriots of Lanka to defend your Motherland!

    This is the TIME to SEND a STRONG MESSAGE to the Western Neo-Colonialists attempting their Libya-style dirty tricks in Sri Lanka by yelling HELL-NO …. NOT in Sri Lanka!!

    Ratna Deepa, Janma Bhumi
    Lamka Deepa, Vijaya Bhumi
    Mey Apey Udaara Wu</i?
    Maathru Bhumi-yayi!
    Maathru Bhumi-yayi!

    Only Colombo thinks Maithripala will win Presidential Election – Mahinda

    It will be easier for me than in 2010 and 2005

    by Zacki Jabbar
    January 3, 2015

    Predicting that winning the presidential election would be easier than even in 2010 and 2005, President Mahinda Rajapaksa says that  he would  get home  by a wide margin.

     Interviewed by the “Sunday Island” and other weekend newspapers at “Temple Trees” last Wednesday, Rajapaksa  asked “What challenge? I do not see any contest. You hear people speaking of   tight finishes only in Colombo. I didn’t have this lead even in 2010. I will win by a big margin on January 8.”

    Asked to outline  the constitutional changes that would be implemented if he won a third term, Rajapaksa replied ” Read my manifesto. It’s all there on Pages 17 and 18. I, cannot introduce changes on my own, it has to be done through Parliament. I will appoint a committee and all parties can submit their proposals to it.”

    Sunday Island(SI) – Being  the Presidential candidate  could you briefly outline the  key elements of your proposed constitutional changes?  

    Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) – Read the manifesto.

    At this stage, Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga read out the  first part of the Chapter entitled  ” A Wide Political Reform – A New Political Culture” in Rajapaksa’s manifesto.

    SI – How do you expect the people to  trust you a third time  having abolished all the Independent Commissions under the 17th Amendment to the Constitution , which are essential to ensure good governance  and the  rule of law in an environment where the Executive Presidency wields unbridled power?

    MR – What Independent Commissions? When did we have Independent Commissions in Sri Lanka? Who appointed them?

    Weeratunga interjected that the Public Service, Human Rights and Bribery and Corruption Commissions among others were all independent  and the President did  not interfere in their functions. “The President is very clear on what he wants to do. He has appointed a Parliamentary Select Committee to find a solution to the National Question but the Opposition including the TNA are not participating in its proceedings.”

    SI – The ability for Members of Parliament to  crossover to other parties while retaining their seats has led to a situation where this country has not had a credible opposition for a  long time?

    MR – What can I do?

    Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal – There is a legal interpretation on that.

     SI – Mr. President , What would you do to change the situation?

    MR – It has to be done through Parliament. But the MP’s who crossed over say that their electorate had approved of their actions.

     Cabraal – If an early Presidential Election had not been called, there  would have been  a great deal of speculation with regard to the exact  date which would  have affected  the economy. It happened in India with investors holding on to their monies until a clear picture had emerged.

    Excerpts of the President’s answers to questions raised by Editors of other Sunday Newspapers.

    Q- What are your  future plans?

    MR – The country was destroyed by a 30 year war. We have done much in the last five years. In my next term I want to build a prosperous and virtuous society.

     Q – Some Cabinet Papers had been presented and subsequently withdrawn?

    MR- Yes, some ministers, none of them are with us now, submitted various Cabinet papers and withdrew them later. My Secretary informed them in writing to be careful. Basil Rajapaksa has presented many proposals, but he does a thorough study beforehand.

    Q – Are some Tamil parties along with Mano Ganeshan and the backing of foreign elements working towards regime change ?

    MR –  I met a person who said that.

     Q- It is alleged that you are building mansions and developing your family at the expense of the country?

     MR – No that’s not correct. I am repairing and reconstructing state property. I am not going to take them with me.

    Weeratunga – There were wires hanging at the back of the Presidential Secretariat and it was also in bad shape unlike the front section. So, Navy personnel were commissioned to repair it at one third the cost. I handle such matters and not the President. Not one cent has been wasted. There are many institutions including the Attorney Generals Department that come under the Presidents Office. The Opposition takes the annual expenses to maintain all of them and divides it by 365 days. Then they claim that the President spends around Rs. 800,000 a day.


    Q - Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga says that the 65 percent of the war against the LTTE had been completed by the time you became President in 2005?

     MR – She must be dreaming . There is no point in answering such statements.

    Q- What is the reason for the delay in implementing political reforms?

    MR – What can I do if the Opposition does not co-operate? 

    Q – Why did the SLMC leave the government?

    A – They wanted a separate Muslim Unit in the East. We cannot divide the country on the basis of ethnicity.

    Q –  It is alleged that the  state media including the Rupavahini Corporation and the ITN  are engaged in government propaganda.

    MR – I have not watched both the Channels for some time now. But what about the media that backs the Opposition? It’s all in bold letters. How many of them reported the new dollar notes that were found recently?

    Q – Why are you holding on to files on ministers?

    MR- I have no files on anyone. People send me various documents but I cannot reveal them without checking.

    Cabraal  – The Opposition’s Presidential Candidate Maithripala Sirisena is contradicting himself with regard to  what he terms excessive government expenditure by giving different figures from time to time. He, says that the Colombo breakwater which was built at a cost of Rs.440 million could have been completed for Rs.44 Million. If that is the case would the Asian Development Bank have provided Rs.300 million for the project. It is public servants who handle development work based on reports submitted by the experts. So when he says that 90 percent of the cost goes into someone’s pocket, we feel hurt about it.

    Q – Will the number of votes you get in Jaffna reduce this time?

    A – How many votes did the Opposition candidate get last time? Only 46,000. We never had a big vote base in the North. After 30 years of war it would take time to build trust and confidence. The reception I get in the North now is better than what it was in 2005 and 2010.

    Q – Your critics   have accused you of not implementing the law?

    Q – No, that’s not correct. What did the UNP do? Did they take action against their supporters who killed political opponents?

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    To the ALWAYS FAITHFUL Patriots,

    A Heartfelt Tribute in Gratitude!

    Semper Fidelis, Patriots of Lanka

    By Ananda-USA

    Our Motherland, resplendent Sri Lanka,
    Hallowed be thy name!
    Thy children flock today to vote,
    To preserve thy immortal flame!

    The Lion Flag flutters proudly aloft,
    To remind us this freedom’s day!
    Our duty to keep thee, safe and strong,
    As our forefathers did yesterday!

    A Mahinda Rajapaksa by deed and word,
    Strode forth boldly to eternal fame!
    To lead his people to a safer world,
    When all others retreated in shame!

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    A very poetic and touching assertion by Ananda.
    The last verse is particularly emphatic.
    Merits a Sinhala and Tamil Translation surely, to reach the hearts of all Sri Lankans!
    Acollades from one poet to another.

  7. Indrajith Says:

    Welcome Back, Ananda!
    Congratulation for the well versed patriotic poem.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you, Sunil and Indrajith!

    I am now in Sri Lanka, ready to usher in a crushing victory for President Mahinda Rajapaksa with a deep throated cheer!

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