Private aircraft for Mahinda? New President Lied to the Nation in his first address to the nation
Posted on February 4th, 2015

Yahapalanaya News

The President, in his first address to the nation through a TV interview, revealed that in consultation with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, he cancelled an order placed by the previous government to acquire a special aircraft from the US for the exclusive use of his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa. The President claimed that Sri Lanka was earlier scheduled to take delivery of the aircraft next month. It would have cost USD 16 million and that amount could be now utilised to acquire spare parts required by the Sri Lankan airlines, he said.

Now It appears to be a blatant lie delivered in his first address to the nation.

First Television interview by President Sirisena

According to Adaderana report, though the media had publicized that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had ordered for an aircraft for his personal use, the highest sources within the civil aviation sector revealed to that such a separate aircraft has never been ordered.

Several VIP Kits were attached only as complimentary offers when SriLankan Airlines purchased several aircraft for its fleet from the Airbus Group recently. The allegation of having ordered a separate aircraft may have been based on this VIP Kit. However, while this VIP Kit is not an aircraft it is only a facility where several seats within the plane could be removed and this cubicle with special facilities could be installed within this space.

Airbus has valued this VIP Kit at USD 15 million only to indicate the added financial value of this free offer when these aircraft are purchased. However, this financial value cannot be obtained or deducted from the value of the aircraft by refusing this VIP Kit. Instead, only some other item/s could be requested from the Airbus Group to offset this value.

Even the new government’s interim budget has stated thus on this VIP Kit which is not an aircraft:

The recent Airbus purchases made by the loss making national airline brings out another wanton exercise of utter waste where a VIP kit had been attached valued at US$ 15 million offered free of charge. Whereas a question could be asked as to why the cost had not been renegotiated without including luxury equipment or is it another episode under the mega deal category.”

On this basis, while accepting this VIP Kit has been stopped on the advice of a very high SriLanka Airlines official, learns that SriLanka Airlines is examining whether any other Airbus Group product instead of this package.

According to the information provided on the Airbus Group website, this VIP Kit is not a separate aircraft. It is only a separate cubicle with extra facilities which could be fixed inside an aircraft within around eight hours.

There could be around six twin seats with facilities within this cubicle, states Airbus.

Below is the information on this particular VIP Kit as seen on the Airbus website:

59 Responses to “Private aircraft for Mahinda? New President Lied to the Nation in his first address to the nation”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Mr. President,
    if you think that you can get away with blatant lies like this you are highly mistaken.

    Mr. President don’t think that all Sri Lankans are educated to the level of Grama Sevaka(VILLAGE Headman).

    If it is in a decent democratic society, he should have been resigned from his post immediately for his disgraceful behaviour.

  2. Leela Says:

    Today private jets are freely available for sale in the world market just like horses to ride for leisure. However there is nothing one can buy from high end manufactures like Boeing and Airbus for $16 million. What is available for $16 million is non luxurious mid size planes that carry just 9 people over 2-3000 N mile range. In any case low-end executive planes are readily available for delivery from countries such as Brasil no need to order them in advance. So there is no question of ordering a $16 million plane and wait in a que to buy one. One other point: you cannot cancel aircraft orders once placed.

    This alleged $16 million paid to buy a plane being shifted to buy aircraft parts by the order of the President is a very immature statement to say the least. Anyway what parts can we buy from a $16 million low-end executive jet manufacture to be used for planes that Air Lanka or our Air force uses. This is another foolish lie like that golden horses brought from from Buckingham palace in America by My3. What a lire or unknowledgeble man we have choose as the president of our country? I am ashamed.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    So far the Sirisena Coalition has:

    -used the excuse of “Democracy” to oust President Rajapakse on a flimsy, questionable margin of 450 thousand votes out
    of 15 million votes. he accomplished this ONLY by a coalition.
    -Once in power he is doing is best to bring charges on Rajapakse including his wife instead of leading the nation.
    -He has scuttled mega deals with China in behalf of India and the US.
    -the economy is slowing down and not even maintaining the 7.5% growth under Rajapakse
    -The Sirisena government is in a rush to pass amendment 13 thereby moving one step forward to giving pro LITE
    supporters a chance at Elam.
    -Sirisena and his coalition has already marginalized the majority Sinhalese Buddhists in order to cater to the minority
    Tamils, Muslims, Chennai, New Delhi and Washington D.C.

    Obviously the last thing on Sirisena’s mind was economic progress, national security and “Democracy”

  4. Wickrama Says:

    This is not “Yahapalanaya news”, but YAKAPALANAYA news !

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    This is the type of Truth First article that ought to be translated into Sinhala and even Tamil and placed in prominent newspapers and blog sites.

    I cannot understand how the present President has got caught into a ‘fast track mess’ so soon. It only serves to demean the entire Sinhala Nation. So what is the end game to this ? How can the Nation treat what President Sirisena says as credible ?

    Who is behind Pres. Sirisena forcing him to say such things ? Only those who despise the Sinhala Nation can think up such blasphemy against the past MR govt and the present President as well.

    Pres. Sirisena can still salvage what is left by retracting false statements. I am afraid that irreparable damage has already been done.

    Both Sinhala & Tamil People are being misguided by the powers that be ?

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    It should have been obvious from the beginning to any one educated enough to understand that $12 Million is not sufficient to buy a luxury aircraft of any denomination. The impression given was one of Airbus 330-200 being bought of the exclusive use of the former President.

    Even the first interview given by the new President is nothing but washing of dirty linen and there is hardly any Presidential in that interview. When one is a President he or she has to rise a notch above the rest. I was really sick listening to his Gamarala talk. He even had the gall to say that what he promised he will do during the first 100 days now cannot be done without the two thirds majority.

    We also should find out who gave carte blanche to Avamangala to go on foreign policy reversals on subjects that are hotly debated during the last 60 odd years. Under this Gamarala Presidency Avamangala is trying to ram his own foreign policy agenda on the nation without having any consensus on it. 8 Jan election was only a Presidential election and not one for the likes of Christian Ranil, Catholic Ravi and Avamangala to hijack all under the Sri Lankan skies.

    Sri Lankan idiots will slowly learn that they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire! The two Kapu Ralas will go on chanting Pirith and tying Pirith Nool.

  7. Indrajith Says:

    During election time, IO Sirisena said he wouldn’t live in Temple Trees or the Presidential House but will govern from Polonnaruwa. Does any one know if he really lives in Polonnaruwa? If that is so, how can he be frequently seen in front of the Independent Square doing exercises in the mornings?

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    “According to Adaderana report, though the media had publicized that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had ordered for an aircraft for his personal use, the highest sources within the civil aviation sector revealed to that such a separate aircraft has never been ordered.”

    Where is that statement DENYING it.

    This is a serious issue IF false. My3 should know the election is OVER.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Where is that statement DENYING it?

    This is a serious issue IF false. My3 should know the election is OVER.


    Bernard Wijeysinghe, What you forget to ask how did Srisena President get 450 thousand votes.

    2. Wickrama Bahu, YAKAPALANAYA, Why couldn’t you get a Ministers position from your old buddy Rani. W?
    3. Nice to read RATNAPALA (Malibern Biscuit) has woken up.
    4. Indrajith, I have a video clip of Srisena President, in Polonaruwa doing an early morning excise walk with security men surrounding him. This is a dead subject. Put it on the so that every one can see it.

  11. Nanda Says:

    I suspect he made a mistake based on poor understanding. He did not lie , he may have thought this a separate aircraft. But he mentioned everything correctly.
    I suspected the very moment he said that it is not possible to cancel an order so late, but if it is for the cone version kit and if they have not built fully very easily that money could be used for spare parts.

    Problem is all the critics should have argued that MR ORDERED THIS KIT TO SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM TERRORISM AND TO DEVELOP THE COUNTRY.

    By the way my ex- mate has been appointed as BOI chairman, not mention of how he passed A-levels.

  12. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Now it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Rajapakse government is ousted using the well known Americal facebook revolution methodology already practised by American agents in Egypt, Libya,Ukraine and many more countries.

    Thousands of Lorenzo like agents were hired to disseminate false facts and figures about Rajapakse government to accusing Rajapakse family of corruption and financial treason to discourage voters to vote for the MR government. Only difference is they have not used any street demonstration as it happened during a democratic process of conducting a presidential election.

    The regular commenter to LW like Lorenzo has already confessed that he had 23 avatars in Facebook during election time. 14 twitter accounts. 5 temporary websites. 2 temporary blogs. 1 rented printing press in Vavuniya printing mostly Singhala posters, handbills. Given away 20 mobiles to our “mans on the ground” working hard for the election. 1 hired lorry.

    Lorenzo admitted to readers and commenters of LW that His advisors gave a very aggressive STORY about Buckingham stables, helicopters, Lamboghinis, Yatches, corporate jets, etc. and BANG! If mud is the name of the game you will not find us lacking it in his own words.

    With the regular bombardments of false messages after messages they managed to convince only the people who got access to internet that Rajapakse family is corrupted to the core. A significant number of middle class families in and around Colombo and Kandy believed that and fallen into that trap. So, Rajapakse lost his majority in these areas. Even President Sirisena has acknowledged this and thanked the youngsters who participated in the facebook revolution, knowingly or unknowingly that this process was stage managed by western undercover operators but carried out by paid computer operators in Sri Lanka, in India in Pakistan and even in Poland.

    It is interesting to note that following the election their effort of spreading false accusations are continued relentlessly until today.
    For that the American strategy is explained by Ryan Goodman in his letter to New York Times ( says further marginalise Mahinda Rajapkase and remove him from active politics is vital since Mahinda Rajapkse has earned and still maintain a majority support in the rural Sinhala Buddhist areas of Sri Lanka.

    Ryan Goodman in his letter to New York Times says Mr. Rajapaksa will be politically challenging for the new Sri Lankan government to do on its own. The United States could help by signaling its own interest in opening a criminal case against Mr. Rajapaksa in the event that Sri Lanka doesn’t. That would give the new government both an opportunity and a justification to clean its house.

    It is in the new government’s interest to move decisively to protect its democratic victory by eliminating the threat of Mr. Rajapaksa’s return to power. That is a distinct possibility if his brother, Mahinda, succeeds in a bid to maintain control over the powerful opposition party.

    That’s why marginalizing Mr. Rajapaksa now is important. The new president, Mr. Sirisena, has signaled that he is open to domestic criminal prosecutions to ward off foreign war crimes trials. And the president’s spokesman has indicated that the government may be willing to prosecute specific war crimes, such as the so-called White Flag incident, in which surrendering Tamil leaders with white flags were allegedly executed by soldiers on the final day of the civil war. That’s a highly significant statement because, as many Sri Lankans know, and as the State Department reported to Congress, the army chief at the time said that Mr. Rajapaksa gave the order they must all be killed,” and later added that he would be willing to testify in a war crimes trial.

    Americans are not stop at attacking Mahinda Rajapakse , even the interim budget introduced in the parliament on the 29 of January is done in accordance with the American advisers’ dictates.

    First time in the history of corporate taxing in the world the 100-day finance minister has introduced a new super gain tax applicable to last financial year 2013/2014 where most of the companies have already completed paying their 28 percent corporate tax and closed their accounts for that year.

    This is a very silly and trivial way of Americans trying to destabilise our economy and our business progress.

    For example Dialog and other mobile operators in Sri Lanka are major competitors to American owned communication and mobile industry. This budget proposal will have negative impact on their performance and even some restrictions have been introduced says that the 25 per cent tax charged from the customers on reloads and paid to the government has to be borne by the particular service provider company and not charged from the customer or subscriber.

    Diaglog Axiata which has been dealt a blow from this proposal, on the other hand receives another blow through the ‘Super Gains Tax’.

    Any company which has gained a profit of over Rs. 02 billion during the last financial year is liable to this ‘Super Gains Tax’. This tax system states that companies which have gained a nett profit of over Rs. 02 billion during the 2013-14 financial year has to pay 25 per cent of the profits as tax.

    This interim budget is a complete deception. As Island article says ( the Finance Minister has not clearly specified how these extra expenses would be financed. Of course he suggested Mansion Tax of Rs. 1 million, Rs. 500,000 for dual citizenship and a few others. However, the income expected from these tax proposals will not be adequate to bridge the gap widened by new expenditure proposals.

    Deputy Minister of Finance and many others have argued that saving money from preventing waste and corruption would be adequate not only to fiancé the budget deficit but also to advance economic development. This is a very weak argument.

    Of course, if the new MR regime eliminated waste and corruption, that would save money. Nobody knows its magnitude. Assume it is enough to finance new expenditure, can the government continue with those savings? It is once and for all saving and it can be used only once. So, the argument that elimination of waste and corruption is the chief source of funding does not hold much water unless waste and corruption are seen as continuous, never-ending thing.

    As recommended by Americans, Now, SLFP is trying to introduce Sirisena’s henchmen to the executive committee on 14th of February further marginalise Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Supporters of Mahinda Rajapkase in the SLFP should fight back to retain their independence to bring back Mahinda Rajapakes.

    Otherwise Sri Lanka will lost for ever.

  13. Cerberus Says:

    It appears that certain groups are feeding the President Sirisena incorrect information to make him look like a fool in public. He has said a few things, which are either incorrect or not proven.
    1. President Mahinda R was planning a coup after the elections were over. Many of the people such as Police, Military, G.L. Pieris, Chief Justice have denied that statement.
    2. That MR’s house was not searched that when everyone knew that it had been searched.
    3. That there will be salary increase of Rs. 10,000 to the public sector when in fact it was only a one time Allowance of Rs. 5000. He has promised the rest of it after the elections.
    4. Now this latest statement given in the very first tv interview is really absurd.

    The statement made by President Mahinda R clears a lot of the misconceptions. See attached.

    It may be in the interest of certain parties to make President Maithripala Sirisena look like a fool. Then we won’t have either MS or MR as a President ! Who gains from all this ?

    In an extreme situation, it may be even in the interests of the LTTE rump members to have MS eliminated to make it look as if President Mahinda R had done it. The LTTE did it in the past when they killed Lalith Athulathmudali & Gamini Dissanayake there was suspicion cast on President Premadasa. That way they can get two Sinhala leaders in one blow. As in good detective stories, one has to see who stands to BENEFIT the most if MS is removed or made to look foolish and unable to govern, and MR out of the way.

    Right now, things are under way in Jaffna to pave the way for getting rid of the Army and driving a wedge between the armed forces and Tamils of Jaffna. See links below.

  14. Marco Says:

    I wish readers would make an “informed” comment.

    There was talk of one of the Sri Lankan Aircrafts would be converted into a VIP Airbus.

    Please find below an article in the Sunday Times dated 5 Oct 2014

    Luxury VIP Airbus cabin for President

    SriLankan Airlines has commissioned a “VIP conversion kit” for one of its new A330 aircraft so that President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his inner circle can travel abroad in comfort, authoritative sources said. The conversion kit is produced and installed by the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC). The company is an Airbus subsidiary that offers “top-quality cabin outfitting and innovative packages of nose-to-tail services to VVIP and Head of State ACJ customers”.

    It is widely known in aviation circles that one of SriLankan’s new aircraft is being configured especially for the President’s frequent travels abroad. The ACJ website says the kit allows transformation of the forward commercial passenger area into a spacious VIP section. It may include two double-VIP seats and two Club-Four VIP seats with Hi/Lo tables.

    “To complement this VIP configuration and bring a warmer ambience and greater privacy, the forward area also features partitions, high quality leather upholstery, woolen carpets and elegant curtains,” it adds. “In order to meet special needs, other customised configurations are designed on demand.”
    The kit can typically be installed within eight hours. However, it is not known what special features were requested on behalf of President Rajapaksa or whether these would take longer to put in place. It is also not clear how much the deal cost. A spokesman for ACJC refused to divulge details.

    “Airbus has a modern family of corporate jets, about 170 of which are in widespread service with a variety of companies, individuals and governments,” David Velupillai, Marketing Director, told the Sunday Times. “Most of these customers ask for discretion, and we naturally respect their wishes, so we are often unable to provide information about specific customers. One option is indeed to offer customers a VIP kit, which can be installed relatively quickly in part of the cabin of an airliner to provide a cost-effective short-term corporate jet solution to government needs,” he added. “The cost of such a kit will depend on exactly what is involved, and is commercially confidential.”

    SriLankan has ordered ten new aircraft from Airbus: six A330-300s and four new generation A350-900s. One A330 has already been delivered while another is due in December. Some airlines buy VIP conversion kits for commercial purposes but the sources said only President Rajapaksa was likely to use the one that has been commissioned for him. Last year, Bangkok Airways acquired a kit that could turn part of an A319 aircraft into a luxury cabin with sofas, tables and other amenities.

    The purchase was announced to the public with Bangkok Airways President Puttipong Prasartthong-Osoth revealing that the company had paid US$ 5-6 million to a French company (not ACJC) for the kit. He was also quoted as saying that the aircraft with VIP configuration would be used by his father and Bangkok Airways founder Prasert in addition to being available for general charter.

    President Rajapaksa usually travels on an A340 from SriLankan’s existing fleet. It was in service on Thursday when he and his entourage flew to Rome for an audience with Pope Francis.


  15. Independent Says:

    Agree with Cerberus. If SLFP and UNP contest, whether the President campaigns or not SLFP will win.
    But if ex presidents teams up with WW to form a new small party, SLFP votes will be split and UNP will win , similar to Presidential Elections.

    Sensible Lankaweb commentators should therefore get out of “love of ex-president” and think how they could help “Yahapalanaya” which is undeniably good thing for the country. By ridiculing “Yahapalanaya” concept they are supporting the opposite, anarchy , which was more or less practiced by ex-president.

    Coming back to this “private Jet”, I must explain that, as a person very familiar with aviation business, I understood what he said correctly, even though initially I thought it could be a small luxury aircraft.

    What he said was ( all in Sinhalese – unlike most other politicians who use some English words)

    1. A new “official airplane” with luxury “status” ( which he is not prepared to give details) was ordered using treasury money of $16m.

    2. This plane is to be exclusive use of the President and they have cancelled it and money is to be used now to buy spare parts for Sri Lankan airlines.

    Knowing that SL Airlines ordered new Airbus Aricrafts recently, what I gather from this is SL Airlines ordered this luxury pack , so that when the president wants to travel he will be using “the Airbus JET” which is fitted with this pack, most likely to a part of it.

    The main point here is, ex-president had the intention to use this jet to travel with all his 40 odd companions to party, not for saving of motherland. This is worse than ordering a new “luxury jet” which usually means a very small Cessna Citation or Lear jet type aircraft. In this case the whole Airbus is wasted on that day of travel.

  16. Independent Says:

    Who knows, ex prez may have had the intention of keeping this aircraft as his private jet , similar to US, AUS, Russian leaders. Knowing his record this is entirely possible.

    I believe President My3 did not lie and critics are there to get him for every single news item, same as these worshipers of previous president agrees with his every move as if it is to save Sir Lanka.

    We must go beyond this kind of attachment to build a real “Yahapalanaya” which is a good thing.

    If someone loves his motherland he should never ridicule the concept of good governance but it is happening daily in this forum, which is unfortunate.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    I was banned on 2 previous occassions. On BOTH I was proved CORRECT!

    1. Nonis. I agree SVG was wrong but Nonis was not clean either. I was banned for saying it. Under-USA stood by me because it helped MR. Finally it proved I was right. Nonis regularly abused his staff and abused his position to promote Mackwoods. People came to know this. MR should have punished BOTH for their crimes.

    2. I said MR MUST scrap 13 amendment, GET RID OF THE WAR CRIMES PANEL he appointed, etc. to WIN the election. I was proven right.

    I WILL be banned again. May be for the last time but will prove correct again!

    In a Buddhist culture, dissent is NOT attacked or banned. Stoning dissent is found in another culture!

    I too am concerned about the SLFP which MUST survive and THRIVE for the sake of the country. We will NOT let anything bad happen to it. I can ASSURE you CBK will NOT be appointed to the TOP POST of the party. She may be given a CEREMONIAL POST at most.

    MR has already started to form a NEW party – PEOPLE-NATION FRONT. Thursday will be its FIRST public statement. But it has DEVOLUTION VASU in it so NO HOPE in hell it will do well. Drop VASU and fantastic.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Converting a SRILANKAN passenger airline with a luxury suite is WORSE. Then the NATIONAL CARRIER PAYS FOR IT!

    This type of things don’t happen in any other country.

    These are the work horses of SRILANKAN. They should only be used for commercial purposes. We don’t need a AIRFORCE 1.

    When a plane is fitted with these lururies, it takes space and cannot be used for taking passengers!! It will be flying Colombo-Mattala regularly with ANY of the family members of the president at an ENORMOUS COST borne by SRILANKAN!!

    Thank god this move was STOPPED by My3.

  19. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Independent and Lorenzo

    Don’t be ridiculous my friends, come out with better defence!!

    Do you really think that Mahinda Rajapakse wanted to keep one of the airbuses purchased for Sri Lankan Airline for his personal use. No wonder you support Sirisena in the last election

    By the way these type of things can happened in any country. UK, US and even developing countries where they have used dedicated aircraft in their national carrier fleet or air force fleet specially designated for president for his travel. This is only for security reason.

    History shows that large number of air accidents occurred when VIPs travel by aircraft. Once popular anti American UN secretary died in an accident, Congress leader in India, and many more.

  20. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Just go to read the report without wasting LW space

  21. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Moderator of Lankaweb

    Please do not Ban Lorenzo for posting his comments. We need this communication going on.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado, Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    “In a Buddhist culture, dissent is NOT attacked or banned.” Hah!

    YOU, a Tamil Anglican Christian EELAMIST, is preaching “Buddhism” to us Buddhists to EXPLOIT our “Buddhist culture” to DEFUSE our RESOLVE!

    You are not dealing with any old “Buddhist Culture” dear REPROBATE, but a “Sinhala Buddhist Culture” that marries “Sinhala” MARTIAL SPIRIT with “Buddhist” MODERATION and TOLERANCE!

    We are TOLERANT & MODERATE towards the DESERVING, and are UNYIELDING & SEVERE towards those UNDESERVING TRAITORS who want to EXPLOIT our Buddhist faith to UNDERMINE, DISARM & ENSLAVE us.

    For them …. we have ONLY THE SWORD! You will NOT BE PERMITTED to use our Buddhist faith to DESTROY US!

    IT WAS SO two Millenia ago during King Dutugamunu’s day; it REMAINS THE SO EVEN TODAY! We will DEFEND & PROTECT our Motherland …. NO MATTER WHAT CONFRONTS US!

  23. Ananda-USA Says:


    I think “Facebook” Lorenzo should be kicked out. He is using LankaWeb for his Anti-National purposes.

    This is not the first place he has been unceremoniously booted out from; Colombo Telegraph, SriLankaDefenceForum, …. the list is endless

    Besides, by his own admission, he has many websites of his own ….. where he can go forth and make LISTS for his adoring readers!


  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    This should “GLADDEN” the heart of Anti-Muslim “Facebook” Lorenzo.

    Even France … that BASTION of Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’ … has BANNED the Hijab in PUBLIC.

    The rest of the Western World is also gradually moving in the same direction to IMPOSE the rubric “When in the West, do as the Westerners do” on their Muslim residents.

    OMG, is Sri Lanka going to allow Hijabs NOW that SL is being RECREATED in the image of the West? Would that not be OUT OF STEP with the West?

    What will the “Yahapalanaya” puppets of the “West” do? Oh my, what a DILEMMA for them!!

    Freed From Fear, Lankan Muslim Women Observe World Hijab Day
    Tue, Feb 3, 2015, 09:04 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Feb 03 (NIE) COLOMBO- Symptomatic of the sea change in the atmosphere in Sri Lanka following the overthrow of the sectarian government of Mahinda Rajapaksa, young Lankan Muslim women publicly observed World Hijab Day on January 31 without any fear of being targeted by government-backed Buddhist extremist outfits like the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS).

    “Lankan Muslims are breathing a sigh of relief. They want to feel free,” said Hilmy Ahamad of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL), commenting on the successful “Hijab Awareness Exhibition” held at the Race Course here.

    And Ahamad ought to know, for in the heyday of the Rajapaksa regime, the MCSL had been forced to appeal to Muslim women to abjure black abayas (cloaks) so as not to invite the wrath of the BBS.

    Hundreds of Muslim and non-Muslim men and women thronged the stalls exhibiting colorful headscarves and abayas of every hue. Muslim girls from English medium schools explained to visitors why they cover themselves up; what benefits accrue to women who cover up; and how covering up is not a reflection of female subjugation. Placards said: Before You Judge, Cover Up For a Day.

    “Over 250 young women, including Buddhists and Christians, tried out the outfits, and over 200 hijabs were lapped up. We had to close only because the stalls ran out of hijabs!” an organizer told Express.

    Shaahidah Riza refuted the view that covering up is an expression of Muslim identity or is a rebellion against Western culture. “It is just an expression of our love for God and the Prophet,” she said.

    ” It is like protective armor. Men don’t mess with covered up women,” added Salma, a social worker.

    Zaneeta Razaq saw covering up as a liberating devise. “Being covered up, people judge me not by my looks, but by my abilities,” she said.

    But for Faizun Zackariya of Muslim Research Forum, covering up is part of the “homogenization” of Islam riding roughshod over Islamic cultural diversity. She warned that defining religious communities narrowly through enforced dress codes, could unleash forces like the Boko Haram of Nigeria.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    Hay Under-USA,

    I was NOT kicked out of CT and was never in SriLankaDefenceForum (a Tamil Elam blog). I was kicked out of ground(ed)views for defending SL against TEs. Now it is as good as bankrupt.

    You can kick me out but cannot kick out the TRUTH. Too bad there are educated, civilised and decent human beings out there who TOLERATE DISSENT. :((

    Someone told me you have a blog which NO ONE visits!!

  26. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:


    You state “Bernard Wijeysinghe, What you forget to ask how did Srisena President get 450 thousand votes.”

    I have addressed that. I do not believe THE COALITION OF SIRISENA got that many votes.
    I believe Rajapakse actually WON THE ELECTIONS.

    if you are from the United states then you would know that after the 2012 midterm elections (not the 2014 midterm). Some Districts in the US (Districts are political units within a county, and county is within a state) SHOWED A 105% VOTE FOR OBAMA!! SOME 100% OTHERS 110%.
    The US government did not even bother fudging the numbers. Romney lost by a mere 2 million votes out of 60 million who voted.

    Later it was fond that

    names of “dead people’ voted
    People using first their maiden name and then their married name voted
    Illegal immigrants in California and some other states voted. No ID was asked to vote.

    That election was the costliest election till 2012 and it was COMPLETELY RIGGED.




  27. Lorenzo Says:

    “Lankan Muslim Women Observe World Hijab Day”


    Let them wear whatever they want on world Hijab day as long as it is decent and DO NOT IMPOSE it on others. Does that affect national security? NO! So let them. Soon so and so will need a HIJAB and a NAQIB to cover his face from the people. CID is looking for $5 billion taken out of SL ALLEGEDLY by so and so and deposited in foreign banks over 10 years.

    RACISM is the last hiding place of LOSERS.

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    “I was NOT kicked out of CT and was never in SriLankaDefenceForum” you say!

    On the CONTRARY, you were KICKED OUT … under two of your other sheepskins. Ask Marco about your getting kicked out of ColomboTelegraph, while I was the one who kicked you out of

    Yes, the latter blog is now closed to 3rd party comments; was too much work for me to maintain alone after the war ended. It is NEVER a Tamil blog as you allege, but a blog for SUPPORTING the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in defending Sri Lanka.

    BTW, you might recall that I kicked you out because you WOULD NOT STOP espousing Christian Missionary Conversions in Sri Lanka under the name Kxxxxr Mxxxs! TELLING MORE LIES WON’T HELP YOU, “Facebook” Lorenzo!!

  29. Wickrama Says:

    February 3rd, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    “2. Wickrama Bahu, YAKAPALANAYA, Why couldn’t you get a Ministers position from your old buddy Rani. W?”

    IF that was aimed at me, please note that I am NOT a buddy of RW, or any politician at that.

  30. Independent Says:

    ” Ado Yakko ” -Mr. USA,

    Please calm down. Just take a deep breadth and say සියලු සත්වයෝ සුවපත් වෙත්වා, දුකින් මිදෙත්වා, නිවන් දකිත්වා. This is called Metta Bhavana banned by your master


    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasinghe, Sorry if I offended you, but at least; I have one person agreeing that the election was rigged.

  32. Lorenzo Says:


    That wasn’t me. I never visited which is a TAMIL ELAM blog promoting a seperate state. I wasn’t kicked out of CT anyway. Can I post something?

    So you do have a blog which NO ONE visits!!

  33. ranjit Says:

    Mun Yakku nevei MARAYO going from place to place and checking and arresting same like in world war two what Hitler did with his secret and feared GESTAPO. How many lies this puppet Sira told the public before the elections to get votes and now still he continuously telling third class cheap lies to mislead the people of Sri Lanka.

    How much you talk for him or against him I am telling you today just keep it in writing that our Motherland (yours and mine) will be in darkness and in danger very soon. See the rush of the Americans and the west to pass laws in our sovereign country? See the rush of Muslims and Tamils to get their dream land? See the rush to get all the Opposition members behind bars? See the rush to implement 13 + or minus. The whole plan was orchestrated by Americans.They helped to rig the elections. They bought all the actors to fill in the new Govt. They Financed it and at the end they might succeed in getting our heroes to courts for war crimes. Wake up Sinhalese.Enough of their lies and American supremacy on our land. They don’t come here to help us but to help Tamils to get their separate land where they can have their say without any interference. Let’s see what Champka & Rathanaya do about it.

    Our economy is going down.Big Business people are leaving and many will lose their jobs if we give these Jarapalana thieves to continue beyond 100 days. They will tell hundred million lies to stay in power. Don’t believe these snakes for god’s sake. Think of saving our Motherland by rejecting the Jarapalanaya.

  34. Christie Says:

    Here again we are fighting among ourselves. A misleading statement is not a truth. Thanks the writer of this article.

  35. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    How can you say “ which is a TAMIL ELAM blog promoting a separate state”, when I, the founder and CREATOR of that SITE is TELLING YOU that it is MY site, and that it is a PATRIOTIC one supporting the SLDF?

    I INVITE LankaWeb readers to go to and JUDGE for themselves, IF ONLY to CONVINCE YOURSELVES what a LIAR this EELAMIST HYPOCRITE “Facebook” Lorenzo is, and how he MISINFORMS, MISLEADS and MISDIRECTS readers at LankaWeb with his LIES! The Virtual War-Games Expert in ACTION!

    NO, you can’t comment at that site BECAUSE it is CLOSED to others. People can visit and read what I post, but that is it. I am very busy now, and no longer have the time to maintain it as a full fledged INTERACTIVE site like LankaWeb, which requires a lot of effort by many dedicated people.

  36. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Yakko Mr. Dependent,

    I see you have REAPPEARED at LankaWeb spouting your NONSENSE! You are the 3rd member of “Facebook” Lorenzo’s team of REGIME CHANGE puppets, the other being that LAPDOG IDIOT Nanda!

  37. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Yakko “Facebook” LOrenzo,

    “That wasn’t me. ”

    OF COURSE NOT …. it was your MAIN Avatar Kxxxr Mxxxs! LIAR!

  38. asoka2468 Says:

    I hate this back stabing , indian vest wearnig , lying mother fucker. How can we kick his ass out? What did the people see in this asshole?

  39. Independent Says:

    It started with “Ado Yakko” by an uncivilized US citizen civil engineer and now going beyond that. Never seen such a low level in this website of usually professionals. !

    Anyone with proper vision can clearly see the “VIP conversion kit” shown above is for A320/A319 ( it is written in white of black background”. This was developed in 2010.
    What ex- president ordered cannot be simple 4 seat/ table portable conversion kit shown as above, as it will not cost $16million. One with thinking ability can understand that a $16 million kit cannot be fitted in 4 hours.

    For A 330 please visit
    What he actually ordered is hard to tell but this will surely be disclosed later.
    But I strongly believe this A330 VIP kit means, this jet cannot be used commercially without disruptions, fitting is and dismantling will cost time and money and as a President of a poor country, ex- president should not have ordered this, instead with that money they could have bargained for a better deal.
    Furthermore, he travels with 20-40 people ( including Mervyn Silva sometimes) costing us millions, his budget allocation of $750 million as explained by the current president is a reflection of his love of motherland.

  40. Ratanapala Says:

    Main idea of bringing Sirisena to be President is to eventually discredit him and depose him; and for Ranil to achieve his life long dream of becoming President of Sri Lanka. This is slowly happening. Yes the United Christian Party ( formerly called UNP) is on it 24/7! He has already got him to say that he will be President only for one term. Then he agreed to reduce the term to 4 years. Eventually he will sell his balls and fade out leaving Ranil to run and his Christian Knights to take Sri Lanka back to the new Portuguese – the Americans!

  41. Sarath W Says:

    Why does MY3 need independent to defend him? He is a proven backstabber, liar and a totally incompetent person to be the president. MR’s enemies thought using the enemy’s enemy is a good thing to defeat MR. Now that enemy MY3 has become the enemy of Sri Lanka by sucking up to Sri Lanka’s enemies, the Endians, the Yankies and the Poms to please his partners Ranil and Chandrika.

  42. sena Says:

    Zero integrity from the top most to the bottom office assistant in Sri lanka. no one knows who tell the truth. Every one is jokeying to protect their turf often by corruption and law breaking and living off the productivity of poor blue collar workers – housemaids, farmers (in poor health due to neglect by successive governments who goes out of the way to supply drinking water to non productive city people), plantation workers, seamstresses etc.

  43. Asanga Says:


    I just wanted to add a couple of my comments to this. I currently work as an Engineer on Aircraft Interior Modifications. Its what I have done for the most part of 11 years since I left Uni.

    So I do have an idea of what I am speaking about.

    When this ‘Exposure’ took place, one of the first articles that hit the internet, and then facebook was a Sinhala piece, that claimed that Mahinda had ordered an Ultra sophisticated fully customized plane. The article was full of (uncredited) photos showing an inside of a customized plane of the kind I am familiar with, that is typically ordered by Royalty or very rich businessmen. These pictures were also of the ‘Computer Rendered’ Images kind that companies like mine use as presentations for prospective clients.

    In other words, they are fakes, for the most part.

    So this article headline screamed out loud that these are the pictures of Mahinda’s plane. Yet later it was claimed that it was actually ‘like’ the plane that Mahinda had ordered.

    So that alone is enough to point out that this is part of the currently very fashionable Witch Hunt.

    Then came the fact about a VIP conversion kit. Which was also part of the latest article appearing on the Sunday Times, which said it was in fact a VIP conversion kit and not a full blown customized interior.

    From my experience, there is a WORLD of difference between a fully customized interior and a VIP conversion kit.

    Let’s say MR actually bought the A330 Cabin Concept. If so, please look at this sentence appearing in that link you, Independent, sent:
    ‘… concept features a VIP section at the front of the cabin, and airline-style seating at the rear’

    Please note that it says Airline seating in the rear- not a flying Palace with bedrooms and jacuzzis in the back. But I think you have already mentioned this in your post, so apologies for the repeat of the fact!

    Also that link you posted above about the Airbus A330 Summit cabin concept is just that at the moment:A concept that they (Airbus) are promoting.

    So the accusation against MR in this case seems to be that he ordered either a flying palace for which the ‘Evidence’ seems to be computer rendered photos of what it might look like….(which have been stolen without credit given from other websites promoting other luxury aircraft of VIPs around the world)

    OR he ordered a VIP conversion kit from an Airbus A330 Summit Cabin Concept which is also at the moment a ‘Concept’!!!!!

    Now, the thing that nobody has talked about upto the moment, is whether or not this VIP conversion kit could have been for an A320 (note that NONE of the reports are DENYING that!). If this is the case, then certainly it will not warrant the type of hysterics that this ‘Expose’ seems to be making.

    True there will be a disruption of normal service while the kit is being installed into an existing airliner. But does it warrant the Witch Hunters tarring and feathering MR and his gang?

    I think not-but thats’ just my two cents worth of opinion.

    Just to add a footnote, I was dissappointed as many were I am sure, when I thought I saw Lankaweb going the same way as Rupavahini and ITN did overnight in SL.

    It made my heart feel good to see, especially in the couple of these weeks, the patriots, who have always remained patriots, who have brought their fire and fight back into the fray.

    There are not many places for us anymore on the web or on Media. Keep it up Ananda-USA, Mr. Bernard and all others whose comments are invaluable. Thank you Gentlemen and Ladies.

    And to this list I also include the alleged ‘Eelamists’ and ‘India supporters’ (those who ask for Velu and cry Jai Hind) whom, if you read between the lines, actually are saying some very profound things! Thank you also.

    Keep it up Lankaweb, you are one of the lonely lights in a sea of darkness at the moment.

  44. Independent Says:

    I feel like I am visiting a mental hospital.

    Patients using lot of swear word to abuse the president of Sri Lanka and fellow commentators.

    It will be OK after two months , after taking medicine from Dr. My3.

  45. lokubanda Says:

    Sounds like Independent depends on what politicians say. Most people agree that most politicians lie for their own benefit. Unfortunately, there is now proof that the current rulers promising good governance have already lied on several occasions and have also acted against the Sri Lankan constitution; e.g., appointment of the prime minister, setting up of an all-powerful executive council, stories about illegal armories at BMICH and at the Galle harbour, firing the chief justice, private plane for former president, etc. etc. Very sad indeed!

  46. Independent Says:

    Dear Asanga,
    I accept what you mentioned about A330. I also mentioned “What he actually ordered is hard to tell but this will surely be disclosed later”. My point was, this article has shown wrong specification and it is clear from the pictures which were left out in this article.
    This luxury VIP pack must be bigger than what is mentioned here ( 8 hours fitting time – not 4 hours which was a typo).

  47. Independent Says:

    No. I don’t defend any politician or believe them even 50%.

  48. Independent Says:

    After your comment I felt like out of the hospital, speaking to someone with sound mind. Thank you.

    Anyway, here we have a man who gave up luxury worth $16 million . He also ordered allocation of 95% of his budget ($700 million) towards price reductions and salary increases.

    Even if he has done this for the show, has any other president done it ever in Sri Lanka ?

    Yet, people in the forum abuse him using words such as MF, proven backstabber, liar and a totally incompetent person and puppet Sira.
    Is it fair , Sir ?

  49. Asanga Says:

    Dear Independent,
    Thank you for your response. Yes I do agree with you that there is a lot of confusion about what was actually ordered. It does not help that the Media speaks so confidently about it as if they are sure beyond doubt. (But then that is the Media has always done!)

    To be fair, I also voted for MR in this election, inspite of visibly seeing the corruption in the activities of his MPs, PCs and hangers-on.

    I also do believe that the current government is heading in a very dangerous direction, that includes selling off our country to the Western Powers to act according to their wishes. These wishes include punishing those persons who have acted against western wishes during the war, in order to win it.

    These punishments will be intended to serve as a lesson to anyone contemplating similar actions in the future. What Leader would not think twice before going all the way to win another conflict (or even prevent one being started) when he or she remembers God forbid, how a previous regime who had done the same were treated?

    Yes you are right, IF the current president has stopped this order for 16 million dollars even for the show, he deserves praise for saving that money, I have to agree with that. Fair enough.

  50. SA Kumar Says:

    Yakko ( I like THE sound -thanks AND USA)Independent / Asanga
    as I am pro Eelamist you Sinhala modayas We all agree MR deserve more than luxury VIP plan because after 33 years We all can live with out one gun shoot dead in mother Lanka now, does not matter which part of SL (North or South)we live happy now as We all know We will have natural dead only.

    MR done it as Prince Arujunan killed his own 100 of half his brothers in Mahaparatham .at the end blood in his as MR had blood in his hand.
    now You know why MR running to Vikara to Templ than church .

    These two (RW & CBK) are using MS very well and MS also knows very well He is not child .

  51. SA Kumar Says:

    Velu and cry Jai Hind) whom, if you read between the lines, actually are saying some very profound things! Thank you – I know who you means Machan

    live & lets live …….

    Velu where are you???

  52. Indrajith Says:

    Sri Lanka’s Marxist party public complaints unit receives complaint against President’s brother
    Wed, Feb 4, 2015, 09:07 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Feb 04, Colombo: The public complaints unit of Sri Lanka’s Marxist party, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has received a complaint on the alleged involvement of one of President Maithripala Sirisena’s brother in illegal sand mining in the Polonnaruwa District.

    The complaint was handed over to JVP Western Provincial Councilor Lakshman Nipunarachchi by businessman Sujeewa Sudhasinghe, who engages in sand mining on a license received by the government.

    Sudhasinghe has stated that despite engaging in sand mining work on an official license received by the government, one of President Sirisena’s brothers had continuously obstructed his business and in some instances forcibly taken away consignments of sand while being kept for official inspection before distribution.

    According to the JVP Councilor, the businessman has requested for justice to be meted out to him and to be ensured the freedom to carry out his legal business.

  53. Sarath W Says:

    Obviously Independent feels like he is visiting a mental hospital because his little brain feels he is mental for blindly supporting a crooked politician. He says he does not support any politician or even believe them even 50% other than MY3 because he hate MR more than 150%.No wonder he feels mental.

  54. Independent Says:

    Thank you Sarath. You will be OK.

  55. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dependent says “I feel like I am visiting a mental hospital.”

    Actually you should NOT BE VISITING any mental hospital; you really should be INCARCERATED IN ONE for being “Facebook” Lorenzo’s 2nd IDIOT LAPDOG!

  56. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado “Dependent” says “It started with “Ado Yakko” by an uncivilized US citizen civil engineer and now going beyond that. Never seen such a low level in this website of usually professionals!”

    Actually, it didn’t START with “Ado Yakko”; but it seems to be ENDING there!

    Ado Yakko began with your uncalled for fiddling with the proper form of address for that EELAMIST HYPOCRITE “Facebook” Lorenzo.

    But, hey … as “Facebook” Lorenzo’s 2nd IDIOT LAPDOG …. you seem to be rather KEEN to wear that hat too!

    I HATE to deny you that signal privilege; The HAT FITS PERFECTLY; SO WEAR IT with my blessings!

  57. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear LankaWeb Moderator,

    My heartfelt thanks! You have again DONE THE RIGHT THING discharging your DUTY to defend and protect our Motherland!

    I have worn your shoes as a moderator in the past, and have been forced to take SIMILAR ACTION to protect those things we hold dear, by denying a platform for those who wish to undermine and destroy our country.

    Some NAIVELY THINK that FREE SPEECH is an unlimited right to run amok exploiting the very system that enables those freedoms, to DESTROY it.

    It is not so. In every DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY there are RULES OF THE ROAD that must be OBSERVED. Those rules are set by those who wield power, usually lawmakers representing the democratic majority. Those who violate those rules suffer the consequences. There is always a conflict between FREE SPEECH and NATIONAL SECURITY with the pendulum swinging to and fro in favor of one or the other. In the USA, the Sedition Act of old, the more recent Patriot Act, and the latest legislation on the monitoring of phone calls and internet content and indicate the PRIORITY that Americans, quite rightly, place on National Security in the interest of National Survival. So must the Patriotic sons and daughters of Sri Lanka protect their Motherland.

    LankaWeb, from its very INCEPTION, was concerned with the defense and protection of our Motherland. Accordingly, to that end, it has a DUTY to discharge by preventing the use of its website for the purposes INIMICAL to the VERY SURVIVAL of Sri Lanka as a Sovereign Unitary Nation; the ONLY homeland of the Sinhala people.

    The ENEMIES of Sri Lanka throw “Free Speech”, “Democracy”, “Human Rights” and “Buddhist Values” in our face to RENDER US DEFENCELESS against their onslaught, while they exploit those very values to destroy the system that gives them those freedoms. We MUST NOT ALLOW THAT by falling prey to those Siren Songs!

    In that same way, the enemies toppled established governments in the Middle East, confusing the people, and transforming those countries into lawless anarchies, condemning their people to death, destruction, homelessness and despair.

    You would think that having suffered through 30 years of such pain ourselves, Sri Lankans would not let our guard down, to let it happen again. Yet, they have recently succeeded beginning that very process in Sri Lanka as well. Before the recent election, we saw a WELL ORCHESTRATED, CONCERTED EFFORT to disseminate REGIME CHANGE Propaganda on the INTERNET and elsewhere, to SOW DISSATISFACTION in the minds of WEAK MINDED GULLIBLE people; an effort that continues to this day.

    I am doing my part to stem that Tide of Anti-National Propaganda. I find NO JOY AT ALL in the particular approaches that I have been FORCED to take at LankaWeb in the defense of my Motherland; but as a Patriotic Son of Lanka, I MUST fight FIRE with FIRE.

    Please CONTINUE to Monitor these Anti-National Propaganda activists; and DENY them every opportunity to use LankaWeb as a WEAPON against our Resplendent Motherland.

  58. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Dependent,

    Please do not beg; I HATE those who BEG for leniency after EARNING the beatings they receive. Another way of putting it is to say, “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

    And KNOW THIS: I ROUTINELY THROW BACK STONES THROWN AT ME. You chose to throw stones at me, so ENJOY the RESPONSE!


    That process of accountability involves STRONG WORDS which I am happy to supply following in the footsteps of Anagarika Dharmapala throughout his career, and Ven. Mohottiwatte Gunananda thera who led the Buddhist team in the Panadura Wadaya.

    When GREAT ISSUES are at stake, we must forget LESSER things and RISE to the OCCASION with SWORD in hand. A GREAT SCAM orchestrated by Enemies of Sri Lanka, both local and foreign, was perpetrated on the people of Sri Lanka. This SCAM, that could DESTROY our Motherland, must be EXPOSED as such and REVERSED!

    If you have neither the vision, nor the commitment, to recognize the THREAT THAT HAS ARISEN to our Motherland, that is your folly, not mine, but please don’t dish out palliatives to those who do.

    It is good that you watched the CBK video, but please don’t swallow all of the self-serving stuff she dished out hook, line and sinker. There are at least TWO SIDES to EVERY STORY. You have not heard MR’s side as yet on HER ALLEGATIONS. That’s all they are: UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS.

    I am surprised you concluded that her ALLEGATIONS “proved what type of a person our ex-president was”! NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH; she is HEAVILY biased and therefore is NOT CREDIBLE.

    She is ONE of the two FAILED LEADERS of Sri Lanka who COLLUDED to OUST, in the words of H.L.D. Mahindapala, the “Greatest Overachiever of Our Time”! We need an IMPARTIAL ASSESSMENT of the FACTS, not only the charges of a VINDICTIVE INSANELY JEALOUS woman!

    You learned by listening to it; I LIVED through all of that and I know what happened by chapter and verse. If anything, it confirmed my view that she is DRIVEN BY JEALOUSY & HATE against MR, and not by the WELFARE of our Motherland.

    In her mind, NO ONE is ALLOWED to DO ANY BETTER than her and gain the GRATITUDE of the nation. In her mind, that is her SOLE BIRTHRIGHT, and no one else is allowed to infringe upon HER preserve.

    To my mind, she did only ONE THING RIGHT during her tenure as PM and President: She dissolved Ranil’s UNP GOSL when Ranil was getting ready to sign an agreement to GIVE the North and East to the LTTE, and implemented Presidential Rule calling for new elections. That is ALL she did that was a TRUE SERVICE to the Nation: There was no liberation and reunification of the nation, no infrastructure development (eg. Expressways and Nulum Pokuna contrary to her claims), no significant progress in education. When she left, bombs were still killing tens of thousands of innocents annually! SHE IS A FAILED POLITICAL LEADER of Sri Lanka bar NONE!

    After she lost her eye in the BOMB BLAST she lost ALL COURAGE, gave up on the WAR, and started to support the Tamil Separatists saying they have “JUST GRIEVANCES”. The Sudu Nelum movement that she initiated drove a stake through the heart of our Armed Forces discouraging them and cutting them off at the knees.

    Although she claimed that much of the North was already liberated under her government, and that only the area around Mullativu remained in LTTE hands, that was an ABSOLUTE LIE. I KNOW EVERYTHING about the war zones of that period; everything except a small portion of land around Jaffna, and all land North of Vavuniya was in LTTE’s hands. Anyone who ffails to appreciate the ENORMITY of THAT LIE ALONE is a CONGENITAL IDIOT!

  59. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear LankaWeb readers,

    I have translated from Sinhala into English President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s rebuttal of the FALSE allegations leveled against him by various officials of the new GOSL.

    This letter, which strictly confines itself to FACTS ONLY, CLEARLY SHOWS the DEVIOUS & UGLY nature of the PAID MUD SLINGERS who are trying to tarnish the image of this DECENT, HONORABLE and COURAGEOUS man that we Sri Lankans were fortunate enough to have as our President for 10 years, during one of the most difficult, yet victorious and productive times in the history of our Motherland!

    Jayawewa Mahinda Rajapaksa Janadhipathithumani ! </b
    Obathumata Thunuruwan Saranai !
    Hatarawaran Devi Pihitai !

    1 kotiya = 10 million
    Please feel free to bring any necessary corrections to my attention. Thanks!

    Mahinda Rajapaksa
    Carlton, Tangalle

    Phone: 047 2240344
    Fax: 047 2241113
    Web: www dot MahindaRajapaksa dot lk
    E-Mail: MahindaRajapaksaPresident AT gmail dot com

    February 09, 2015


    Members of the current government are continuing to make faslse and misleading allegations regarding me.
    I believe it is necessary to respond to these charges to prevent the public from being misled.

    In a recent Rupavahini program, it was reported that a sum of Rs. 100 bilion allocated for 2015 to the Presidential Secretariat by my government was reduced by the new government to Rs 27.2 billion, and that the balance was released to provide assistance to the public. I would like to categorically state that at no time did I allocate a sum of Rs. 100 billion to the Presidential Secretariat. The full funds allocated to the Presidential Secretariat for 2015 was Rs. 95.9 biliion. There were 25 government departments, including the National Salaries Commission and National Maritime Committee, operating under the direction of the Presidential Secretariat. The expenses of the previous Presidents and their families also fall under the purview of the Presidential Secretariat. The Executive and Administrative departments of the Presidential Secretariat provided all the services, and the most of the funds, necessary to maintain these departments. Therefore, all of the funds allocated to the Presidential Secretariat do not go towards mainitaining itself.

    The total funds budgeted for maintaining the President’s Office in 2015 was Rs. 37.5 billion. This amount is only a part of the expenses of the Presidential Secretariat. Of this President’s Office budget, Rs. 10 billion was allocated to the assistance provided by the President’s Office to Small Enterprises and Projects throughout the island. When this amount is deducted from the total, the budget of the President’s Office is reduced to Rs. 27.5 billion. Therefore, the amount mentioned as being allocated as the budget of the new President’s Office is this amount.

    Another story related by some is that USD 16 million in public funds was spent to order a special plane for my use, and that the new government has refused to take delivery of it, and has made arrangements for new owners to assume responsibility. I hereby state that no special aircraft was ever ordered for my use. While Sri Lankan Airlines was arranging to buy new aircraft for its own use from the Airbus Corporation, they had arranged to obtain a kit to remove some regular seats and convert that space into a special compartment to accommodate VIPs as needed, and had instructed their accountant to cost it as an option. The USD 15 million that was mentioned was the manufacturer’s estimated cost of this facility. It was an option that was to be provided free-of-cost.

    There is also an allegation that I have built official Presidential residences at various locations throughout the country for my reacreational use. The President’s residences at the Temple Trees, in Colombo Fort, as well as the existing residences in Nuwara Eliya and Mahanuwara, have existed from Colonial times, and were used by the government leaders of this country. The Presidential residences in Anuradhapura, Embilipitiya and Mahiyangana were built by President R. Premadasa. I must point out that none of these President’s residences were built during the tenure of my government. It was reported recently that the Temple Trees and Colombo Fort President’s residences would be opened for public viewing. We must recall that while I was living at Temple Trees, thousands of school children and elders came to tour this Presidential residence. While I enjoyed the opportunity this afforded to talk with them, I also used the opportunity to learn from them the development needs in various parts of the country. Furthermore, thousands of citizens participated in my Poya day activties at the Temple Trees President’s residence.

    A report was published that some vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secrretariat have still not been returned. It was reported that 22 Defender Jeeps were “found” in Borella, and that 53 vehicles were found to have been abandoned in a land in Colombo, Pettah. The places where these vehicles were found are the official storage parking lots belonging to the Presidential Secretariat. These vehicles were found where they were supposed to be. Many of the vehicles found in Pettah were high security vehicles from the 1980’s decade, that could not be auctioned off according to routine operating procedures. I myself have handed over per regulations all of the vehicles used by my Office. The assignments of remaining vehicles allocated to various officials and departments of the Presidential Secretariat can be found in the vehicle records of the Presidetial Secretariat.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa
    Former President of Sri Lanka.

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