Bid to Bring Ex-LTTE Cadre Into Tamil Political Mainstream
Posted on February 14th, 2015

By PK Balachandran Courtesy The New Indian Express

COLOMBON. Vithyatharan, former editor of popular pro-LTTE Tamil dailies Sudar Oli and Uthayan, has started a movement to bring into the Tamil political mainstream, former LTTE cadre and their supporters, who are either out rightly rejected or discriminated against by existing Tamil political organizations like the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA)

Speaking to CMR Thamil FM 101.3 of Toronto, Canada, Vithyatharan said that the basic idea of his movement is to recognize the sacrifices the LTTE had made for the Tamil cause in the past, and use their sense of commitment and dedication to the Tamil cause in the on-going democratic and peaceful struggle to secure the Tamils’ rights.  

He   pointed out that the 11,000 rehabilitated” ex-Tiger cadre are still under strict military surveillance besides being discriminated against by post-war  Tamil polity.

If former militants are not brought into mainstream democratic and peaceful politics, they may return to violence,” he warned.

His movement is no threat to Lanka’ security as it will work within the Lankan legal framework, Vithyatharan said. At the same time, nobody can expect the Tamils to abandon their struggle for democratic rights just to be on the right side of the powers-that-be, he added.

To Strengthen TNA  

He clarified that the organization he will be forming will not be contesting elections, at least for the time being, but it will act as a pressure group vis-à-vis the TNA and other mainstream Tamil parties.

The idea is not to weaken the TNA or any other party working for the Tamil cause but to strengthen them by seeing that they do not abandon or dilute the Tamil cause or suppress any section of Tamil nationalists, he said.

Vithyatharan pointed out that the ITAK, which is the dominant group in the TNA, has been trying to portray itself as a peaceful party, unsullied by a bloody militant past, and has been discriminating against or even out rightly rejecting, ex-LTTE cadre, their sympathizers and collaborators. He himself has been a victim.

The other aim of the movement is to bring democracy into the TNA and the ITAK. According to Vithyatharan, decisions in the TNA and ITAK are taken by a select few unilaterally, and imposed on others in the name of unity. Such a decision making style might have been alright in an organization like the LTTE, but not in  avowedly democratic organizations like the ITAK and TNA, he pointed out.

Expects Sinhalese Support

Asked if the Sinhalese majority in South Lanka will not see the movement as an indication of a revival of the dreaded LTTE, Vithyatharan said: My guess is that there will be more support for my cause in the South than in the Tamil areas!”

In explanation he said: The Sinhalese cannot object to ex-militants being brought to the democratic mainstream because they had themselves magnanimously brought the militant JVP to the mainstream. Today, the once anti-Tamil JVP has become so democratic that it is voicing the Tamils’ demands more loudly than any other Sinhalese party!”

2 Responses to “Bid to Bring Ex-LTTE Cadre Into Tamil Political Mainstream”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Tamils will not go anywhere unless they join the mainstream political parties. The Sinhalese see the Tamil parties as racist parties and do not trust them. Sinhalese do not have any Sihala racist parties. Unless the Tamils understand this, their demands will be always viewed as racist and EEalamist.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Charles, you said

    “Please do not bother with this idiots who do not know what they say and do. They have no idea that supporting this government is selling our country to the west. In thid government there are no patriots. They all have their personal agenda and that is it and what happens to the country and the innocent people ar not their concern.”

    I KNOW you mean well in your concern for me when you say this, but I DON’T AGREE that leaving these ENEMIES of Sri Lanka to comment UNCONTESTED without being held ACCOUNTABLE for all they did in the RECENT past to UNDERMINE & OUST the GOSL that Liberated, Reunified and was Rapidly Developing our Motherland is the RIGHT thing to do.

    They are NOT IDIOTS who know not what they say or do, but DEVIOUS CONNIVING CON-ARTISTES and AVOWED ENEMIES of our Motherland GEARING UP to REPEAT their PREVIOUS PERFORMANCE on the BACKS of the Sinhala MODAYAS!!!

    They INCESSANTLY MOCKED all the Patriots who blogged here, including YOU, in their STRATEGY to turn the VOTERS of Sri Lanka against the UPFA GOSL. After DOING THAT, they came here and CROWED about their SUCCESS in OUSTING that GOSL.

    That RAT “Facebook” Lorenzo who pretended to be a PATRIOT all these years, building up his “PATRIOT” credentials hiding under a TREACHEROUS SHEEPSKIN to strike at the CRITICAL MOMENT to HELP CREATE an EELAM for his TRUE SPONSORS, brought a LARGE TEAM of AGITATORS and AVATARS to LankaWeb to support his CAMPAIGN.

    In the Aftermath of the Election, in a MOMENT OF UNWISE BRAVADO & HUBRIS provoked by my CRITICISMS, “Facebook” Lorenzo disclosed many of his REGIME CHANGE ACTIVITIES …. websites and blogs hosted, Facebook and Twitter accounts maintained, teams of Propagandists fielded, and AVATAR accounts activated …. RIGHT HERE AT LankaWeb. That, you may RECALL, is what finally COMPELLED the LankaWeb Moderator to INTERVENE to RESTRICT his blogging ACTIVITIES. I had been WARNING LankaWeb readers to this danger of Lorenzo’s activities long before the LankaWeb Moderator came down hard on him!

    Nevertheless, he and his TEAM of AVATARS/AGITATORS are STILL COMMENTING at LankaWeb, and have even INVADED LankaWeb’s List of Article Contributors, as LISTED on LankaWeb’s Home page. I know this beyond reasonable doubt, having OBSERVED his antics for MANY YEARS on MANY FORA and through PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of his DISRUPTIVE ACTIVITIES at one of my own blogsites.

    Although his main blog-handle of “Facebook” Lorenzo at LankaWeb is NOW IRRETRIEVABLY EXPOSED & COMPROMISED, some of his AVATARS continue their campaign of creeping back to regain the confidence of the LankaWeb community by making seemingly Patriotic comments here and there, but CONTINUING to sow disaffection and doubt in the minds of unwary voters.

    LankaWeb Editor should know that at least TWO of the Authors on his List of Contributors listed on the LankaWeb Homepage are in fact AVATARS of “Facebook” Lorenzo himself planted at LankaWeb MANY YEARS AGO!

    Let me now address why we should CONFRONT and OUST this VIRAL INFESTATION from LankaWeb, or at least POST WARNINGS to the UNWARY as I am now doing by CONFRONTING them!

    As you well know, there is a General Election that will be held in Sri Lanka in April, 2015, which the Patriotic Forces of Sri Lanka MUST WIN CONVINCINGLY, to protect our Motherland from the CONSEQUENCES of the Electroral Coup-de-Etat Engineered by the Anti-National Forces with SPONSORHIP of Foreign REGIME CHANGE artistes in the recent Presidential Election.

    Sri Lanka’s ENEMIES are GEARING UP …. even as I write … to REPEAT the PERFORMANCE of January 8, 2015 … by sowing DISAFFECTION, DOUBT, CONFUSION and BUCKETS of MUD at the candidates of the UPFA within the SLFP.

    They fielded an INTERNET enabled CAMPAIGN, of UNPRECEDENTED PROPORTIONS and similar those DEPLOYED to OVERTURN established governments in the Arab Spring fiasco, to achieve their PURPOSE that day. Are we, the Patriotic SONS & DAUGHTERS of Lanka, to turn the other cheek now for them to SLAP in CONTEMPT and DRAG OUR MOTHERLAND into the SAME SLAVERY to Foreigners, Separatists and their Greedy Paid Puppets that we emerged from in 2005?

    We are seeing these ENEMIES of Sri Lanka GEARING UP HERE to AGAIN DO WHAT they did leading up to January 8, 2015, offering honeyed words f wrongdoing my the My3 GOSL to disarm us and let them screw us again. Don’t fall PREY to this SIREN SONG by SERIAL TRAITORS. Should we let them REPEAT THAT PERFORMANCE AGAIN, or are we GOING TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. and YELL with all of our strength, HELL NO! WE WON’T LET YOU DO THAT AGAIN!

    There is an old Sinhala saying that warns the STUPIDLY UNWARY “Raa Watunu Waley Dawal Watenna Epa Puthey!”

    HELL YES! Let us not FALL into the SAME PIT in BROAD DAYLIGHT that we STUMBLED into in the PITCH DARKNESS of the NIGHT!

    Let us SLICE these EELAMIST HYPOCRITES off at their KNEES with the CUTTING EDGE of our VERBAL SWORDS. Let us IDENTIFY & EXPOSE them, TAR & FEATHER them, and CHASE them from PILLAR to POST, with the CLEAR MESSAGE that “NEVER AGAIN DARE TO CON US” planted firmly on their SMELLY BEHINDS!

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