Then Army commander categorically denied about Yahapalana alleged coup attempt by former president.
Posted on March 5th, 2015

  • It’s all fabricated. There was absolutely no talk of retaining power; even if there was, we wouldn’t have let that happen. This is the absolute story that took place.

  • Army was not politicised.

  • Gota did a yeoman service

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 Q Were you summoned by the President? Who called you?

No. It wasn’t the President; it was the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) who summoned us. So I suggested the procedure to the President’s Secretary to issue a statement, or make some intimation to the people that he would hand over power by bowing down to the wish of the people. During the brief discussion, I also suggested that there should be a discussion with the then Opposition leader which was accepted and he was invited to Temple Trees in order to discuss the transition of power.

Q Was there a discussion about a possibility of retaining power? A coup of some sort…….?
No. There was nothing like that. It’s all fabricated. Of course there were people who were shouting out on emotion asking to impose curfew. Both the IGP and I said there was no such need. I received updates every minute from all over the country about the situation through my intelligence services and operational arms which I kept feeding to the other commanders too. It was clear that there was absolute calm prevailing in the country and there was no need at all to impose curfew. I made it very clear that there was no need to declare emergency in the stand point of the security of the country, but I said that, if they wanted to, they should take legal advice and act accordingly.

Q So there was no talk of retaining power?
There was absolutely no talk of retaining power; even if there was, we wouldn’t have let that happen. This is the absolute story that took place.

14 Responses to “Then Army commander categorically denied about Yahapalana alleged coup attempt by former president.”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    What does (Ava) Mangala has to say about this interview? Will MY3 sack the army commander for proving that his stooges in this horapalanaya are a bunch of liars and a bankrupt lot. They have brought so many false allegations against our brave and patriotic Mahinda Rajapaksa and people have now realised what a bunch of crooks and traitors are governing our country.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Inviting the leader of the opposition Ranil Wickremasinghe to Temple Trees in the early hours of the morning of the day after the election, to discuss logistics of handing over power to the winner of the election, shouid prove to anyone that a coup was not even thought of by the previous president. However, his enemies including the LTTE, JVP and Sarath Fonseka’s party seem to be frantically searching for a way to establish this rumour as a fact, just like how the 40,000 killed canard was made to look like the truth.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Election COUP was by the present illegal govt. The Elections were rigged. With the rigged Elections, Nari or BORU Palanaya has been thrust on the citizens of Lanka.

    BORU Palanaya regime is not facing the truth. Seems to be intent on scrapping off as much moola as possible for the previledged followers whilst bowing to external forces. Shame !

    Just make sure that the next General Election is NOT rigged.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    we developed a concept called 6 plus 1. We consulted may people and developed a process, implemented and managed it well. We have reintegrated over 14,000 ex- combatants into society. The success in this process is that none of those who were reintegrated resorted to violence, resorted to extremism or anti-social activities. This is the success of the process, and nowhere in the world have they seen success of this kind.

    General Daya Rathnayake You done Sir , We-Tamils always thank full to your excellent job as real bhuddist .

    I remember one of a ex-combatant ( last day of release after rehabilitation) holding your BOTH hands to said Thank you .

  5. ranjit Says:

    Well said General. You were decent enough to tell the truth to the citizens of my country not like those PACHA BAHU’S in Jarapalana clique. Awamangalaya was the appointed liar by the UNP. We remember how the UNP appointed him to that post by Attanayaka when he was in the UNP. He is a born liar and a Gay so we cannot expect any truth from that son of a gun. He has become the sucker of the white man and rounding around the world as much as possible before his 100 days are over. This stooge will be thrown out by the people for sure this time in the General elections.

  6. Indrajith Says:

    We now know we have an ex-commander with back bones.

  7. jay-ran Says:


  8. Lorenzo Says:


    For reasons I don’t want to specify, I DISAGREE.

    The current one is worse. He is a UNP POLITICIAN inside!!!

  9. Chancy Says:

    We should be proud of Army personnel like Daya Ratnayake. I remember his work with the rehabilitation of ex-combatants. I visited the child soldiers and saw first hand how the army men and women were so kind to them and helped them to become gentle children again. Mostly, they protected them so much from the time they either surrendered or were captured. Daya Ratnayake and his team should be honored.
    This Nary Palanaya needs to be dismantled and the fools holding cabinet positions need to be thrown out. We do’t have a strong leader anymore. We have much work to do.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    The leader is GR.

    ALL patriots must acknowledge it. MR is OUT. MR can NEVER become president again.

    MR should do the campaign but should push GR in.

  11. Indrajith Says:

    To be frank, I must say that I completed listening to Mr. Ratnayaka’s full speech now.
    We must be thankful to DM for organising this special interview with the former Army Commander.
    This is an excellence response to bankrupt Jeppos headed by Anura Kumara and SF of Kalawedhi Peramuna.
    The DM interviewer tried his best to get some adverse comment from DR regarding the so called political coup on January 9th but DR very professionally replied to all those allegations and explained everything the citizen of this country should know about it. One very important point I heard from this interview is that it is Mr. Ratnayake that suggeted the then president to invite Ranil W to Temple Trees in the morning of 9th January to handover the government to the opposition.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    s Mr. Ratnayake that suggeted the then president to invite Ranil W to Temple Trees in the morning of 9th January to handover the government to the opposition.-
    I also noted but too good believe is it nomal custom to advice this hind of political decision to PR by Army commander? no sure……..

    We should be proud of Army personnel like Daya Ratnayake.- Fully agreed He is real Bhuddist Mother Lankan putha(lvan).

  13. NAK Says:

    It is funny how whatever Ranil says comes around to haunt him later. He claimed that when he went to the temple trees in the wee hours of the ninth Jan 2015,he saw CJ Mohan Pieris there and asked him what he was doing there as CJ had no business there.
    Few weeks later this same Ranil claims that CJ Mohan Peiris was never the CJ and reinstated Shirani Bandaranayake.
    Ranil must at least now explian why he he asked Mohan Peiris ‘what he was doing at the Temple Trees’ at the time.

    Now, the coup, first of its kind in the whole world! All the big wigs of the government invited to participate according to (Ava)Mangala the creator of this fable.And it gets even funnier when a committee is appointed to investigate the so called coup and no one,not a single person is arrested nor any detail was divulged as to how the so called coup plot came to be known.
    ‘Vinoda samaya’ doesn’t stop there, it get more funnier when another plot was uncovered to kill the President and the Prime Minister together at the independence day celebrations,still no suspects or investigaions.

    Finally we must thank General Ratnayake for exposing the lying squad of My3,RW,MS and the Danthaya aka Rajitha.

    In the mean time Pa.Cha.Ranawaka added another initial to his name, he claimed that by building the port city Wellawatta will be inundated by the sea. So, he earned the initial T for Ton and from now on he will be known as
    Ton Pa.Cha. Ranaswake!

  14. Samanthi Says:

    Just one word, directly or indirectly promoting the bogus coup of Jan. 9th 2015 would have surely landed one year extension to Mr. Ratnayake’s commander position. But, he must have decided to be truthful and valued maintaining his principles is better than an extension earning by giving false evidence against two national heroes, MR & GR. Unbelievable!

    “Wana siupawun weni minisun medha, dhevi dhevathawun weni minisun etha..
    Ema dhewathawan, dhiwyanganawan, manu lo thalaye Wasanawan!!

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