PM the worst authoritarian ever – Prof. Rajiva
Posted on March 20th, 2015

By  Kishani Samaraweera Courtesy  The Nation

Former State Minister of Higher Education, Professor Rajiva Wijesinha, claimed that his Liberal Party is the only party which was not given a copy of the draft 19th Amendment to the Constitution when all the other parties were given a copy and were consulted regarding the issues afterwards. Prof. Wijesinha also pointed out that the gazetted draft bill is not the draft they agreed upon at the Party Leaders’ meeting.

It is totally not what we agreed upon. It was completely a different version. I personally found it very outrageous because at the committee meeting the changes proposed by other parties were made crystal clear to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and he agreed to change the draft accordingly,” he said.

He expressed the fact that he will continue to support the government despite his defection and he is only against the way the Prime Minister is trying to take control of everything.

The PM is the worst authoritarian ever. I am totally against this type of arbitrary control and he was not even elected by the public. The only issue the PM and Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne is concerned and obsessed about is transferring the powers of the Executive President to an Executive Prime Minister,” said Prof. Wijesinha.

He also proposed several amendments to the 19th Amendment and justified those with reasons. The President should not be allowed to advance the Presidential election to a date he wants, he should not be allowed to dissolve Parliament, nor should Parliament be dissolved before the end of its five year term, there should be fixed terms for elections and the Prime Minister should have nothing to do with the appointments which should be done by the office of the President are few of his proposals to be amended.


7 Responses to “PM the worst authoritarian ever – Prof. Rajiva”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    He is bemoaning the fate of the cat who crapped on the stone!

    Did he come to know about Don Juan Ranil only recently? Did he not know that Ranil of the last 35 years? Did he not know that Ranil is orchestrated by outside forces to suit the Western Christian Agenda for South Asia? This is not really Ranil’s work. His gay mind is not capable of such viles, only he is just the cat’s paw in a game played on a larger theatre. Ranils only ambition is to become the absolute ruler of Sri Lanka and to bring the “New Portuguese” back to Sri Lanka.

    Rajiv too belongs to the Christian Agenda – he has crossed over for being slighted by the gay boy; not for any policy matters!This man too should not be trusted. He is not a patriot of Sri Lanka!

  2. Independent Says:

    Don’t dwell in “persons”. Look at the “substance”.

  3. NAK Says:

    Where has Rajiva been all this time? Ranil has amply demonstrated that he is a dictator.

  4. douglas Says:

    As Prof: Rajiv says, the 19th Amendment gazetted is not the one agreed upon at the Parties’ meeting. I was watching the programme aired by ITN, titled “Satyagaraya” conducted by Mr. Upul Shantha Sanasgala, at which Mr. Champika Ranawaka, a Minister in the present Government too expressing his dismay over the gazetted 19th Amendment. He too specifically mentioned that what was in the Gazette was not what the parties decided. There is therefore, a public opinion getting created as to the “authenticity” of the entire 19th Amendment. The people are unable to sort out what is correct and wrong. Who takes the responsibility to explain this “Dilemma”? We want to know what is RIGHT.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Man didn’t get the FOREIGN MINISTER post. He is frustrated. That is the REAL REASON.

    Since appointing as FM, Mangala is not to be seen in SL.

    May be should restart.

  6. Nimal Says:

    please don’t rub religion. Culture and history into every topic .can’t you see countries are tearing themselves over these stupid subjects, unless you ignore what’s happening in countries like Yemen, Syria, Iraq and even Burma.Do you want that in SL?Perhaps you live in a Western country at present. I see true and realistic article been published on this web about cops been transferred but I don’t see a single comment about this from the so called patriots who seems to be out of touch with reality of the present situation in SL.
    These are real issues that one must address.
    I am no UNPer but I see the potential of the people like Anura Dissanayake and Ranil W.These are people we need in the country to put the country right.
    we may have won the war and not the real peace to the suffering people, so get real.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    please don’t rub religion. Culture and history into every topic .can’t you see countries are tearing themselves over these stupid subjects- if We rub these three Mother Lanka do not have any problem !
    We have Send Maha veli water to North & bring Food to south by Jaldevi – Do We need Indian , china or any other outsiders ???

    we may have won the war and not the real peace to the suffering people, so get real – agreed fully !!!

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