Was LTTE bankrolled for different objectives!
Posted on May 27th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge


A movement created overseas and exported to destabalize Sri Lanka that lasted 3 decades despite a wave of serial murders/assassinations/suicides & crimes with offices placed overseas to carry out its propaganda despite international bans has to have some reasons for its existence. The business of LTTE being kept alive had benefits not necessarily the same or with same objectives as obviously prevails at the post-LTTE phase. It is a good time to look at the players involved in LTTE Inc.




LTTE & possibly over 30 other militant organizations sprang into existence as a result of being clandestinely taken to India and trained in 1970s by retired Indian military personnel and handled by Indian intelligence with the sole aim of destabalizing Sri Lanka. India armed, trained, financed and supported LTTE and a host of other militants. Thus the initial killings by these movements had to be with the explicit knowledge/awareness & even approval of India. LTTE’s first killings was against Tamils and to remove all Nationalist Tamils. Mayor Alfred Duraippah became first target, thereafter scores of Tamil policemen and then eliminating other Tamil militant leaders before LTTE self-declared itself the sole representative of the Tamils using the force of their gun. It was only afterwards that the guns turned on Sri Lanka’s military and unarmed civilians – initially to chase Sinhalese and Muslims out of the North, thereafter to chase them out of the East and then to create mayhem across the country.


Tamil Homeland:

The first quest for separation and calls for a separate Tamil homeland began in India and by the Tamil Nadu state. Their argument was that the British mashed together independent territories and princely states and created one nation christening it India. This argument is true. There was never a nation called India before the British named it so. It is also true that Tamils migrated to Sri Lanka from India and that is why Tamil language finds its roots to Tamil Nadu. Therefore all ingredients required for self-determination are available in Tamil Nadu and not in Sri Lanka’s North because the indigenous language/culture all finds its source to Tamil Nadu. In the case of the Sinhalese, their language is indigenous to Sri Lanka, cultures are indigenous to Sri Lanka and the Sinhala race is found nowhere else but in Sri Lanka. Therefore, arguments related to homeland of Tamils carries no water when Tamils cannot claim homelands in different countries. With 72million of the world’s 76m Tamil Nadu is best placed to be declared Tamil Homeland as Sri Lanka has less than 2million Tamils.


Themes & Slogans:

Over the years the themes and slogans have shifted to suit the tastebuds of those funding the campaign. Initially, it started with grievance and discrimination using standardization, language then when counter arguments questioned why Tamils oppose less privileged Tamils from gaining education and entering university the slogan shifted to victimization when challenged to show examples of where Tamils were denied that only Sinhalese enjoyed, without giving examples they moved on to the newest slogan ‘genocide’. Why are the MPs not challenging these claims and why are lawyers not taking action – genocide is a serious word but can those using it prove statistically that such took place? But propaganda and money has allowed this single word to gain world-wide momentum and if not countered likely to put people behind bars for no valid reasons.  


Tamil Politicians:

Like all politicians, Tamil leaders search for reasons to rule their own. We must be mindful that prior to LTTE emerging from low-caste/poor/smuggler family backgrounds the Tamil leaders were all from high caste/class English educated families and they wanted that status quo to continue. They had to compromise because of India’s involvement but in their hearts/minds their objective was to continue caste/class culture so that only they would rotate power amongst their own. This was why when in 1956 when SWRD Bandaranaike introduce the Social Disabilities Prevention Act enabling poor Tamils to gain education Tamil leaders even wrote to the UK to make objections and when Soulbury Constitution was being drafted they wanted caste to be included which British refused


Tamil middle class

Former colonies all suffer from an inherent desire to live in Western climes and feel that whatever wealth they have unless they have lived abroad they do not measure up. The LTTE, the 1983 pre-planned riots provided the avenue and today close to 1million Tamils now live overseas. The references to them as economic refugees aligns well because the protestors howling about discrimination, genocide etc are by asylum seekers who are still buying time to get their PR and do not wish to jeopardize that. Also, the LTTE fund generating apparatus has provided avenues to make money for people, while it has also enabled a handful to move with foreign leaders at higher levels, the illegal rackets that LTTE is involve are also opportunities to make money as are the legal investments handled through proxies. The restaurants, businesses purchased with LTTE money provide a win-win situation. These are all areas that will come under threat and scrutiny if there is peace and stability in Sri Lanka. A lot of hardcore LTTErs who had escaped may also fear that they will be charged under local laws.


Thus, whatever roads, infrastructure, housing, facilities given to the Tamils, the desire to live in the West cannot be removed and they find the LTTE project the best way to subtly provide the avenue for this goal. We need to all understand this inherent mental condition of Tamils. It may be one reason why most are reluctant to blame the LTTE since sub-consciously they feel they had a role to play in wanting the LTTE to prevail. A handful of Tamils however putting nation first have always come out with their views but under immense pressure and grave threat to their lives. They must be appreciated and applauded at all times.


Tamil poor & low caste

Very little attention is given to the fact that the guinea pigs for Tamil politicians and LTTE Terrorists have been these Tamil poor and low caste. It was from them that the cadres were taken. These mothers bred children as child soldiers, their men and young men were turned into virtual slaves and killed like dogs. Higher castes served as officials of LTTE with a handful low caste given opportunity just for propaganda purposes.


Tamil Diaspora (LTTE & Non-LTTE)

It is good to divide them as those openly supportive of the LTTE and the silent victims. To quantify this is rather difficult but the elections to the utopian Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam proscribed under UNSC 1373 shows that hardly any Tamils have voted over the years though the head refers to himself as ‘President’ to satisfy some inherent mental condition. For the LTTE Diaspora it has provided a gateway to stardom and today they are calling the shots because they have fitted themselves into a very cosy bargaining situation where they have coerced the foreigners into thinking that they hold the cards to how the Tamils in Sri Lanka think and function including the Tamil politicians – they ignore the Indian Govt influence over the Tamils as well as Tamils in Tamil Nadu though foreign intelligence has been able to use their links to Indian intelligence to tip the scales in favour of the West at crucial times. The deals being cut by the LTTE Diaspora with or without the Tamil leaders do not have the interests of the ordinary Tamils.


NGOs / Human Rights Organizations

These are all foreign-government sponsored entities linked to the policy of their governments and paid to advance those agendas by projecting themselves as good hearts. While it is unfair to place all NGOs in the same basket the majority of those stationed in Sri Lanka were upto nefarious activities and some have been caught transporting weapons for the LTTE, providing technical expertise, giving sophisticated equipment even vehicles and providing covert assistance to the LTTE.


The Church

Western imperialism is always pushed via the Church and many of the NGOs are church-based as it provides a great cover. Moreover the new cults created are another source of converting and controlling the minds of natives to align with their agendas. The links to LTTE with the Church is something not many would like to acknowledge but the links cannot be denied or refuted and none are willing to even launch an investigation knowing the outcome.


What are the lurking dangers in store for Sri Lanka?

That the Tamils who had used LTTE to better their personal lives may be ignorant of the larger picture is something we need to accept, that the Tamil leaders and LTTE Diaspora may have compromised their own people for personal benefit by deals struck with the West & India is likely to eventually lead not only Tamils to suffer but the entire nation as well.


Let us again repeat, the whole Kosovo independence was a farce. Serbs were chased out just as Sinhalese and Muslims were chased out of the North to style an argument called ‘homeland’ and ‘self-determination’. The genocide claims were used in Yugoslavia war as well and these were all used to enable the West to set up a military complex in Kosovo to use as a watch tower on Russia and China. The KLA – Kosovo Liberation Army like the LTTE were drug smugglers and the narcotics trade is one source of income to Western governments who money launder these illegal earnings. Kosovo is not a hub for transit of drugs from Afghanistan to Europe. Sri Lanka is in a great sea trade lane. India’s role in this is certainly confusing for it appears India has been led up the garden path satisfying its own complexes and making India lose focus that eventually what happened to Yugoslavia is destined to happen to India.


Knowingly and unknowingly our own people have carved out Sri Lanka’s down fall. Politicians have played footsie and functioned with selfish motives and the foreigners have returned to prey. The West goes for the kill and has no empathy or believe in reciprocation – they simply take the loot and disappear leaving a conflict ridden nation to fend for themselves. Even the local friends are eventually eliminated to cover their allegiance and links… the truth comes out far too late.


Can we salvage the situation? Only if we can unite.



Shenali D Waduge


12 Responses to “Was LTTE bankrolled for different objectives!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Very nice to see patriots WAKING UP.

    CRANK UP patriotism to destroy the enemies of the nation.

    Look what is happening in Jaffna. Violence and riots EVERY DAY. Jaffna town, Punguduthivu, Palai, Chunnakam, etc. Yesterday a shooting incident in Batticaloa where one man was KILLED. DE JA VU?

    SL Buddhists should not perish like NALANDA Buddhists but FIGHT like SHAOLIN Buddhists. They have a duty to protect the teachings that will survive here in SL for the longest. It is a DUTY not a choice.

    Hyenas will hopefully run away from SL than face the awoken lion from a LONG LONG sleep.

  2. Independent Says:

    Looks like Loren has taken the batten from Ben.

    Here Shenali has forgotten yet another trick by Tamil Speratists.

    Very good example Sinhala Buddhists should take up is Israel.

    Israel was created by the west chasing away the Palestinians who have been living there for 1000 years.

    What is the argument ? well, the reason is Jews lived there earlier than 1000 AD. So one animal shamelessly builds a house on a land stolen by force by Zionists and call it “this is my land”.

    The Ultimate Aim of Tamil Separatists ( represented by Loren and supported by Ben) is exactly the same. However , it is difficult to show evidence that “Tamils” owned the island before even Vijaya came. So they have commenced the well planned action of changing Sinhala names to Tamil names. This was started 50 years ago according to my ex Tamil friend who confessed to me.

    They will say the DO NOT support separatism (typical Tamil Lying machine – born that way) and they want UNITARY (not united) Sinhale now for the time being. 6 year ago hate our Army, 5 years ago, support MR, few month ago, My3, now back to MR and very soon may be another one – but the real intention will not change. That is keeping on insisting “Tamil” names.

    Wellavathai for වැල්ලවත්ත​ and NOT Wellawatte as most people write.
    Thutugemunai for දුටුගැමුණු and not Dutugemunu as most people write.
    Kassy Appa for කාශ්‍යප but not as Kashyapa
    Thathsenen for ධාතුසේන​ but not as Dhatusena
    Raman for මුගලන් – here he creates a new name as he hates Buddhism

    He will create more names and subtlety introduce it in the web. I challenge this shameless ruthless killing supporter to use the proper Sinhala name. He learned Sinhala for 10 years in Sir Lanka as a kid. He knows the proper pronunciation. There is no excuse.

    Actually , a real Sinhala Buddhst government should not allow using names like “Yalpanam” and must insist on using one name යාපනය​ if we Sinhalese are not sleeping. See whether these pretenders agree with that too.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: ශෙනාලි ඉන්දියානු අදිරද ත්රස්ත වාදය මොහන්දාස් කරම්චාන්ඩ් ගාන්ඬි, චන්ද්රා බෝසේ හා ජවහර්ලාල් නේරු පටන් ගත්ත දෙයක්. මේ තුන්දෙනා තමයි අපේ සහ ඉන්දියානු යටත්විජිත වල ඉන්න මුල් පදින්චි කාරයින්ගෙ මුල්ම හතුරො. මොහන්දාස් කරම්චාන්ඩ් ගාන්ඬි 1920 ගනන්වල යාපනයට ඇවිල්ල ඉන්දියානු පරපෝශිතයන්ගේ ජඩවාදයට අඩිතාලම දැම්මෙ. සින්හලයන් මරා දැමීමේ ඉන්දියානු අඩිතාලම දැම්මෙත් ඒ කාලයේමය. ලන්ඩනයේ ඉගෙනගනිමින් සිටි පසුව හැන්ඩි පවුලේ කාන්තාවක් හා විවාහූ එකල ඇමෙරිකානු බැප්ටිස්ට් ආගම වැලඳගත් පුද්ගලයෙකි. පසුව 1950 හා 1960 ගනන්වල මෙම අඩිතාලම මත සින්හලයින් කොටස්වලට බෙදා දැමීමත් ඇරඹුනි. 50ස් ගනන්වවල බන්ඩාරනායකගේ ශ්රීලන්කා නිදහස් පක්ෂයද 60ට ගනන්වල ලන්ඩන්වල පටන්ගත් ඊරෝස් ද හොඳම උදාහරනයන්ය. මෙම ඉන්දියානු ජඩවාදයෝ ඒ සමගම සින්හල මරුවන්වූ ජේ වී පී යද පටන්ගත්තෝය. Jai Hind

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    President Sirisena’s so-called ‘national governments’.!
    Well done President your suprise visited to Japanaya ! no Army ,only Baila what a simple visit !!!!
    Long life to Hon People Kirama sevaka President MS. At last Mother Lanka got it .

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Well done, Shenali !
    You have exposed the cracks in the fabric of Lanka.


    There is one more large crack to be exposed and that is LANGUAGE. As Lorenzo points out, there is a creeping sickness happening through NAME CHANGE of places to suit Tamilisation of Lanka.

    One way to stop the rot is to REMOVE the Tamil language as an Official/National Language. For example, if Britain had the French language as an Official/National Language there, Britain would by now be over run with the French. They are not as stupid as our past leaders of Lanka to hand over their country in a platter.

    Lorenzo is right. Wake up Lanka or become an appendage of Tamil Nadu. Our leaders will have to prostrate themselves on the ground in front of Jaya ! What a sight to behold ! The Unpatriotic Non-National Party (the UNP) leader, Sir Ranil, has also gone a far to remove the Northern Naval training camp too. Unless the coastlines are guarded against illegal migrants Lanka will be over run with Tamil illegal migrants. There are some 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin who want to leave Tamil Nadu.
    The UNP is unaware of this ??

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    machang Independent

    King Ravanan is Buddhst so Lord Bhudda is old than King Ravana ???

    Anpudan …
    Machan Hela Damila (Eelath Thamilan)

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    typo correction. Read as ” … has gone too far …”


    Also in place is Ms Radhika C., the famously R2P person. This is so that ‘divorce’ can happen in Mother Lanka in case of riots as in 1983 ?
    Sir Ranil is transparently far thinking ?
    Let us recall with sorrow the trumped up RIOTS of 1983 which was the start of problems in Lanka with real foreign interference in internal matters. The same cycle begins again ? :

    Demand by Tamil leaders for seperatism (this time Federal state per Wigneswaran & PC of North) > this time Rape /murder of a young innocent Tamil school girl – 3 residents of Jaffna are the chief suspects > Riots > complaints re Northern Police > Hartal (closure of shops etc) > have Tamil Genocide week > draw public attention to North again > hope for Riots to spread > this time hoping R2P goes into action ??

    Forewarned is forearmed.

  8. Cerberus Says:

    This is an old one which I think was put out by Lorenzo but worth re-reading.Who are the real owners of Sri Lanka?

    Posted on May 26th, 2015

    – Kumar Moses

    Now the Sinhalese are challenged in their home turf. We are told Sinhalese don’t have a homeland despite sacrificing 26,010 Sinhala lives (out of 26,559 total) in the war. Did the Sinhalese die fighting a war with so much passion not knowing it is their only homeland? If Sinhalese had a separate homeland, they would have left there without fighting a war which no one wanted. It defies logic.


    A very interesting comment on a website by a Tamil Christian is being shared to convey who the real owner of Sri Lanka is in very simple terms.

    Here is what he writes:

    Being a Tamil Christian, I believe Sri Lanka is a SINHALA BUDDHIST country.

    Let`s play a game.

    1. Show me where is Tamil Hindu country?

    Tamil Nadu. Good.

    2. Show me a English Anglican country?

    England. Good.

    3. Show me a Hindi Hindu country?

    India. Good.

    4. Show me an Islamic Arabic country?

    Saudi. Good.

    5. Now show me the Sinhala Buddhist country?


    It is now called Sri Lanka. Correct name Sinhela.

    Did God Jesus Christ visit Sri Lanka? NO.

    Did Prophet Mohammad visit Sri Lanka? NO.

    Did Krishna visit Sri Lanka? NO. (Rama did visit Sri Lanka but to destroy it.)

    Did Buddha visit Sri Lanka? Oh! Yes!

    So it is a Buddhist country. Sri Lanka is the ONLY country Buddha visited BY CHOICE. He was in Nepal/India so he had no choice there. But the moment he got a choice, where did he visit? Sri Lanka

    So this is why Sri Lanka is the Sinhala Buddhist country.

    But some foolish Sinhala Buddhists have out of GENEROSITY given up their claims. So all the cats and dogs have started to claim the house as theirs.

    If you still don`t believe it let me explain from the Bible Wise King Solomon.

    Once upon a time there was a very wise king by the name Solomon

    He was the king, army commander, the judge and the jury and the parliament. Somewhat like MR.(I like this!)

    One day 2 women came to him claiming ONE baby as theirs. 2 mothers 1 baby!

    King asked, Yako, whose son is this?

    MINE! Screamed both women.

    Then the king asked, whose son is this?

    MINE! Screamed both women.

    hmmmm thought the wise king. He ordered a soldier to cut the baby into half and give each half to each woman. Then ONE woman came to the baby`s rescue and stopped the king. She begged to spare the baby.

    So the king found the OWNER of the baby!

    And he hacked the other FAKE woman to death.

    When Norway, UK, India, USA, UNHRC, LTTE, PLOTE, IPKF, Tamil MODA-RATES, etc. tried to CUT SL into halves, who came forward to defend it?

    Muslims? NO.

    Tamils? NO.

    Europeans? NO.

    (Well VERY few of them DID come forward UNDER the leadership of real owners).

    Sinhalese. YES. Like the REAL mother of that baby, Sinhalese came forward to defend their baby Sri Lanka.

    That establishes who the REAL OWNER of Sri Lanka is.

    (I know we are not as wise as King Solomon, but we are enough intelligent to get it, aren`t we?)

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    When a country has 74% majority of a certain group, then that is the predominant culture. The rest are welcome to live in peace. Constant bickering over territory and division of the country will not help the others.

    I wonder what would happen if these minorities who are now in various western countries want territorial rights there ?

    Tamil Homeland is in TAMIL NADU. If they do not like it there, then either change matters there, or fit into the host countries as others do.

  10. Independent Says:

    There you go similar to Lorenzo you say “Rawanan” instead of “Rawana”.

    We are not attached to Buddha like Muslims to Allah or Christinas to God or to Siva / Krishna and thousand more to Hindus.
    Buddha is not a “person”. There were thousands of Buddhas in the past in different Solar systems.

    Whether Buddha came before Rawana or after is irrelevant.

    What is relevant is Buddhas are enemies of Lingams. They hate Buddhas but quote him whenever a Sinhala Sahodaraya makes a mistake.
    Lingams can kill, steal, rape, but no problem …. but Sinhalas cannot , because they are Buddhists.

    Lingams killed thousands of innocent civilians – no problem, when Lingams get killed in the battle it is Genocide.
    Many girls are raped killed in Sri Lanka by various Lingams but 1 girl raped and killed by Lingams- our President had to go and say sorry .

    No logic in this argument Machang.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil Homeland is in TAMIL NADU- agreed but We-Hela Demila home land is Mother Lanka (TE)
    74% – have Sinhala Lanka 26% have TE !!! 100% have United Mother Lanka .( You know We know when to call UD of TE that is different mater)

  12. SA Kumar Says:


    I mean Bhudda that is Gautama Buddha Born c. 563 BCE or c. 480 BCE you know that .

    Rawanan King of Ilanka puri is Sivas (Lingam/Sangar) devotee.

    No logic in this argument, Machan We lived together ( fight time to time) more than 2,500 years in mother lanka according to our Mahavamsam.

    We are two different community
    mahang – manchan
    japanaya- Jalpanam
    Mahavamsa- Mahavamsam
    Hela – Eelam
    Amme – Amma
    Akke – Akka
    Modaya – Sakkiliyar !!!! Happy now .

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